Locksmith Terms – Part 4

We are happy to bring back the fourth installment of our locksmith terms glossary. Check out the up-to-date list of locksmith industry terms from Phila-Locksmith. We are glad to provide clarification to all interested in what is currently going on in the locksmith industry as well as customers who want to understand our services better.

Blade – the part of the key inserted into the lock cylinder

Chamber – the holes in the cylinder where the springs and pins are located when the lock is in the unlocked position

Control key – a key that can be used to remove the inner part of a lock cylinder that can be then be used to re-key

En suite – refers to a lock that is in a master lock system

Grand master key – when a master key system is installed and there are more than two access keys, the key which can open every lock in the system is the grand master key

Jamb – the vertical inside part of the door

Key shoulder – edge sticking up towards the handle of the key that prevents the key from being shoved too far into the lock cylinder

MLA – Master Locksmith Association; the largest association of locksmiths in the United Kingdom

Mortise – a hole cut into the side of the door in order to place a mortise lock or latch

One-way action – a lock where the follower will only turn in one direction

Relocker – a lock mechanism within a safe that will automatically re-lock the bolt work in the case that there is an attempted forced entry

Sash lock – a mortise lock which has a key operated bolt as well as a latch

Sub master key – a key within the master key system that can open an entire set of locks within a complex but not all of the locks in the complex

Throw – the distance that a bolt travels when it moves from the unlocked to locked position or vice versa

We at Phila-Locksmith will continue to update our list of locksmith terms so that we are your go to choice for information on locksmiths as well as the locksmith industry. Still have questions that are unanswered? Call or e-mail us with your question and we will respond as quickly as possible.

How Mobile Locksmith Service Works

Most locksmiths operate in a mobile fashion now because of the increase in business as well as the increased customer service that it also offers. Before locksmith services were offered in a mobile fashion it was highly likely that people looking for replacement car keys would have to deal with an expensive towing charge as well as replacement key from the dealer itself. However, as key duplication became much easier and hardware stores began to offer basic locksmith services for very minimal costs, most local locksmith companies looked to expand. What this mainly meant was making more services, more easily available to more people than before. This is how the local mobile locksmith was born.

One of the biggest positives that comes with mobile locksmith service is the great amount of time and hassle that can be saved by having a locksmith come out to your location. Since these locksmiths are also local they are able to reach your location in as little as 15 minutes. This is in part thanks to our local dispatchers who help make sure that our technicians have all the information they need for leaving for a service call. Our locksmith technicians are servicing customers at their location so there is no time for our technicians to answer incoming service requests if he wishes to efficiently complete the services he has already started. This is where customer service needs to be very important local locksmith firms.

Dispatchers are the voice of the company and are the first thing customers here when requesting locksmith services. The job of the dispatcher is to record all of the information that would be useful for the technician to know in order to be prepared for the service. Of course many of our customers are extremely frustrated when calling because they are locked out and it is a part of our commitment to customer service that we make our customers feel as comfortable as possible.

Some Information To Have Available Before Calling

  • Name
  • Zip code
  • Address
  • Call back number
  • Service or issue
  • Type of lock or automobile service is needed for

Based on this information a dispatcher will be able to provide you with a ballpark estimate of what the service will cost to you. Only in rare situations are our dispatchers able to give specific pricing because they do not have the experience or training required that our locksmith technicians have. Once the dispatcher has collected they necessary information they are able to have the technician on his way in a matter of moments.

Each person that is involved in Phila-Locksmith is important in bringing you reliable service and extraordinary customer service. Our technicians and dispatchers work diligently to see that you receive the high quality locksmith service you require.

Smart Phone Controlled Locks

Los Angeles Locksmith's Blog

In our most recent blog we took at look at how technology is effecting the way that automotive keys and locks work. Today we have even more technological advancements that will make your life easier while also making your home even more secure. Your home, business and apartment are not spared the upgrades that automotive locks have been receiving. Multiple lock manufacturers now offer locks which you can operate remotely from your smart phone or internet ready device. Each manufacturer has a different mechanism for operating remotely and some do not even require you to replace your existing door lock. In addition to the added ease of a remote controlled deadbolt there are also many practical uses such as unlocking the home for someone to check while you are away or even opening the door for someone who has locked themselves out of the house. In the long term…

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Remote Starters Provide Convenience

A snowy winter day, you’re about to head out on your way to work and have to deal with a car that seems to be half frozen in your driveway making the morning that much tougher. Fortunately the technology in automobiles is advancing to the point that dealing with this cold car in the morning may no longer be a part of your day. Car locking mechanisms have become more advanced and included more computer technology within the ignition, allowing more options for car companies to offer high-tech additions. One of the most popular extras that we have seen skyrocketing in popularity has been remote starters.

