Ranks Top 5 Automotive Memory Lapses

Recently posted to was a survey of 1,000 motorists by Hankook tires. In the survey, respondents were asked about forgetful times they have had in the operation of their vehicle. Memory lapses happen to the best of us, and what seems to be like the worst times possible. Some of the results which people admitted to included forgetting car keys, forgetting parking spaces and leaving items on the roof of their car. Check out the complete list below which we have offered out own analysis of.


1. Forgetting Where You Parked

The most common answer given to the survey was forgetting where the individual parked. Unfortunately, there was no demographic information to delve into the causes which result in forgetting where you parked. One may venture to guess that the higher the age of the respondent, the more likely they would be to respond that they had forgotten where they parked their vehicle. Over 50% of people answered that they had forgotten where they parked their car before, with the exact percentage being 55% of respondents.

2. Had to Call a Locksmith

Taking the number two spot in the survey for forgetful automotive behavior is having to call a locksmith with 41% of respondents saying that this had happened to them. To Phila-Locksmith this does not come as much of a shock. The Hankook survey does not break down answers by locksmith service needed, which means a respondent could answer yes to this question for a variety of locksmith service reasons. Likely the biggest reason for needing to call a locksmith because of a lapse in memory is being locked out. Everyday, people find themselves in a locked out state, which occurs much more frequently than people would think. Another reason that someone may have to make the call to a locksmith is if they lost their car keys. Now locksmiths are able to come directly to the car’s location to complete replacement, which makes getting over that specific memory lapse a little easier to deal with.

3. Used a GPS Device for Navigation

With little background information on this third ranked memory lapse there are a lot of unanswered questions. First the statistic, 40% of respondents said that they used a GPS Device to get them started to their destination. If this includes motorists who are going to new locations, this answer is surprisingly low on the list. GPS is not only more common in vehicles, but also through the use of a smart phone. However, this number could also be very concerning. If someone has a memory lapse so badly that they can not remember how to get to a frequently visited location then it may not be the safest to have those individuals on the roadways.

4. Forgot to Put the Gas Cap On

Perhaps the smallest slip of the mind on the survey comes in ranked at #4. This number is surprisingly low, perhaps because individuals are shy to let such a slip of the mind known to surveyors. However, this slip of the mind is the easiest and least expensive situation to have replaced.

5. Forgot Something on the Roof

A surprisingly large amount of respondents answered yes to leaving items on top of the roof of their vehicle before driving away. A full 26% of respondents admitted to this slip-up which normally passes as bad daytime TV slapstick comedy. Of course, we all are busy in our own ways and in the excitement of the day, something like leaving an item on top of your car can easily happen, as demonstrated by the survey.

Hopefully this survey can act as a reminder to drivers to always take a second to calmly think about things which they may not think of otherwise. While memory lapses like locking your keys in the car, or forgetting a parking spot, can cost money and be a headache to deal with there can be more dire consequences. In some cases, parents have forget their child on the roof of the car while driving. It is important for all motorists to remember that there is always time to think about safety.

Closed Circuit Television Growing in Residential Popularity

Throughout the years, there is a common trend in newly released technologies. Generally, this technology begins at astronomical costs which are only worth it to a very niche group of individuals. As more people begin to get their hand on the new technology, innovations and advancements follow. Without fail, this leads to a decrease in cost of the technology, allowing for more individuals to offer it as ever. This has been true for cars, television and even smart phones. This same type of advancement and reduction of cost is currently happening with regards to closed circuit television. No longer do you have to be a large commercial location to enjoy the security benefits of a CCTV security system. As more manufacturers have entered the market, prices for closed circuit television systems have taken a nosedive. We’ll examine some of the reasons for this reduction in cost as well as some of the practical applications of closed circuit television with regards to residential security.

