This Week at Phila-Locksmith

Today, we’ll review what was going on with Phila-Locksmith over the past week and see what we’ve been talking about. The sweltering heat mave that hit the Philadelphia area definitely took the headlines this week but we still have a few locksmith notes and news that occurred this past week, including free high tech services that are being offered today.

July 16th – Locksmith Ends Up Locked Up

On Tuesday we had a wacky story out of the Boston that had occurred Sunday. A former locksmith in his late twenties was out on bail when he was found to be taking pictures of Secretary of State John Kerry’s home. When he was arrested for public drunkenness he told the police he was taking pictures of the windows to show his friend the security bars he had in place. Fortunately police were able to arrest him and get the situation under control. This incident came after his first arrest when he was a locksmith where he brandished a hammer as a weapon to threaten a business owner.

July 17th – New Castle Locksmith from Phila-Locksmith – Ready to Serve You

Mid-week we introduced our local New Castle locksmith technician. He was able to answer a few questions about the services that we will be offering in the New Castle area. See what advantages a local locksmith like the New Castle locksmith from Phila-Locksmith can offer you.

July 18th – Maryland Locksmith Association Providing Free Service

The Associated Locksmiths of America convention took place in Maryland this year and to mark the event the Maryland Locksmith Association was offering free replacement and programming of transponder car key as well as other high tech locksmith service. The one time promotion took place today and was an easy way for some residents to save possibly hundreds of dollars on expensive replacement services.

Stay tuned to Phila-Locksmith‘s blog for more information regarding locksmiths, keys and advances in security technology!


Phila-Locksmith is a mobile locksmith company that covers the Philadelphia as well as much more. Call us 24/7 for professional locksmith service from our licensed technician.


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