Locksmith Services

Automotive Locksmith Services

There are a large range of services that a locksmith like Phila-Locksmith can complete for your vehicle. Locksmiths are able to complete services that are beyond your normal lock and key services. Some advanced locksmiths are now like mini-mobile garage shops which are able to your car up and running when you thought it was otherwise impossible. Phila-Locksmith, for example, can complete ignition changes as well as programming keys and fobs which was only previously accessible through a dealership. Since the dealership no longer needs to get involved customers can save a good deal of money by no longer having to pay for any towing fees to the dealership itself. This helps to make a service that would run for over $500 to as little as less than $200. A huge savings to the customer.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial locations tend to be an area where owners look for the greatest amount of security. After all if you are the owner or manager of the business then its security means your livelihood. An expert locksmith is a great resource for business owners to use to protect their business. A business owner can call a professional locksmith who, drawing upon his experience and training, is able to diagnose any lapses in security which may want to be strengthened. Even if you decide to not complete any recommended services this security diagnosis can still be effective in letting you which security areas you should be mindful of.

If a business owner does decide to upgrade their security through a commercial locksmith then there are a myriad of steps that can be taken. Depending on the type of business and budget our expert locksmith may recommend; buzzer systems, master key system, high security dead bolts or even closed circuit television.

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