Phila-Locksmith’s Guide to the Papal Visit

Pope Francis Philadelphia

As I am sure all you fellow Philadelphians know, Pope Francis’ arrival to Philadelphia is right around the corner. At Phila-Locksmith we love to keep our loyal customers and members of the community posted on current events in our beautiful city. We have gathered some important questions regarding the Papal visit and have provided some tips and answers to help make your life a little bit easier.


What day is the Pope actually getting to Philadelphia?

Pope Francis will be departing New York City early morning on Saturday, September 26th. He should be arriving in Philadelphia around 9:30 am on Saturday, and immediately following that he will be holding a mass at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul. Now just because he won’t be here until Saturday doesn’t mean that roadblocks and towing will not be in effect until then.

Dude, where’s my car?

If you live in Center City and walked outside in the morning, sipping your coffee, ready to depart for work you may have noticed something big missing…your car! That’s right the city of Philadelphia has already started towing vehicles out of the security zone for the Papal Visit. So there’s no need to fear, your vehicle has not been stolen, it’s simply been towed to a different location as the city prepares for Pope Francis.  We suggest locating the tow yard your vehicle has been taken to immediately to avoid any further fines and holding costs.

What was that about road blocks?

Here’s our tip regarding the roadblocks; stay inside! But seriously, traveling throughout the city is going to be extremely difficult. There are roadblocks being set up as early as Thursday night and everything will be in full effect early morning Saturday. The security zone has been split into six separate sectors, they are as follows: Fairmount Park, Ben Franklin Parkway, Washington Square, Rittenhouse Square, Logan Square, and University City. In addition to that you will see backups on major highways due to numerous closures of on and off ramps as well as bridges.

Traffic Box Philadelphia

(VIa The most recent layout of the Traffic Box

How can I keep my home or business safe?

The Papal visit is projected to cause an influx of over 2 million people to Philadelphia. With the amount of people rising in the city, that means over the next few days the crime rate can directly rise as well. Phila-Locksmith is your go-to-place to ensure that your home or business is secure from unwanted visitors or thieves. With our 24/7 commercial and residential locksmith technicians on call at all times, and a response time as low as 20 minutes, we can help you change your locks, install security cameras, and provide you with a sense of relief knowing that you, your family, or business is safe.

What if I lose my car keys?

As with any huge, major event, people are bound to lose and misplace things. Wallets and car keys are amongst the top of the list. Unfortunately we do not have any wallet-sniffing Blood Hounds here at Phila-Locksmith, but we do have emergency car key specialists who would gladly come out your location and provide you with a new key on the spot. In addition to that, we understand that people may get caught up in all the commotion of Pope Francis’ visit that they may accidentally leave their keys in the car, well we offer emergency door unlock services as well. We do suggest keeping your keys on a lanyard or clip so that you can clip or tie them to your belt loops, clip into a bag, or wear around your neck to lessen the chances of misplacing them.

When will the madness end?

On Monday, September 28th, the city will begin returning to its natural state. Overnight on Sunday most of the roadblocks will be lifted and a major clean up will begin and by Monday morning all highways will reopen. In addition to that, all parking restrictions will be lifted. The only difference will be within the regional rail system which will be running on a Saturday schedule as opposed to a Monday one.

Well there you have it, a quick little guide to surviving the Papal Visit. Obviously we are overjoyed that Pope Francis will be visiting our wonderful city, but we just wanted to give our fellow citizens a rundown and a few tips on what to expect for the next few days. And don’t  forget, we at Phila-Locksmith will be on call 24/7 to assist you with all your locksmithing needs during the Papal visit. Please remember to be patient with us as we will be battling the same traffic restrictions as you over the next few days. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at (215) 554-6109 any time, any day.

Pharmacy Pillagers Making Headlines in Philadelphia

(Via  recently reported a string of robberies occurring at pharmacies in the Fern Rock and Kensington areas of Philadelphia. The initial robbery, which took place at Amigo Pharmacy early morning on August 20th, showed signs of forced entry to get into the store, but it seems like the unknown men have evolved. Footage from the most recent robbery at Broad and Grange Pharmacy on Monday, September 14th, shows that the thieves used crowbars and power saws to gain entry into the business, as well as to cut and disarm the alarm systems.

