Child Rescued from Vehicle in North Philadelphia

VIA 6ABC – Yesterday afternoon their was a hectic scene in a North Philadelphia shopping center where a passerby noticed that a young child was locked inside of a vehicle and was sweating profusely. Immediately police were called to the scene to assist in getting the child out of the car. Just at this point the child’s mother came out from the store she was shopping in and that is where the story took an even more interesting turn. Once she arrived at the vehicle the mother proceed to lock herself inside of the car along with the young child. At this point the police decide that they wanted to make sure that the child ended up alright in the situation.

The father of the child then arrived on scene and was able to talk the child’s mother into allowing the child out of the car, but after this occurred the woman locked herself back inside of the vehicle! After a bit of a standoff the police were able to take the woman into custody and she is now being evaluated for psychiatric care. Leaving your child in a locked vehicle even just to “run in” to a store is very dangerous and should be avoid.

It was not particularly hot on Monday either, but the greenhouse effect that is caused by the windows can cause the car to turn into a convection oven in just a matter of minutes. Phila-Locksmith offers free unlocking when a child is stuck inside of the vehicle however it is extremely important to also alert the police as quickly as possible because it takes only a few minutes for an extremely young child to become overheated. All in all we are happy to hear that the child was able to be successfully pulled from the vehicle before anything more catastrophic could occur.

Teens Trapped in Safe, Saved by Locksmith

Via Buffalo News – Police were called in Buffalo after it was found that four teenagers had trapped themselves inside of a walk-in safe when inside of a former law office. The Buffalo Police Commissioner reported that the teens did have consent to be in the building but they will still be facing charges after police found a large amount of alcohol and marijuana on the teens once they were freed from the safe. When the police first arrived on the scene they had to make a call out to a professional locksmith in order to attempt to save the teen inside who were slowly running out of oxygen. Luckily the locksmith was able to successfully access the vault and freed the teens after they were trapped inside for about four hours.

Walk-in safes such as the one that the teens locked themselves into are common place in banks and law offices. They are also a symbol of top flight security through their portrayal in television and movies. From a technical aspect the safes are actually the most well constructed pieces of security that are available for commercial or private use. Walk-in vaults certainly have the capabilities of keeping four unsuspecting teenagers at bay for hours but some specialized safes can be armed to protect from even the most advanced locksmith technology.

There is, of course, a reason that these safes are only common place in banks and that is they come with an extremely large price tag. There are conflicting reports as to whether the teens went into the vault not knowing that it was still operation, but it would be our guess that these teens will not mess with a walk-in safe again. Luckily for all involved the situation ended without anyone being injured.

August Smart Lock looks to provide ease and safety

We have covered a wide range of advanced lock and key technologies which are now becoming more and more available. Smart technology is bubbling over into parts of our world which have long since seen technical innovation on a scale such as this. Locks have not been spared the innovation and the August Smart lock looks to push the envelop with its great amount of ease and accessibility. Ever wish your lock knew it was you opening the door? That would be pretty futuristic, or so you would think, but August Smart Locks are employing this type of technology right now. The August smart lock allows for you to unlock your door without even having to put your key into the door, all thanks to the power of your smart phone. Not only does the application for your phone allow you to get access to your home at any point but you can also send key credentials to someone else’s smart phone so that they can get in for what ever reason it may be. Have the cable guy coming but can not take off work? This is one of the problems the August lock can eliminate. Users can send their digital “key” to other phones and allow that phone to access the door only at a certain day and time.

There are a few questions that can arise about the feasibility of an August smart lock but the manufacturer has worked worked to eliminate any potential problems before they arise. For example at any time you can use your standard key to open the locked door since the August smart lock is installed on top of an existing lock. Having this option can be useful if, for example, if your smart phone runs out of battery while you are on the go. In addition to using the standard key for your door, the application can also be easily downloaded onto a friends phone in order to unlock the door. Even when the power goes out, the August smart lock is still operation and works with built in receivers so that you do not have to worry about outside issues effecting the usability of your locked door.

The August smart lock also includes a few other handy features that help to make the life of a person in the 21st century just a little more convenient. The lock can be programmed to automatically unlock when it senses your smart phone in the vicinity, You can even choose the distance from the door that the phone would have to be to automatically unlock. At $200 the August smart lock can be a great investment by saving on future lock out services from a locksmith or from having to get extra keys duplicated. That savings alone can make the August smart lock worth the money but add in the additional ease and accessibility and the August smart lock is a reasonably priced buy for those looking for just a little more ease in their lives.

Talk to a Phila-Locksmith professional about how an August smart lock could help you access and grant access to your home in one of the easiest ways yet.