Benefits of Home Security Cameras

residential security cameraWhen it comes to home security, many of us do exactly the same thing. We ensure that our locks are armed when we leave the house, prevent our house keys from being duplicated and ensure that professional installation of all locks takes place. However, these are only the slightest precautions which can be taken to protect your home. Closed circuit television offers a unique advantage because it works to not only prevent crime, but to help you determine exactly what happened once a crime occurs. This can be useful for break-ins because it can not only deter a criminal from striking in the first place, but also give you further insight into the security weaknesses of your home. Break-ins are not the only type of crime which can be prevented, closed circuit television cameras can protect packages and mail which are left out in the open. Especially during holiday seasons, thieves target large packages which are left outside of homes during the day. Neighborhood kids vandalizing your lawn and home? A CCTV system can allow you to identify the perpetrators and bring the vandalism to an end. The biggest benefit that security cameras offer your home security is that they remove any doubt about what actually happened at your home. Rather than wondering how something was broken, or stolen, the homeowner has video evidence of exactly what occurred.

Increase of Residential Security Camera Usage

There are distinct reasons that residential security cameras have become much more popular. In the past, some homeowners may have tried to post signs saying “Warning: Security Cameras” simply to scare thieves away. However, this defense could easily backfire. The reason that many homeowners opted for this type of scare tactic was because of the egregious cost of a home security camera system at the time. This cost has decreased significantly making it an affordable option for homeowners who want the utmost out of their home security. Not only do residential security cameras allow for you to prevent theft and other crimes, but it also allows for you to monitor your property for one convenient location. This is especially convenient for homeowners with areas which would be dangerous for children such as pools and workshops. Each individual homeowner may have different reasons for having security cameras installed, but one thing is certain; they are enjoying a much higher level of home security than those who do not have cameras installed.

Smart Phones the Car Key of the Future? Not So Fast

As Phila-Locksmith has covered multiple times in the past, smart phones are becoming more ingrained in our everyday lives with each passing day. Whether it is simply the ever growing presence of social media, or the integration of home security there is no denying the keystone role that smart phones are playing in everyday life. Some automotive manufacturers have already begun integrating smart technology into their vehicles’ security systems. Some claim that this is the wave of the future, however; it may be sometime before this type of technology becomes common place. Not because of the cost associated with it, but because of limitations in functionality.

Auto Manufacturers Already Using Smart Phones

Despite the trepidation of many security experts, some automotive manufactures have already begun to integrate smart phones into their vehicles’ security. One of these manufacturers is Tesla. Tesla is an automotive manufacturer renowned for being on the cutting edge of technology. By downloading an application to their smart phone, a Tesla owner can complete functions such as starting the vehicle, unlocking doors and starting the air conditioning all from their smart phone. There is no doubt that this can be a useful function on a hot summer day, but there are still concerns which arise. Despite these concerns, in addition to Tesla; Volvo, General Motors and BMW also have a smart phone application which can be used to complete vehicle functions remotely.

Keyless Fobs Offer Greater Security

keyless fobKeyless fobs, like the Chevy model shown to the left, are the current standard barer for automotive security and convenience. A keyless fob allows for a vehicle owner to open and close their doors without having to remote the fob from their pocket. Additionally, the vehicle can be started without inserting a bladed key as long as the fob is located inside of the vehicle. Many vehicles equipped with a keyless fob can even be started remotely. This means that keyless fobs offer, just about, the same amount of convenience that a smart phone key would. However, there is a decreased security concern for keyless fobs. The first concern is the fact that smart phone battery life can greatly vary. If your cell phone dies and the vehicle owner uses their smart phone as the key, they will not be able to access the vehicle. Additionally, weak cellular service can cause delays of up to a few minutes when using remote functions. Volvo, one of the manufacturers to begin using cell phone applications, even has reservations about the usefulness of a cellular key. David Green, marketing director at Volvo, said that though useful in an emergency that cell phones as key are “not a viable way forward. Mr. Green went on to cite both the battery and cellular connection issues which we mentioned above. Neither of these issues are a concern for keyless fobs. In addition to limiting drawbacks, keyless fobs offer greater security because of the transponder chip inside of the fob. In order for the vehicle to start, or the door to open, the fob must be properly programmed to the vehicle’s computer. This new security system is unique and not many locksmiths can replace these keyless fobs, let alone criminals. It seems that until smart phone applications can begin to offer benefits which a keyless fob does not, their implementation will be limited.