A remote starter is an extra key chain that can be attached to your keys. Like remote locks, this starter allows you to control the actions of the car with just the click of a button. However remote starts will put an end to the cold morning car because you are able to start the ignition and get the heat going without even leaving your house. This comes in perfect use for those cold snowy mornings where just opening the door is bad enough.

The way the controller operates is that the entire ignition set-up is wired together so that when the remote is activated it disperses an electrical charge. This electric charge engages the cars ignition mechanism causing it to start. These remote controls are becoming more popular now however even more advanced remote starts are on the way from car manufacturers. Some models that are being produced now allow for timers to be set in the car’s ignition so that the car will automatically start at a certain part of the day. Updated remotes like these may be years away from becoming standard on vehicles but it is still interesting to get a glimpse of what the future holds for some cars.

Locks Glued Shut in Senior Prank

In the Virginia City of Suffolk a high school, King’s Fork High School, received an early morning surprise surprise last week when school administrators arrived on the premises to start the new school day. Police believe that a student prank was the reason that school officials arrived to find that coins had been glued to the cylinder part of the exterior doors of the school. Luckily one of the cylinders was not completely covered and school officials were able to a gain access to the building and open the doors from the outside.

Like many schools King’s Fork has its own locksmith on location who was then tasked with replacing each of the cylinders so that the locks could properly function from the outside. While it is believed to be a high school prank, school officials are reviewing security footage in an attempt to determine the culprit. Currently they are treating the incident as vandalism of public property and are looking to recoup the cost of replacing all of the lock cylinders.

It seems that some of the students were just looking to have some fun or miss a day of class but may have actually found themselves in some serious hot water with the school and police. The locksmith will certainly have his day full dealing with the replacement of each of those cylinders, although it seems like it was all done in good fun.

More information on the situation can be found here.

Phila-Locksmith – Constantly Ready

As a 24 hour company we need to be ready to serve the Philadelphia tri-state area at a moment’s notice, all day, everyday. We are proud that we are able to offer our customers such dedicated service over a constant basis. However, this does mean being vigilant and prepared at all times of the day or night. This takes true professional locksmith technicians to be able to work long shift into the night to bring the people of Philadelphia quality service.

All of our locksmith services are available 24/7 , whether they are automotive, commercial or residential. Accidents and emergency can occur at anytime which is why we work to serve our customers late into the night. Always, ready and always available our technicians can make car keys, replace locks or change ignitions even at 4 AM. We occasionally hear customers who have had their homes broken into during the middle of night and would be unable to sleep if they were unable to get their locks properly fixed. Fortunately for them we are here to serve Philadelphia 24/7 with professional service.

Some locksmiths are unable to offer all of their service 24/7, whether they do not have the know-how or resources to complete the service is irrelevant when you are stuck without a car key in the middle of the night. Even our overnight technicians are professionals who have years of field experience. Without their knowledge and experience they would not be able to offer these services because of how sophisticated they can be.

Speed Matters Even At Night

When people call a locksmith they want the response to be quick, no excuses. Obviously someone who is locked out of their car or home is not going to be the most patient in the world and will obviously be frustrated. This is why even in the middle of the night we work hard to meet our 20 minute response time so our customers can get back to their lives. Choosing a local locksmith also helps to increase the chance that the technician will arrive sooner, if he is local to the area it is more likely he will be near by.

At Phila-Locksmith we continue to strive to offer better customer service than all of our competitors, one of our gold stars for customer services comes to us from the outstanding professional locksmith services that we offer all day and all night, call 24/7 to request your locksmith service.

Main Types of Residential Safes

Gun Safe

A gun safe is a normally larger safe which has specific storage mechanisms for holding weapons, normally rifles. Gun safes have become wildly popular throughout the United States recently as many responsible gun owners look to keep firearms out of the reach of their children. Phila-Locksmith recommends that all households who have guns as well as younger children get a gun safe to ensure that their children are unable to open the safe. Most gun safes are stand alone and also allow additional storage for ammunition as well as accessories, most locksmiths and security experts will tell you make sure to lock up your weapons especially in your own home.

Wall Safe

Wall safe are safes that have been directly built into an interior wall of the house. This process obviously provides multiple benefits. These safes can be easily hidden behind large or hung objects allowing for the discreet safety of important documents or jewelry. The major downfall to wall safes however is that they are unable to bare large amounts of weight, which is why these types of safes are normally used for small high value items such as jewelry.

Fireproof Safe

Fireproof safes are the cheapest of these four kinds however this does not mean that they are ineffective. Fireproof safes are the perfect choice for a homeowner who is looking to protect important documents that they may own. The safe locking mechanisms on a fireproof safe may not be as sophisticated as other higher end model bio-metric safes however it still would take a professional thief to break into one of these safes. Again, the main use of these safes are to protect the most important documents in a household in case of a fire.

