Keeping Your Guns Safe

Following the tragedy that occur at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut the nation has been faced with an issue of gun safety. One of the most important things that a gun owner is able to do to keep their weapons away from children and anyone else who should not have access is a gun safe. There are a variety of gun safes to choose from depending on your specific needs.

Purchasing a gun safe can also be an effective way to store other important documents or valuables other than your fire arms. As well as any other fire arms related materials you have. The most important aspect is to keep your guns and children safe. This is easy to do with the purchase of gun safe.

A gun safe can also offer protective through fireproofing just in case of emergency your expensive gun collection will not be significantly damaged. At Philadelphia Locksmith we can discuss the different types of gun safes that are available and find one that fits your needs.

What can a commercial locksmith do for you?

Your business is something that you need to protect. In order to protect your business effectively you need to have a locksmith who cares as much as you about your commercial protection. Commercial Locksmiths from Philadelphia Locksmith strive to bring you the best locksmith service for your place of business. Our commercial locksmiths are not just lock outs and lock changes either. While this is an integral part of the service a commercial locksmith provides, there are also many more sophisticated security steps that you are able to take to protect your commercial investment.

One of hour highly skilled technicians can come to your place of business at anytime that works best for you. He can run a security diagnosis of the inside and out of your business and then provide you with multiple security options that will benefit you. Our commercial locksmith may recommend security measures such as master key systems, buzzer systems or high security locks. These are just a few of the services Philadelphia Locksmith’s commercial technician provides.

Just as with all of Philadelphia Locksmith’s service across all of its areas automotive, commercial and residential. All commercial services are available 24/7 to ensure the safety of your business. By choosing Phila-Locksmith you not only are able to receive the service 24/7 but any follow up security issues are also available 24/7 to keep your business safe.

A Lock By Any Other Name Would Be Just As Safe

Philadelphia Locksmith brings carrys a wide range of locks that vary in their security and purpose. Some of our locking systems are geared more towards commercial interests while others are designed more for residential use in a home or apartment. However we, at Philadelphia Locksmith, find that the most common lock people request whether it is a commercial or residential situation is the deadbolt lock.

The deadbolt lock has been a mainstay of security since the early 1900’s but what people tend to not know is exactly why it is called a deadbolt. What the name actually refers to is the fact that the lock can not be opened by a key from the outside. This means that the lock is actually “dead” rather than a “live” lock which is a lock which you are able to open from the outside with a key. Despite whatever the deadbolt could have been named it still will continue to be a hallmark of home and commercial security and Philadelphia Locksmith has the selection of deadbolts for your home or business.

Avoiding a Holiday Nightmare

We are in the thick of holiday season in the United States and what this means for many is that they are constantly running to and from places to get everything done since many businesses have restricted hours during this season. While rushing around town it can be easy to get locked out of your car or home because of a thoughtless second. Especially during this time of year it can be difficult to find a locksmith who is available 24/7 even on those holiday nights.

That’s why Philadelphia Locksmith is proud to bring its same excellent 24/7 service to the holiday season. Whether it is New Year’s Eve or any other winter holiday Philadelphia Locksmith has you covered to get you back on your way to where you need to go. It is important to be ready because you never know when you will lock yourself out, so take the moment to save Philadelphia Locksmith’s phone number to your cellular device so that you can reach a 24/7 locksmith no matter your situation.

Are You Licensed, Bonded and Insured?

This is one of the most important questions to ask a locksmith company before requesting their service. Being a locksmith, like being an electrician or carpenter, is a skilled service that requires hours of on and off the job training to complete successfully. You would not hire someone who is not trained to handle electricity to run wires in your home, so why would you let an untrained locksmith work on your home also?

The locks on your home provide the security that keeps your family safe at night so you want them to be in full working condition at all times. This is not always true when dealing with an unlicensed and untrained locksmith, it can actually result in multiple trips to your home by the so called “locksmith” to complete what would be a rather simple job for a skilled locksmith. It can also become quite expensive to go with an untrained locksmith because if the locksmith is unable to successfully install or repair a lock the first time you will likely be charged for the locksmith to come back out to your location to complete the service.

Many untrained and unlicensed locksmith also can not complete most locksmith services that a trained locksmith like Philadelphia Locksmith can. Transponder car keys, high security locks and ignition changes are all services which a locksmith that is not properly licensed can not complete.

This is why it is always a smart idea to choose a locksmith group such as Philadelphia Locksmith because they understand completely the mechanisms within most locks and can properly diagnose any problems you may be having at home.

What is a Transponder Key?

Lock security has gotten more and more sophisticated as technology advances, especially in vehicles. Now with the amount of technology that is in a car’s computer auto makers are able to tie keys into the hardware as well. This is done through a transponder key. Within every transponder key there is a computer chip that is programmed to work specifically on one automobile. Without this computer chip programmed to the car’s computer it would be impossible to start your car.

The reason auto makers do this now is for the vehicle owners security. Transponder keys are extremely difficult to cut and program when compared with car keys that are created without the programmed computer chip. This discourages car thieves from attempting to make car keys in an attempt to steal the vehicle. However, this also makes it difficult for when the owner of the vehicle needs a new car key made because many locksmiths in Philadelphia are not able to handle the intricate work that comes with making transponder keys.

Luckily for our customers Philadelphia locksmith has automotive locksmiths who work 24/7 that are also able to cut and program transponder keys. Dealerships are popular for many owners to try to get new transponder keys at however this can include a costly towing fee to the dealer’s shop. Skip that hassle and have an expert Philadelphia locksmith save you time and money on your transponder keys.

Not All Locks Are Created Equal

When most people think of locks a standard knob or dead bolt is the imagine that comes to mind. However Philadelphia Locksmith would like to remind you that your security options are not just limited to these two mainstays. While a dead bolt can be effective and appropriate in certain situations, others call for a higher grade of lock security.

High security locks from Philadelphia Locksmith are a step above an average dead bolt lock and can prevent even the most advanced lock pick from entering your home or business. These types of locks can be very effective for front and back doors of homes to keep your family safe from intruders. A lock system with even more sophisticated security is the biometric lock which requires your fingerprint to unlock the door itself. This type of lock is perfect for business owners who wish to protect their office or storage rooms that hold many of the companies valuables.

No matter the level of security you are looking at Philadelphia Locksmith can guide you step by step through the selection process to make sure that you get the correct lock type and level of security that suits your needs, because not all locks are created equal.

Customer Service Comes First

In our never ending quest to improve customer service, Philadelphia Locksmith is now happy to bring our customers the most up to date locksmith news and information through our blog posts. So that you as our customer can become more informed and make the right locksmith or security decision that is right for you.

The locksmith industry has run amok with shady technicians and companies that do not always tell their customers the whole truth. Beware these companies! Many will provide a price over the phone but rarely will you find that same low price to be true once the locksmith has arrived on scene. This is why we at Philadelphia Locksmith provide a full list of pricing on our website, we are here to help you get back on your way as quickly and cheaply as possible.