Man Formerly Accused of Drug Trafficking Sues Ford

VIA Lubbock Avalanche-Journal – A Texas man who was cleared of drug trafficking charges after previously being convicted of those charges is now turning a lawsuit against car manufacturer Ford. The man, Richardo Magallanes, says that Ford does not have effective counter measure to prevent criminals from getting key codes to cut car keys.

The whole incident began in 2011 when drug traffickers allegedly used a locksmith to make copies of the keys to Richardo’s car. They do so without the knowledge of Mr. Magallanes, and then planted drugs inside of his car to be unknowingly taken across the Mexico-United States border. While this is feasible we at Phila-Locksmith wanted to take a look at how successful of a suit Richardo may have to bring against the Ford motor company. In order to really get to the truth we would need more details on the case however there are a few situations that we have come up with in which criminals would be able to get their hand on the all important key codes.

For starters the key code is so important because it is necessary to use in order to make the correct cuts to a replacement car key for the vehicle. One possibility that could have happened was that the drug traffickers had a locksmith who was in on the commission of the crime. It is not possible for a client to purchase a key code without being a registered as a locksmith with the company, but the company they must register with is not Ford Motors. Ford motors has their key codes distributed to locksmiths through other supplier companies, an individual looking to purchase a car key code would have to be a registered member of the Associated Locksmith of America as well as provide other documentation proving that they are in fact, a locksmith.

So we now have it covered that you must be registered as a locksmith in order to purchase a key code like this, but that is not all that must be done in order for a car key code to be produced. In addition to registering the locksmith is also required to verify that it is the owner of the car that they are providing the car key to and they must also verify the VIN of the vehicle. The only other way that a criminal would be able to get a car key code would be if they were in cahoots with a member of Ford’s service department then that individual would be able to get the car key code, but obviously this is unlikely.

People have won ridiculous court cases before, but it seems as though the suit against Ford is a bit weak. Since you must be registered as a locksmith and must also buy the key code through a separate company other than Ford, it seems that they would be devoid of any blame in this situation. Another bad apple in the locksmith industry seems to be to blame, the best that car owners and Mr. Magallanes can hope for is possibly increased background checks on those who wish to become locksmiths.

Last Week at Phila-Locksmith

We’re day late but not a dollar short with our week in review. We’ll take a look at what we had going on at Phila-Locksmith this week and we will review some of the stories that we covered.

July 23rd – Don’t Make A Mountain Out of a Molehill

To start the week we looked at the benefits of completing a garage door repair before it becomes too serious an issue. In addition to this we also shared out tips for any weekend warrior who would wish to complete the garage door repair themselves. Preventative maintenance and smaller repairs are paramount in making sure that   Remember that garage door repairs can be difficult and it is wise to use a professional if you are not properly trained or experienced.

July 24th – Different Brands Offer Different Security

Midweek we took a look at some of the major brands that produce locks and what type of security they are generally used for. Each brand offers its own unique advantages and its own weaknesses, Phila-Locksmith can help you make the right decision on the type of lock you need to have installed. In this article we look specifically at Medeco locks, Master locks and Mul-T-Lock.

July 25th – Rogue Locksmith fined Large Sum in Atlanta

A rogue locksmith company which was quoting customers a price of $20 on the phone and then charging as much as $200 on the scene was fined over $100,000. The decision was handed down by the Georgia state office of Consumer Protection. Along with paying the fine, the company was also forced to pay restitution to a handful of customers. Locksmiths like these continue to give the industry a terrible name when it comes to customer service and treating people the right way.

July 26th – Common Locksmith Services at Phila-Locksmith

On Friday we offered a list of some of the most common lock problems that you may run into and what type of service is required to make the repair. In the article we cover Chrysler cars, garages and the possibility of damage when trying to unlock your own car door.

Continue to check back with us at Phila-Locksmith for the latest news and notes from our company and the locksmith industry. If there is any specific locksmith topic you would like written about you can send requests by e-mail or through the comment section. For the latest offers as well as money saving coupons and discounts follow us on twitter @Phila-Locksmith or like us on Facebook.

Common Locksmith Services at Phila-Locksmith

Your key is not turning in the ignition? You’re likely not alone, at Phila-Locksmith we see specific services that are commonly requested for certain vehicles or lock models. If you are having an issue with your car or security system, it may be due to one of the issues that are listed below. All of these issues have been seen by our professional locksmiths and can help you figure out exactly what is wrong with your security system and help you get on the right track to having it repaired or replaced.

Chrysler Ignition Getting Stuck

One common issue that our locksmiths have seen is with mid-2000’s Chrysler make vehicles. There is an issue common among these vehicles that can cause the ignition to get stuck and not properly turn in the ignition. This obviously leaves the car completely inoperable. What our locksmiths have had to do in this case is replace the ignition and then provide the driver with a new replacement car key for their vehicle. There is an alternative to contacting a mobile service locksmith to complete this service, but it involves having to tow your vehicle to the dealership for repairs.