Floor Safe

Floor safes can be the largest of these four types of safes and generally take up the most room. Think of a floor safe as the “big brother” to wall safes, just like wall safes, floor safes are built directly into the floor of a home. Since the safe is being constructed in the floor rather than up on an interior wall the safe can support much more weight and even more valuables. Due to the large size of floor safes and the amount of labor to set them in place these types of safes can be extremely expensive to have installed and are generally only installed in very specific cases.

Understanding each type of safe is extremely important, because in order for a safe to operate properly it needs to be placed into the correct situation. Specifically placing a rifle in a floor safe is not as safe as placing it in a specifically designed gun safe or vice versa. Make sure before you have your safe installed that you research each type so that you can find one that fits your needs.

Three Money Saving Lock and Key Tips

Having issues with a lock or key but facing the restriction of a budget? Phila-Locksmith has compiled three money saving tips that can be used to get you the same results that a more expensive service would provide. Why would you waste the money if you are able to get the same results for cheaper? Please note that some of these tips may be more difficult to complete as a homeowner than others, if you have an issues call a professional to prevent further damage. Other than that lets take a look at some of the tips that we have to offer our customers.

Programming Your Own Car Fob or Remote

Most vehicles with remote or fob controllers can be programmed directly with the car, without having to use a separate machine. Not only are you able to do this but there are many blank remotes and fobs available online for purchase for a discounted rate. This is not available for all vehicles but for those that it is available for, owners can save themselves a pretty penny. To begin you can search for a replacement remote that suits your car from an online merchant such as KeylessRide, they have a wide selection of easy to find remotes. If you decide to purchase a replacement remote then check out www.programyourremote.com they have instructions on programming many different makes and models of vehicles. It is to note that you should check to make sure that the instructions for your vehicle are also readily available online, but remember if you do have issues with programming your remote, if you call a professional locksmith they will be able to program it easily for you and you will still save on the cost of the replacement fob or remote!

Choosing Lock Jaw over a Bump Proof Lock

Bump proof locks are an incredible addition to any piece of home security and neutralizes one of thieves biggest tools for entering a locked home. However these locks can be expensive, especially if you have multiple entry doors. However there is a simple solution for regular deadbolts that can allow for you to be more secure within your home. The Lock Jaw is a product that is simple in design but brings a lot to the table when it is combined with a regular deadbolt lock. The Lock Jaw acts as a bolt that keeps your lock in place so that even if a thief is able to bump your lock he will not be able to gain entry to your home because the cylinder will be immobilized. It is easy to install and comes at a bit of a discount when compared to the cost of a bump proof lock.

Get Spares Before You Need Them

After you have already lost your house key, is never the time to think about getting spare keys cut. For most generic locks a hardware store is able to cut a spare key for only a few dollars, this can be a great savings when compared to the price of having your locks re-keyed once you have lost your only key. Even if you only keep your spare hidden in the house at all times, you will still be saving money because the locksmith coming to your home to let you in will not need to change or re-key your lock!

The most important aspect of saving money on home security is to be prepared, it is the real way to save yourself a lot of money and hassle.

Upgrading Commercial and Home Security

When someone thinks of the phrase “home security” the first thing that may come to mind would be something out of a television show with a room full of computers and armed guards. At Phila-Locksmith, unfortunately, we do not offer services such as these. However we still are in the home security industry for people who wish to protect their home or business in a more manageable and affordable manner. The greatest key to protecting your home or business is to make sure that you are completely prepared.

While it would be great to have a personal security detail in your home, most people can not afford to do this, which is why Phila-Locksmith offers more sensible solutions for everyday home and business security. One of the first steps in making sure that your home is prepared against break-ins is to make sure that all of your locks, on both the windows and doors, are properly functioning and fit correctly into the door. This is easy for any home owner to do and can help you identify where you may have a security deficiency.

In addition to making sure that all of your locks are properly fitted and working, you need to make sure that you have the correct locks. All entry doors should have a deadbolt lock on them for both commercial and residential uses. Deadbolts provide a more secure lock on exterior doors than normal cylinder locks do. This is the easiest improvement to home security that we find and it is quite affordable to customers when compared with more sophisticated home security measures.

If you are looking for home security that is more advanced than your everyday deadbolt then Phila-Locksmith is still able to assist you. We offer high level residential security options as well as options for commercial locations. A good source of security for both businesses and more expensive homes is the installation of closed circuit television. Closed circuit television (CCTV) offers you security cameras that will monitor the entrances to your business or home. The security cameras then transmit those images to a recording station within the home or business. This prevents outside interference and allows you to fully control your security.

CCTV and deadbolts are not the extent of Phila-Locksmith’s home security however they are the most common services that we see people are interested in. For more information on protecting your home or home and business security options give a call to Phila-Locksmith at 215-554-6109 and we will be happy to help you with any questions.