Benefits for the Customer or Car Manufacturers?

With some many questions surrounding the use of smart phones as keys, and the comparable features offered by keyless fobs, it leaves one to wonder exactly why a car manufacturer would begin implementing this type of technology. While it is true that many people today prefer to complete as many processes as possible through their cellular device, there is also a big benefit to car manufacturers. If manufacturers are able to get their applications into customers’ smart phones it can open a large window of opportunity with regards to customer information. Targeted demographic information is more important than ever to companies, so car manufacturers want to use their smart phone applications to track location, preferences and much more. While this could allow for easy transition between two vehicles for consumers, the benefit is much larger for car makers. Vehicle manufacturers would be able to use the information about your preferences and locations to sell targeted ads from retailers and service providers. While some may find this convenient, many others could find it intrusive and a violation of personal privacy.

With many drawbacks to smart phone key applications, it will be increasingly interesting to see if auto manufacturers are going to find ways to overcome these drawbacks. It would certainly behoove auto manufacturers to find a way to use smart phone key applications because of the additional revenue source that it could provide. A key to the development of these application will be customer feedback. If customers find the ads which manufacturers will be able to sell intrusive, then it may not be feasible for car manufacturers to go in this direction. In the mean time, despite their own security concerns, keyless fobs will likely remain the top of the line product for automotive convenience and security.

Types of Doors and How Each Effects Exit Devices

In many cases where locksmiths are called upon, they are forced to alter the security level of that given location. Especially when it comes to commercial locations, it is important to understand exactly how the level of security change will effect the code compliance of the building. For Phila-Locksmith’s professional technicians, this is all in a days work. Depending on the type of door which is having the exit device installed on it, there are different models and installation methods. It is important that you trust installations such as these to professionals, so that you are ensuring that your building is up to code.

Fire Door Assemblies

Fire doors are put in place to not only protect a fire from damaging other parts of the building before it can be contained, but also to ensure the occupants have enough time to safely exit the building. For this reason it is very important that changes being made to the hardware of fire doors are approved before being implemented. There are strict regulations on the size of holes, hardware and plates which can be used on a fire door. Any changes which exceed these specifications must be confirmed for safety in writing with the door manufacturer. If this is not done first, an inspector must be sent to the location to determine the safety of the alterations. Having an inspector come to the door’s location can be expensive, so it is wise to have any changes which exceed regulation checked with the manufacturer before their implementation.

fire rated doors

Fire doors close automatically during a fire to slow the spread of the fire to other sections of the building.

Egress Doors

Egress doors have a number of regulations, which vary depending on the building’s use and the occupancy of the building. Egress doors are doors which are required to be unlatched with just one operation, however there are some exclusions. Residential buildings (homes) are permitted to have a second lock function, such as a deadbolt or security chain, so long as the occupant load is less than 10. However, this security chain or deadbolt can not require a key to disengage the door from the inside. This means that double sided deadbolts would be against regulation in these instances. Other exceptions to the egress door regulation are prisons and doors with flush bolts. Double sided deadbolts can be used in some situations. The types of building which can use a double sided deadbolt exit device are commercial locations, houses of worship and assembly occupancies which are lower than 300 occupants. If a double cylinder deadbolt is being used in one of these locations there must also be a sign adjacent to the door which states that the door must remain unlocked when occupied. It is also required that the lock can easily be distinguished between the locked and unlocked states. There are a number of other specific regulations, and exceptions, to get answers about your commercial location, it is highly recommended to speak directly with a professional locksmith.