Broken Garage Spring

When a spring breaks in the garage many weekend warriors feel that their is no need for outside help and they should be able to repair or replace the spring by themselves. Unless you are experienced in this type of repair it is highly discouraged. Garage doors carry a lot of weight and it needs to be evenly distributed properly among the spring and frame to avoid future damage, In addition to this it can be very easy to injure yourself when attempting to replace the spring, the best call is to someone you know who has experience replacing springs or to call a local professional with garage door experience, like Phila-Locksmith.

Popping Open Car Doors

Sticking a wire hanger into the window slot easily opens your car door, it is in movies after all. This is completely wrong. Attempting to unlock your own vehicle using a wire hanger or anything of the like can be extremely damaging to the vehicle’s window and lock parts. Avoid further charges from repair shops by choosing a professional locksmith to open your car door safely. After all the cost of a lock out pales in comparison to the damage that could possibly be done to the vehicle.

Overall the main key is to make sure that you are knowledgeable about a repair before you are attempting to complete it. You would not let yourself complete a medical procedure on yourself, so why try to complete service yourself to save a dime when it could cost you a rather large sum in the future. Professional companies that you choose to complete your service are not only more likely to complete them correctly but they also are insured in case of any troubles, unlike the legendary weekend warrior.

Rogue Locksmith fined Large Sum in Atlanta

Across the nation the issue of rogue locksmiths is being combated. A rogue locksmith is a company which uses unfair or dishonest advertising factors to deceive their customers. The issue of rogue locksmiths has seen a decrease across the nation as we see state governments taking a more active role in stepping up to punish such locksmiths. A great example of this is the Atlanta Solutions Locksmith which recently found itself in hot water following the investigative reporting of a local news team. This news team called this locksmith company multiple times during 2011 and 2012 to complete locksmith service and found they were quoting prices of near $20 on the phone and then asking for $140 upon the completion of the service.

Today a decision was handed down by the state’s office of Consumer Protection which fined Atlanta Solutions Locksmith a total of over $111,000 for their unscrupulous behavior. When looking closer at the fine you will see that over $11,000  was awarded as restitution to 46 customers and then an additional $100,000 in civil fines for their unscrupulous behavior. While Phila-Locksmith hates to see locksmith continually tarnish the name of the locksmith industry it is good to see that the state government, in Georgia at least, is taking an active role in shutting them down.

There are multiple ways to defend yourself from falling into the trap of a locksmith such as this. One of the easiest ways to do so is to choose a professional locksmith that will be your go to call when you do need service. This allows you to properly research a company without having to do so in a rush while you are locked out. If you are calling a locksmith for the first time there are some ways to tell if a locksmith is likely an unscrupulous company. Pressing for a full price can be a good way to tell if a company is honest or not. Most companies, including Phila-Locksmith, provide estimates over the phone however when pushed for a more exact price, the company should provide you with one. In addition to this, do not get suckered in by extremely low prices! If a company claims to offer “professional” technicians but claims that the installation of a lock will total $20 then you are not receiving an accurate price estimation. The price has to include the supplies cost, transportation as well as the technicians labor and time, so to claim that a professional would sacrifice that for $20 is completely untrue and you are likely to face some shock when faced with the bill later on.

So remember, ask specific questions and if it sounds too good to be true then it likely is too good to be true!

Different Brands for Different Security

Most customers that we service at Phila-Locksmith are looking for more basic locks which are indistinguishable from brand to brand. However, each brand of lock has different specialties and each offers model with different benefits. When you are looking for a more secure lock in your, choosing to research between multiple brands is a must so that you are properly able to decide which model from which brand will be most useful for your security needs.

Medeco Locks

Medeco is one of the biggest names in the lock industry and produces all of their lock right here in the United States. Medeco is a very popular brand among our customers for residential use. Medeco residential deadbolts are specifically popular because of their relatively low cost for a quality lock. While Medeco does have alot of different cylinder and system types, many of their products tend to be more standard locks which are not especially high security. The quality of lock that Medeco produces definitely makes it work the price though, providing customers with years of reliable lock functions.

Master Locks

Master locks are most popular for their combination locks which are a main stay of the brand. Master lock also provides residential locks but the main focus of the brand tend to be in the combination and padlock market. In most cases we would recommend going with a Medeco lock instead of a master lock, simply because for the price differential it is much more logical to go with Medeco, whose focus is on residential locks, than master who focuses more on padlocks. Master lock does offer models of residential locks which are bump proof also.


