Philadelphia and Security Go Together

When dealing with a locksmith it has to do completely with security. A locksmith job is to complete the locksmith service in order to leave your home, car or business more secure than it previously was. Philadelphia as a whole is renowned for security and defense. It goes with the hard nosed attitude that the entire city encapsulates. From its inception as a city before the Revolutionary War, Philadelphia has been known for security.

During many wars between frontier settlers and Native Americans Philadelphia was a secure center than refugees could escape to for safety. This is much in the same way that a locksmith can install a safe in your home that you know you are always able to go to for safety of your valuables in a time of need.

Even as we move through history and look at Philadelphia during the Civil War, we see the security that the city of brotherly love has to offer. During the entire war not once did a southern soldier make it inside of the city, only being able to reach its outskirts even through multiple attacks. The same happens when a locksmith installs a high security deadbolt onto your home. No matter how many times someone attempts to crack or pick the lock it will keep you secure.

Today we still see the security of Philadelphia shining only in a different way. As professional sports grabbed the attention of Americans all over the country, Philadelphia’s sports teams were and are associated with secure defense that keeps others out. Whether it is from “Concrete” Chuck Bednarik to Reggie White to Brian Dawkins the Philadelphia Eagles, most years, are able to find rock solid individuals who offer a secure defense.

You could say that Phila-Locksmith has its own team of tenacious defenders. With a team of highly trained professional locksmiths, we continually bring security to your home, business or automobile.

What Keeps Our 24 Hour Locksmiths Going?

It is no secret that Philadelphia Locksmith has extraordinary emergency service that is available 24 hours. However you may come to ask, what keeps our locksmiths going throughout the day?

Like everyone else  with a busy schedule Phila-Locksmiths obviously drive a lot of coffee? Is that really the source of our locksmiths’ never ending energy and service? Not exactly. When talking with the technicians at Phila-Locksmith you find that their drive for excellence service is much more than just a caffeine rush.

One of our emergency locksmiths put it simply, “as a locksmith it is almost like being a doctor.” Now locksmith service is not a matter of life and death but some of the underlying motivations are exactly the same.

A doctor’s goal is to help their patient get through whatever problem they are dealing with. Doctor’s are normally driven by the satisfaction of helping that patient out and getting them to back to their normal routine again.

Locksmiths are not much different. While a locksmith deals in security and doctors deal with the human body, both have the same goal. That is to get their patient or client through the unfamiliar situation that they are in. It is gratifying for our locksmiths to see the sense of relief on a customers face when they are finally able to get back into their car.

While the similarities do not seem strong on the surface, locksmiths are extremely similar in motivation to doctors. Their drive is to get the customer back to their daily schedule and end the hassle that can result from when you need locksmith service.

How A Locksmith Determines Price

To the ordinary citizen lock and key services are a foreign concept that not many people fully understand. This puts people looking for locksmith service behind the eight ball. Exactly how much does it cost to make a Lexus car key or to re-key a lock are common questions that we receive because many people are unsure of what the range can be.

Some unscrupulous locksmiths prey on customers such as thing running up charges of inordinate amounts simply because the customer was not properly informed on normal industry costs. Phila-Locksmith prides itself on only charging the standard cost of service so that we have our customers coming back to us time and time again.

What are prices based on?

Prices on locksmith service differ from company to company simply because of experience or volume of work that the firm completes. However, this range is normally only a small difference unless one of the locksmith companies is attempting to over charge you.

It is important to remember that locksmiths are trained professionals and their time is valuable. This is where the main cost of locksmith service is implemented and can depend on the amount of training that the technician has. The reason for this is that the more sophisticated the service that must be completed the more expensive the service will be.

Re-keying a door, for example, is the cheapest locksmith service that Phila-Locksmith completes and can be done extremely cheaply compared to replacing locks. There still is a difference in price, once again, depending on the level of security that the lock has. This is for two reasons:

  • More sophisticated lock parts are more expensive
  • Higher level security locks are more difficult to adjust

Cars, especially high security, on the other hand are more expensive for multiple reasons:

  • Many other locksmiths can not complete car key services
  • Parts costs are substantially greater
  • Liability

Overall prices for locksmith services range based on the sophistication and security level of the lock. Basically the tougher the job, the more costly it can be.

Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Home

As locksmiths it is our duty to help protect your home, business and automobile. At Philadelphia Locksmith we do this by providing a specialist for each field of service. Our residential locksmith technician is a great source to use for increasing the amount of security that you have for your home. Recently we asked our professional technician what his five best methods for protecting your home are and he responded with the following.

1. Using A Deadbolt
Easily at number one for our list is the usage of a deadbolt lock which is a classic choice for home security and is still among the most popular for a home owner.

2. Don’t Leave Spares Outside
It seems like it would be simple enough, leave a key under the front mat or flower pot in case you ever are locked out of your home. However, this makes you exponentially more exposed to burglary. A criminal trying to get into your home likely has the presence of mind to check common hiding spots where residents may leave keys in case of lock out.

3. Keep Gun Safes Locked
For obvious reasons any home owner would not want their own guns to be accessible during a potential break in. This is why we highly recommend the use of a gun safe while also keeping the opening credentials for the safe in a position where an intruder can not easily find them.

4. Preventative Lock Maintenance
Whenever a lock initially becomes an issue or you believe there may be some sort of malfunction it is important to get your lock repaired immediately or at least have it inspected by a locksmith to ensure that your home security can not be easily breached.

5. Remember to Lock the Doors!
It seems so simple but we at Philadelphia Locksmith hear it so many times following break-ins, even the most sophisticated lock in the world can not help if it is not locked. For whatever reason, by leaving your doors unlocked you are creating a situation where your home security is jeopardy. So remember before you turn out the lights or you leave in the morning, lock up!

How long is too long?

Philadelphia Locksmith has been wondering, “How long is too long?”. We received a request for service that a customer has called a different locksmith company only to wait upwards of 2 hours and still with no technician arriving. Luckily for this customer we were able to dispatch our local locksmith to his location in only a matter of minutes meaning that we arrived about 6 times faster than our competitors. Phila-Locksmith offers 20 minute response time in emergency situations but we are able to respond in nearly the same time frame for non-emergency situations as well, because you don’t need to wait around all day just for completed locksmith service.

We do recommend that if you are in need of non-emergency locksmith service that you call ahead to set up an appointment, this can be scheduled either same day or weeks in advance.

However, we wonder for other locksmiths “how long is too long?” because in today’s locksmith industry there seems to be no desire for customer service or speedy response. Choose Philadelphia Locksmith for a locksmith who will work with your schedule to get you back on the road in time. Make Phila-Locksmith your first call so that you never have a long wait for a locksmith again!

Becoming a Philadelphia Locksmith

We at Phila-Locksmith are proud of the service we provide to the city of Philadelphia because we are among the top in the locksmith industry. There are two main reasons why we are head and shoulders above our competition and those are customer service and highly skilled technicians. Philadelphia Locksmith offers amazing customer service by treating our customers exactly how we would like to be treated, and of course our highly skilled technicians providing flawless service add to the Philadelphia Locksmith experience. However, one may ask exactly how our technicians have come to be so highly skilled and trained.

Becoming a master of any trade requires hard work and plenty of field experience hours, and becoming a locksmith is no different. In order to join our locksmith team at Philadelphia Locksmith you must also go above and beyond that of what a normal locksmith would be required to do. Firstly all of our locksmiths must be friendly and amicable so that they are able to uphold Phila-Locksmith’s commitment to customer service.

The most difficult aspect of becoming a part of the Phila-Locksmith team is the locksmith training. In order to become a technician you begin your journey as an apprentice following one of our skilled technicians around over the course of weeks in order to begin to slowly pick up tools and methods that a locksmith would employ. Following these weeks of field observation multiple tests as well as training exercises are administered in order to judge the amount of knowledge the the prospective locksmith was able to acquire during their field observation. Following this additional workshops or classes may be required to further the prospective locksmith’s knowledge. Following this portion of the training and at the recommendation of the master locksmith as well as our other skilled technicians it may be time for the prospective locksmith to study and take their examination to become a licensed locksmith in the state that they will operate.

Finally, following the successful completion of a license test a locksmith may then begin to operate for Phila-Locksmith if he or she is able to uphold our great customer service experience and keep updated on the most recent locksmith technologies and techniques through taking additional outside classes or attending workshops. So do you have what it takes to be a member of Phila-Locksmith?