Accessible Route Door

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), not only allowed for disabled Americans to get an equal opportunity for employment in many businesses, but also changed the way that some locks were to operate. For example, under the most recent ADA specifications a lock on an accessible route door must be able to be operated by applying a maximum of five pounds of force when opening. These regulations also require that any lock hardware does not require tight grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrist to operate. Locks which are used for security purposed, and not on an accessible route door, are exempt from these regulations. Just like with egress door exit devices, there are a number of specifications, and exceptions, for accessible route doors. It is wise to speak with a professional to ensure that your locks are up to regulation, or you could face liability in the future.

One of the main reasons that it is important to use a professional locksmith for the modification of your security is the wide variety of regulations which must be met when the lock is installed. In proper installation can, not only, put you at risk for lawsuit, but also endangers the security of whomever is in your building. Turning to a commercial locksmith like the professionals at Phila-Locksmith is a good first step in deciding what alterations you want to make with your security. That technician will be able to go over your options with you, while also ensuring that your building will continue to be up to regulation.

Canadian Police Ask for Public’s Help With Locksmith Scam

Police in Calgary are asking for the public’s help to find a man who is preying on the good will of strangers in attempted thefts. This is very similar to a story which we at Phila-Locksmith covered during May of last year. In Nevada, a man was posing as a neighbor and asking for cash to help to pay a locksmith in order to get back into his home. After deceiving a few local residents, the man was found to not be a neighbor. In Calgary, a very similar situations is unfolding.

calgary locksmith scamPictured is the suspect that Calgary police are looking for in connection to these thefts by deception. The man that police are looking for goes simply by ‘John’. The way that he attempts to steal from people is in an extremely deceitful manner, which preys on the kindness of strangers. John has been known to enter business, or public places, during peak busy hours. At this point he begins to talk to individuals claiming that he is locked out of car. He asks for a small amount of money. In situations where he has been refused the money, he has offered personal belongings as collateral. After he receives the money, he then did not return to retrieve the collateral. The man has been described as between 50 and 55 years old and roughly 6’2″ in height. Calgary police are hoping that increased public awareness will assist in his apprehension. This story should also serve as a warning to the residents of Calgary, be sure to employ a healthy dose of skepticism to avoid being taken advantage of. This is especially important for business owners who want to ensure their lower level employees are not taken advantage of. Instilling a diligent attitude can prevent this from happening.

Our customers may ask, how can news like this effect me? As mentioned earlier in the post, this is not a scheme which solely takes place in Canada. Residents in our service area should also ensure to use a bit of skepticism when confronted with someone asking for cash assistance. If that individual is asking for money to pay a locksmith, let that individual know that you will help them, but want to call the company directly. Most mobile locksmiths also accept credit, or debit, which allows for you to still lend helping hand to someone in need, but without the risk of being taken advantage of. Our communities should work together to help those of our neighbors who are in need, but in today’s world, it is still wise to exercise healthy skepticism to ensure that you are not taken advantage of. If you have any information about the identity of John, Calgary police ask that you contact them.

How a Professional Locksmith Protects Your Security

Due to the nature of the services that a locksmith offers, one providing service must always be mindful of the security ramifications of their actions. In addition to upgrading, or altering, security at a home or business; locksmiths must also follow strict guidelines to ensure the continued security of their customers. Some unlicensed, and unprofessional, locksmiths may not have the same commitment to safety that their professional counterparts have. Without the threat of negative ramifications, a locksmith may feel comfortable putting someone’s security at risk to earn a few extra dollars. Phila-Locksmith believes that no part of your security should be vulnerable and it is for this reason that we adhere to strict guidelines that ensure our services only affect the communities we serve in a positive way.