Mul-T-Lock is another lock manufacturer that offers a pretty wide range of lock solutions. They have been on the cutting edge of allowing you to have more customization as well as security for your commercial and residential locks. With a Mul-T-Lock system nearly any security set-up you wish you wish to have is possible. In many cases we recommend Mul-T-Lock to our commercial clients who want to ensure their building is secure while still offering entrance to a range of individuals.

Adel Locks

Adel locks specializes in bio-metric lock technology. Their locks are some of the most secure systems because they require a fingerprint in order to open the door. Bio-metric locks are normally only recommended in a case where extreme amounts of security are required. The locks themselves look futuristic and are cool gadget that can substantial improve security whether it be commercial or residential.

No matter what type of lock you are looking for, a professional from Phila-Locksmith can install it for you. We also carry many of these models and can get higher security locks for prices well below what home owners would pay. If you are still unsure of the type of lock you would be interested in getting, a locksmith from Phila-Locksmith can help you decide which features are needed to provide the security you need.

Garage Doors – Don’t Let a Molehill Turn into a Mountain

Garage doors are one aspect of your home that you likely give little thought to from day-to-day, that is until your garage doors are not properly functioning. Due to the weight and construction of garage doors, entire installations and replacement of panels can be an expensive service especially in an emergency situation where it is not properly budgeted for. Phila-Locksmith wants to help you keep your garage doors working for longer and operating smoothly to prevent you from having to complete these costly replacement projects.

The key to preventing garage door replacements is to make sure that you are always mindful of how the garage door system is working and taking note of any times where it may not function properly. Even if the door is still able to open and close, you want to alleviate whatever the problem is as soon as possible. You want to do this because stopping or chopping opening and closing could mean there is an issue with the frame or springs in your garage door system. Replacement of these is much cheaper than replacing an entire panel and is a great measure to take in preventative care for your garage door. If the spring or frame which does not operate properly continues to be used this can lead to an entire system fail in which your garage doors as well as items in the garage are in danger of being damaged or destroyed.

Some weekend warriors may feel that given the correct parts they can complete this preventative maintenance for themselves. This is not a wise idea as the amount of weight that is supported by the springs and frame can be a lot to handle. In addition to this the weight distribution of the garage door panels to the frame and springs needs to be correct so that it will not damage the fresh spring that you are installing.

The smart idea is to make a call to your local professional. Since these types of services are not emergencies it is pretty easy to shop around at a few services to gather estimates. Many garage door companies will offer these garage door estimates at no cost to you and when they are aware that their is competition around you may be able to get a few dollars knocked off of your service.

Take care of that molehill of a garage door issue before it becomes a mountain that your vehicle and valuables are buried under! Preventative maintenance is a great way to save your self cash and frustration in the future!

This Week at Phila-Locksmith

Today, we’ll review what was going on with Phila-Locksmith over the past week and see what we’ve been talking about. The sweltering heat mave that hit the Philadelphia area definitely took the headlines this week but we still have a few locksmith notes and news that occurred this past week, including free high tech services that are being offered today.

July 16th – Locksmith Ends Up Locked Up

On Tuesday we had a wacky story out of the Boston that had occurred Sunday. A former locksmith in his late twenties was out on bail when he was found to be taking pictures of Secretary of State John Kerry’s home. When he was arrested for public drunkenness he told the police he was taking pictures of the windows to show his friend the security bars he had in place. Fortunately police were able to arrest him and get the situation under control. This incident came after his first arrest when he was a locksmith where he brandished a hammer as a weapon to threaten a business owner.

July 17th – New Castle Locksmith from Phila-Locksmith – Ready to Serve You

Mid-week we introduced our local New Castle locksmith technician. He was able to answer a few questions about the services that we will be offering in the New Castle area. See what advantages a local locksmith like the New Castle locksmith from Phila-Locksmith can offer you.

July 18th – Maryland Locksmith Association Providing Free Service

The Associated Locksmiths of America convention took place in Maryland this year and to mark the event the Maryland Locksmith Association was offering free replacement and programming of transponder car key as well as other high tech locksmith service. The one time promotion took place today and was an easy way for some residents to save possibly hundreds of dollars on expensive replacement services.

Stay tuned to Phila-Locksmith‘s blog for more information regarding locksmiths, keys and advances in security technology!


Phila-Locksmith is a mobile locksmith company that covers the Philadelphia as well as much more. Call us 24/7 for professional locksmith service from our licensed technician.

Maryland Locksmith Association Providing Free Services

Wish you could just get your high security remotes and keys duplicated or programmed for free? Some Maryland residents are in for a treat as multiple locksmiths will be volunteering their time at the Associated Locksmiths of America convention that will take place in Maryland on Sunday July 21st. The Maryland Locksmith Association is organizing the event and looks to provide drivers with some free services that would normally run pretty expensive. The Baltimore Sun was able to speak with the Secretary of the Maryland Locksmith Association who said that, “drivers who lose their high tech keys can end up paying anywhere from $350 to $700 to replace them”. For one day only the Maryland Locksmith Association will be doing the duplicating and programming of these keys from 8 am to 3pm.

