Maryland Locksmith Association Providing Free Services

Wish you could just get your high security remotes and keys duplicated or programmed for free? Some Maryland residents are in for a treat as multiple locksmiths will be volunteering their time at the Associated Locksmiths of America convention that will take place in Maryland on Sunday July 21st. The Maryland Locksmith Association is organizing the event and looks to provide drivers with some free services that would normally run pretty expensive. The Baltimore Sun was able to speak with the Secretary of the Maryland Locksmith Association who said that, “drivers who lose their high tech keys can end up paying anywhere from $350 to $700 to replace them”. For one day only the Maryland Locksmith Association will be doing the duplicating and programming of these keys from 8 am to 3pm.

The reason that these high tech key cost so much to duplicate and replace is the recent increase in the amount of technology used within car systems these days. Car keys which formerly did not have any electrical components now have transponders inside of them that need to be properly programmed to the vehicle in order to work. The transponder inside of the car’s computer must properly read the transponder inside of the car key in order for the car to start even if the car key has been used in the car before.

The services that can cost up to $700 tend to be the newest model vehicles which use push to start technology inside of the car system. This is basically they same transponder concept that are used in the key version except that inside of the car the ignition is simply just a button. Other high tech device may include car remotes that can start or unlock the vehicle. Any one of these services tends to be more expensive and it is very generous of the Maryland Locksmith Association to provide their services free of charge for this one day. Maryland residents with high tech car keys would be wise to get their key duplicated at this event in case the key is ever lost in the future. It is a great way to save a couple hundred dollars!


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