Man escapes Coffin while falling over 14,000 feet

VIA Gulf News – Anthony Martin, an American escape artist performed one of his most dangerous stunts ever on Tuesday. He escaped from a locked coffin which was thrown out of an airplane at 14,500 feet. Attempting a stunt like this is obviously not for the faint of heart and Anthony takes a great deal of joy in his escape performances. He was said to have been attempting high risk escapes since the age of eleven when he jumped into a lake with his hand handcuffed behind his back.

Yesterday in Illinois the stunt was completed nearly flawlessly by Martin and his crew. At about 14,500 feet Anthony Martin’s coffin was pushed out of the airplane and was accompanied by two skydivers who would stabilize the coffin as it began it free fall. One of the stabilizers was hit by the spinning coffin after it was released from the plane but it was smooth sailing after that. Not only did Martin have to escape the coffin itself but he was also handcuffed and had his right arm chained. In addition to all of the restrains on himself, Mr. Martin also had the lock’s tumblers scrambled by a locksmith so there would be no way for a key to possibly open it.

The stunt was pulled off successfully and Anthony Martin was able to get away from the coffin and land safely with the rest of the jump crew. This is not the first tume that Anthony Martin has attempted a stunt that was as dangerous as the one he performed on Tuesday. In 1988, on just his 17th time skydiving, Anthony Martin performed a similar feat when he was thrown from an airplane in a coffin from just over 13,000 feet. That time was slightly less tricky since this one included the addition of restrains inside of the coffin itself.

After talking with some of the professionals here at Phila-Locksmith it does not seem like any of them would want to attempt a feat such as this any day soon. The amount of expertise it would take to pull off such a stunt is enormous, especially when you factor in the nerves that a dangerous stunt like this can put into someone’s system. All we can do for now is marvel at Anthony Martin’s accomplishment in the stunning escape that he pulled off. We congratulate Anthony on the success and wish him continued success in his future escapes!


MIT Students Produce 3D High Security Key

This weekend Def Con held its annual hackers conference where some of the most interesting, and borderline illegal processes are on showcase from some of the brightest minds in the world. Two MIT students David Lawrence and Eric Van Albert, displayed their ability to make high security keys through 3D printouts. This is obviously huge news, that someone is able to duplicate high security keys from the ease of their home. It is not much different than the 3D printed gun which had made news headlines in the United States recently. This type of technology is very hard to prevent and can easily be accessed by a lot of people.

The two MIT students actually released the code that individuals can use to cut the high security keys themselves. The specific high security keys that they were able to construct a code for is the Schlage Primus key, Primus key have two toothed edges as oppose to a standard one toothed edge key. Schlage Primus keys a are very popular for high security situations and are used in corrections facilities, government building as well as hospitals. Obviously when any individual has the freedom to enter these area unrestricted there can be a grave threat to security.

There is one aspect of 3D printing which can deter criminals is that printing a high security key through a 3D printer is very expensive. While on a key-per-key basis the cost is not that great to the individual trying to create a key, the 3D printer itself as well as additional equipment needed can cost thousands of dollars. This will certainly deter many lower level criminals who do not have the financial means to acquire all of the proper equipment. The two MIT students did not go this route in printing their keys. Eric and David instead scanned the key into the computer using a specific sequence in order to get the proper dimensions of the key and then set for a 3rd party printing source to duplicate the key.

This method of illegal duplicating a high security key should actually be more difficult than purchasing a 3D printer itself. Most of these high security locks have a “Do Not Duplicate” marking on the key. This will prevent most professionals from completing the replacement or duplication of that key. It seems that there would need to be great pressure placed on 3rd party 3D printing services which would allow for the duplication of such a key.

For now, this security breach should not be an immense concern for owners of the Schlage Primus keys, but it would be very wise to monitor the situation further to see if criminals begin to use printing 3D high security keys as a trend.


Last Week at Phila-Locksmith

News wise we had a very quite week here at Phila-Locksmith, however our locksmith were more than busy handling a range of customer requests throughout the week. We’ll take a look back at what locksmith news and notes we have from the past week and review some of the major points that occurred in each event.

July 30th – Man Formerly Accused of Drug Trafficking Sues Ford

The week started off with quite an interesting story that had broken the previous weekend. A man who was accused of drug trafficking is now suing Ford because he says that their car key codes are too easily accessible to criminals. What happened to the West Texas man was that someone cut extra keys to his vehicle and then placed drugs inside so that he would unknowingly take them across the Mexican border. We reviewed the procedures that Ford takes in releasing their car key codes and found there is not much more that can be done on their end to prevent criminals from accessing keys and that incidents like this are extremely rare and difficult for criminals to pull off.