The reason that these high tech key cost so much to duplicate and replace is the recent increase in the amount of technology used within car systems these days. Car keys which formerly did not have any electrical components now have transponders inside of them that need to be properly programmed to the vehicle in order to work. The transponder inside of the car’s computer must properly read the transponder inside of the car key in order for the car to start even if the car key has been used in the car before.

The services that can cost up to $700 tend to be the newest model vehicles which use push to start technology inside of the car system. This is basically they same transponder concept that are used in the key version except that inside of the car the ignition is simply just a button. Other high tech device may include car remotes that can start or unlock the vehicle. Any one of these services tends to be more expensive and it is very generous of the Maryland Locksmith Association to provide their services free of charge for this one day. Maryland residents with high tech car keys would be wise to get their key duplicated at this event in case the key is ever lost in the future. It is a great way to save a couple hundred dollars!

New Castle Locksmith from Phila-Locksmith – Ready to Serve You

Phila-Locksmith is a name closely related with professional locksmith service and outstanding customer service and at the same time, for obvious reasons, Phila-Locksmith is closely associated with the city of Philadelphia. What many of our customers already know is that we service much more than just the city of Philadelphia. We offer locksmith services in Philadelphia, up to the Lehigh Valley, New Jersey and Delaware. In Delaware Phila-Locksmith has a local mobile locksmith technician located in New Castle ready to serve your every locksmith need. At Phila-Locksmith our goal is to complete services for our customers with every possible convenience, which means that our local locksmiths will be able to respond in a quick fashion ready to complete the service you need.

Finding a professional mobile locksmith near New Castle can be very difficult and Phila-Locksmith wants to make the process easy for you. Choose Phila-Locksmith for your next professional service in New Castle and you will see why the people of Philadelphia choose Phila-Locksmith as one of their number one locksmiths. We have a few questions that our New Castle locksmith was able to answer to help our customers understand more about the locksmith services they can receive from him in the New Castle area.

Q: Since New Castle is not in the city of Philadelphia this will limit the amount and range of services I can receive, correct?

A: No, being the New Castle locksmith for Phila-Locksmith is more than just being here to unlock car doors or change simple residential locks. Yes, we are available to complete these services but Phila-Locksmith wants to have their technicians be experts in their field so they can complete any locksmith service needed. They have provided me with the tools and training to do this and that is what really made me want to join the Phila-Locksmith team.

Q: Will I still have the availability to post-service customer service like Philadelphia residents?

A: Yes! Our customer service team will be able to help you with any questions or concerns that may come up following your locksmith service from the New Castle locksmith at Phila-Locksmith. In addition if there is any issue with your service, we will come back out to the location to rectify it right away.

Q: Is there a different way to contact the New Castle locksmith as oppose to Phila-Locksmith’s Philadelphia technicians?

A: Yes the New Castle locksmith from Phila-Locksmith can be reached at his local number (302) 448-2128 or through anyone of the Phila-Locksmith numbers and we will route your service needs directly to the New Castle locksmith. No matter which way you contact Phila-Locksmith we will have our locksmith services out to your location in no time.


Locksmith Ends Up Locked Up

A former Boston locksmith looks like he will be behind a lock that he will not be able to pick, after his bail was revoked due to a recent arrest. The locksmith a 29 year old Russian named, Vladimir Romanov, has quite the story for his original arrest. Romanov was a mobile locksmith, it is not know whether he was licensed or not, and he was contracted out to complete the change of multiple locks for the price of $160. What instead happened was that Romanov drilled one lock off and then demanded payment, when the business owner refused to pay him since the service was not complete, Romanov produced a hammer but was fortunately disarmed by multiple bystanders. Talk about customer service!

To top that all off Romanov was arrested on Sunday for public drunkenness when he was found outside of Secretary of State John Kerry’s home. It is locksmith like Vladimir Romanov who, may or may not be licensed, and are giving the locksmith industry a tarnished reputation. Everyday Phila-Locksmith offers professional and courteous service in attempts to reverse the perception of what a mobile locksmith is. News stories like this only make us want to work even harder to deliver you professional service. We are sure that unprofessional locksmiths who give our industry a terrible name will continue to operate, but Phila-Locksmith will also continue to offer professional locksmith service with outstanding customer service. Our coverage area is continuing to grow and we look forward to offering truly professional locksmith services to more and more people as time goes on. With this we hope that we begin to hear less and less about stories like Vladimir Romanov but following his arrest he himself should not be an issue for Boston residents anymore.

For more information on Vladimir Romanov as well as this particular news story visit the Boston Herald