Once inside the pharmacy, the thieves targeted specific medications and even attempted to break into the safe. Footage showed sparks flying in every direction as they unsuccessfully tried to use their hand saws to cut the lock off of the safe. It seemed like at some point their lookout alerted them and they hastily left the scene in a newer model Jeep Cherokee.  The suspects made off with thousands of dollars worth of prescription drugs and authorities are on the lookout for them.

Here at Phila-Locksmith, we find it extremely important to ensure the safety and security for both your home and your business.  We know that to many people, their business is their life and their only source of income, so to take a hit like that is not only detrimental to their business, but to their homes and families as well. It is unfortunate to live in a world where thieves are so prevalent, but we do have a way to help. Our locksmiths specialize in commercial and safe services and we have a plethora of high-security materials that can keep your business protected from those who wish to reap the benefits of your hard work.

Our commercial locksmiths are highly trained individuals who understand the importance of providing heavy-duty, high-security locks to ensure the safety and success of the businesses that we serve.  We offer a variety of keypad locks, push-bars, electric strike locks, and much more to suit the needs of your business. These are locks that are extremely difficult for people to break and manipulate and offer security features that thieves cannot get past. Phila-Locksmith even has technicians who are able to install alarm, security surveillance, and intercom systems that will not only enhance the security of your business, but will also create an image to potential thieves that your company is not a force to be reckoned with. In addition to that, our safe specialist offers safe lock changes and anchoring services to ensure that your safe is protected and secure inside of your business.  If you have any questions we are on call 24/7, please feel free to call us at (215) 554-6109.

New Google Ads Make Finding a Locksmith Easier

On August 28th, 2015, Google rolled out a brand new form of paid advertising in regards to home services. Currently the new set-up is being tested in San Francisco in order to determine the effectiveness of this type of ad going forward. Home services, and specifically locksmiths, have found that most customers are using online search engines to find service providers who they need. A change within the type of ads which Google has to offer can mean a great deal of change for home service providers and their customers. We’ll take a look at what these ads will mean for customers as well as any negative effect which they may have on businesses both large and small.

Change From Google’s Standard Paid Search

On most searches which user complete on Google they are served paid advertisements in addition to the “organic” results which the search engine’s algorithm produces. Rather than being based on a number of website signals like their organic counterparts, paid ads are served based on the amount an advertiser is willing to pay and the quality of the advertisements which they are producing. A user can distinguish these paid ads from the organic listings by the small yellow “AD” label directly next to the advertisement. This type of advertisement will no longer appear, for now in San Francisco, when a user searches something like “clogged toilet” or “local locksmith”. Instead, they will be served Google’s new Home Services Ads. Much like you may see on a site such as Yelp, the individual searching is provided with customer ratings as well as the company contact information. In addition to providing this information Google requires background checks for the service provider before their ads can be listed. This type of large change will have a definite impact on how home service companies and customers interact, if there is a larger roll out throughout the United States.

google home services ads

Above is an example result of the new Google Home Services ads for the search term “San Francisco locksmith”.

How are customers effected?

For years, customers have been frustrated by the online, and phone book, presence of unlicensed locksmiths who provide unsatisfactory services. With Google tracking and serving customer reviews directly within their paid results, customers can easily get an idea of the current standing of the company without having to go through additional research. Google’s mandatory background checks should also help to reduce the number of unscrupulous locksmiths who currently use their platform for advertising. Google users will be able to request quotes from multiple companies at once using the ad’s interface. All of these seem to be of great benefit to users and will likely increase the amount of individuals who find their home services through Google’s paid ads. However, if this is true, it would increase the amount of money that companies would need to spend on their online advertising in order to be successful. This could lead to an increase of price for the actual services which are being completed. Since Google charges the home service company regardless of if the customer selects that company to complete service, prices may rise in order to meet this shortfall.

In the end, Google’s new home service ads seem to be a net positive for consumers. However, there is a price to be paid for convenience and that seems likely to come in the form of slightly more expensive home services. In the long run, it seems that having background checks and customer reviews displayed right next to ads will help customers make the most informed decision possible on who should be completing their home services. This is especially true for individuals like our emergency locksmith customers, if you are locked out of your home, you may find it difficult to complete research right on the spot. Instead, you would be able to rely on Google’s reviews to guide you on the selection of your service provider. Phila-Locksmith will continue to monitor the roll out of Google’s home services ads, and will update consumers if they do in fact find their way to the Delaware Valley.