August 1st – Why is key programming so important?

On Thursday we took a look at key programming and why this is such a crucial part of automotive security. In order for many new vehicles to properly operate with a new key, or even an existing one, it must be programmed to that specific vehicle in order for it to work. It increases the level of security for the owners vehicle since now it is much more difficult for criminals to make a replacement car key or to hot wire the vehicle.

August 4th – Our Locksmiths Make Us

On Sunday we payed tribute to our locksmith technicians who are the backbone of Phila-Locksmith. There is a whole team behind the Phila-Locksmith brand that works tirelessly to bring you professional locksmith service, however we recognize that no one is more important than our locksmiths. They are the face of Phila-Locksmith and are one of the many reasons that we are renowned for customer service. Covering a city such as Philadelphia, 24/7, can be extremely tiring but luckily Phila-Locksmith has the most committed locksmiths who are here to help customers 24/7, 365.

With only one wacky locksmith news story occurring this past week we saw quite the slow week on our blog, however we are always happy to provide more educational information to our customers, as well as other individuals, no matter the subject content. It is rare that we at Phila-Locksmith have time to set aside to thank our technicians for all of the hard work they do, but it should be known that their efforts have not gone unnoticed by the rest of the Phila-Locksmith team and our customers.

Our Locksmiths Make Us

The reason for having a mobile locksmith service is for the convenience. Customers are able to relax at their own home and work around their schedule all while receiving professional quality service. If one of these aspects is missing then the service loses its value to the customer. This has to understood by every mobile locksmith company, that customers not only want professional service but they need them to be timely and work with their schedule. This requires a lot of effort and discipline on the side of the locksmith company in order to be on-time while offering full support to every one of their customers.

The locksmith technicians are obviously the back bone of the company and that individual is the one who must uphold all of the standards of the locksmith company where ever they may complete a job. Since this locksmith is the singular face of the company it is important that he not only be capable for the part but also look the part. Customers want to be able to recognize that he is a professional, and having a company vehicle goes a long way in showing so. By having commercial vehicles a company can prove to customers that they are committed, long-term to continuing to provide mobile locksmith services.

At Phila-Locksmith we give our locksmith technicians a great deal of freedom to allow them to comfortably suit the needs of all of our customers. This means that our locksmith technicians are also able to adjust the price of your service in order to meet your budget needs! This is important because you must remember that locksmiths are people too who take pride in assisting someone who would have been stuck without them. It is a point for Phila-Locksmith to only hire locksmiths who feel this way because it provides an internal motivation to offer customers great support. When our locksmiths are committed to seeing customers happy is when we see our high levels of customer satisfaction.

The truth is, like any business, every aspect is extremely important to keeping the company moving forward. However a large deal of responsibility at Phila-Locksmith is put on our mobile locksmiths, and they constantly deliver with customer service and professional quality work.

Why is key programming so important?

It seems that you can never be too prepared, making sure that you have a spare key for your vehicle is actually one of the least thought about aspects of readiness. You see it used to be as easy as walking into your hardware store to get a extra copy of your vehicle key, now a day’s most vehicles come standard with a transponder key. These transponder keys have a tiny micro chip implanted inside them which communicates a signal to the vehicles on board computer system allowing the key to turn the vehicle on. If you take your key to the hardware store and they are able to make you a copy then you are in luck most vehicle keys cannot be duplicated easily which is why the need to know a reputable automotive locksmith is imperative. But if you are lucky enough that they will be able to make you a copy the key might open your doors but it will definitely not start your vehicle. In order for the copied key to start your vehicle you will need to have the key programmed by a professional locksmith.

Automotive locksmiths are equipped with the tools and computer equipment needed to program various keys to vehicles. And even though this is a common practice for most auto locksmiths it is a very costly procedure for the consumer. You see the computer programs needed to program the keys to the vehicles is not cheap and each time the locksmith wants to use it he will have to obtain a code from the vehicle manufacture which also does not come cheap. With all the expenses incurred on the locksmith plus his labor he will have to charge accordingly.

On average vehicle key programming ranges between $65- $165 depending on the type of vehicle the job is being performed on. Now this is the cost if you already have the key, if you have completely lost your vehicle keys and is in need of a brand new key then of course the price is going to rise drastically. By contacting your local locksmith company you can become more acquainted with the cost for replacing your vehicle key. In order to avoid these costly expenses be sure to get a copy of your key from whoever you bought the vehicle from, most dealerships will charge a small fee but it will be less than having to get a brand new key from a locksmith if you have lost the original. Automotive Locksmiths are here ready to help you if needed though so make sure you have the contact information for your local locksmith on hand for whenever you need it.