Confirming Ownership or Authorization

When people think about the security aspects of a locksmith, they think about the tangible benefits which they will be receiving. Whether that is the installation of a new lock, the opening of a door or the replacement of a car key. However, a locksmith must think about the security of the home, business or vehicle they are servicing. Before completing any service, Phila-Locksmith requires its technicians to ask for proof that the individual is either the owner, or an authorized individual, in order to begin completing the service. This is especially crucial when our locksmiths are completing services like replacement car keys and emergency unlocks. An unprofessional locksmith who does not ask for proof of ownership, could leave a third-party individual’s security compromised.

In some cases, especially during home, or car, lock outs it is possible that the individual does not have proof of ownership on their person. Proof of ownership, or residence, may be locked inside of the car or home. In these cases, our locksmiths are authorized to complete the service, but that customer must be able to produce proof of ownership immediately upon entry. If this does not occur, our locksmith quickly notifies the authorities. Other locksmiths may be less stringent with their approach to offering secure services, it is these companies which can pose a greater threat to our communities as a whole. It is Phila-Locksmith’s belief that by advertising as a locksmith company, or individuals, that party is taking on the responsibility to not only keep their customers secure, but the community as a whole.

Storing Personal Information

Almost monthly it seems that there are news reports about the latest security breach of personal information. Whether it is Target, the New York Stock Exchange or even the federal government itself, data breaches seem to be rampant. This is one of the reasons that Phila-Locksmith does not store your sensitive personal information. When you pay by credit, or debit, card through Phila-Locksmith your card information is never stored. In the case that a card is necessary for a deposit, or cancellation fee, it is removed from the system immediately upon the service’s completion. Not only does Phila-Locksmith keep your payment information secure, but the cuts of your keys as well. When our locksmith provides you with re-key, or a replacement car key, they never store the cut information. This prevents anyone who would be able to view the key’s cut from making their own key to enter your home.

No matter where, or whom, we are servicing Phila-Locksmith maintains the integrity of your security throughout the process. Our locksmiths verify that anyone we complete service for is an individual who is authorized to approve the service. Combine this with the protections that Phila-Locksmith makes for your personal information and you receive one of the most secure service experiences in the industry. Not only do our technicians do this as a courtesy to customers, but also to the communities of Philadelphia, the Lehigh Valley, New Jersey and Delaware that we service. Between professionalism through the lock and key industry, as well as personal accountability, businesses and residents can put their security in the best possible position to be successful.

Lock and Key Industries Go Green

Since the turn of the century government regulations and private pressure has created an immense amount of interest in eliminating waste throughout manufacturing. Faced with changes to the world’s climate, as well as scarce resources, companies have moved to eliminate waste to protect the environment. In addition to the greater good which ‘going green’ can contribute to companies also see a monetary benefit in moving to greener work processes. The locksmith and key manufacturing industry is no different. Companies are looking to limit costs, while also limiting their impact on the earth.

Kaba Ilco Corporation

kaba ilcoKaba Ilco is a leading manufacturer in the security industry. Before instituting internal reforms about 60% of their stock material produces usable key blanks, the remaining 40% was disposed of as waste material. In 1985, Kaba Ilco constructed a brass foundry at their factory located in North Carolina. After the construction of the foundry, Kaba Ilco was able to turn the 40% waste material back into usable brass for key blanks. Not only did this save the company a great deal of money on their resources, but also had positive environmental effects. No longer was the wasted material being dumped back into the environment and overall energy consumption was reduced due to the lower need for new brass resources.

Select Products: Higher Quality, Lower Environmental Impact

‘Going green’ can mean much more than just recycling. Bob Crank from Select Products looks at conservation through a different lens. The number of opening and closing cycles in order for a lock to be considered grade 1, is ten years of high traffic usage. Select Products’ grade 1 lock has been tested to last through 50 years of high traffic usage. This is over five times the normal specification’s lifespan. By creating products which have a longer lifespan, Bob Cronk argues, that they are able to reduce energy and resources by reducing the overall need for lock replacement. In addition to extending the lifespan of their products, Select Products also uses 1005 recycled aluminum in their hinges offering one of the greenest options available on the market.

Identifying Green Programs and Products

It is easier than ever to identify programs and products which are making an active effort to become more ‘green’. The United States Green Building Council wants to help people identify these products and programs through the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program, or LEED. There are numerous ways that a building can be LEED certified. Some of the most common practice are using products made from recycled material, or products which reduce a building’s overall environmental impact. Reducing environmental impact can range from low air emissions to close proximity to public transportation.

As the world becomes more interconnected, it is important for companies, especially manufacturers, to ensure they are doing the utmost to converse resources and the environment. Many of the largest players in the security and locksmith industries have already taken large steps to ensure the sustainability of their green programs. It will be interesting to view the creative green initiatives which will come in the future to the locksmith and security industries. In the mean time, companies who do not have the capital to start their own green initiative can do their part by watching energy consumption levels and reducing waste in the simplest of ways.

In Focus: School Lock Security

Administrators and teachers alike have a renewed focus on the security at their schools. However, ensuring the security of students and staff means that whoever is making the security decisions at that location must be aware of the different benefits of each type of lock. By understanding their own security needs, and the options that are available, school administrators can find a solution that works for both their budget and security needs. Below Phila-Locksmith has compiled information on some of the most popular lock functions which are found in use at schools.

Classroom Function

Classroom function is one of the most commonly found lock functions in school settings. With this lock function the door can only be locked by turning a key in the lock set from the outside. Once the teacher has opened their classroom using the key at the beginning of the day, the lock is set to passage mode. In passage mode, students and other teachers are able to easily enter the door as it remains unlocked. Another benefit of this lock set is that it can only be locked using a key. This prevents students from accidentally, or purposely, locking someone out of the room. The big drawback to standard classroom function is that the lock must be operated from the hallway. This means that during a lock down scenario the teacher would have to open the door and expose themselves to harm when arming the lock.

Classroom Security Function

The second function which we will take a look at is the classroom security function. The classroom security function operates in much the same way that classroom function does. The big difference is that the classroom security function allows for the lock to be armed by a teacher who uses a key from the inside. This allows for teachers to easily, and securely, lock their classrooms during a lock down scenario. The drawback to the classroom security function is that if the door is locked while class is in session, the teacher would have to be interrupted to unlock the door from the inside. This function would also prevent any students from locking the door from the inside, because a key is required.

Storeroom Function

The storeroom function is the most restrictive of the lock functions which we will review in this blog post. With storeroom function, the lock always arms when the door is closed. This ensures that there is no confusion about the lock’s current setting. If the door is closed, the lock is armed. The obvious drawback to storeroom function is that a teacher would have to keep their key on person at all times. It would also mean that the teacher would have to manually unlock the door every time someone wanted to enter the room which can result in unwanted distractions. If storeroom function is something that you are considering for a classroom which would be in use throughout the day, it is recommended to check with your local fire codes to see if this function is permitted.

school security

School security starts with having appropriate lock functions for your school’s needs.

Phila-Locksmith’s School Lock Security Recommendation

In addition to the three lock functions which are mentioned above there are also a few others which have a more unique function. Those lock functions not mentioned above include office function, corridor function and classroom security intruder function. Of these types of lock functions, Phila-Locksmith recommends the use of classroom security function for an average primary school. The reason for this is the function’s balance of both security and ease of access. Once a teacher has unlocked the door in the morning, the door will remain unlocked until it is reengaged. This prevents interruptions to class time whenever a student, or other individual, wants to enter the class. Additionally, teachers have the ability to lock the door using their key from the inside. This helps to keep that teacher secure during any type of lock down scenario.

Depending on the class structure and modus operandi of the school, a different lock function may suit your needs best. It is recommended to speak directly with a professional locksmith. By speaking with a professional about your security needs, he can give you options which will meet those needs without having to break your budget.