Woman Lies About Children Locked in Car

(VIA KMGH-TV) An interesting story came out of Denver, Colorado this weekend. On Saturday, March 29th, a 26 year old Denver women called 911 to report that she had locked her keys in car, but in addition to this she claimed that she had also locked her children in the car as well. Thinking this was the case firefighters were quickly dispatched to the scene to open the door and get the children back to their mother. However, once the firefighters and police arrived on scene they found that there were actually no children in the vehicle at all.

locked out of car

Unfortunately 911 cannot act as your emergency unlock.

What firefighters who were first to respond found was that this woman was in such a panic that she could not find her car keys that she lied to the operator in order to get emergency personnel to come and open her door. Who knows what her plan was for once the police and firefighters arrived, but it certainly could not have been what ended up occurring. In the end the 26 year old woman was ordered to appear in court for misuse of emergency services. A spokeswoman for the Denver police had this to say following the incident.

Never call for that. If you lock your keys in your car, you have to call a locksmith. We are not there to unlock your vehicle – Raquel Lopez Denver Police Spokeswoman

While no one wants to have to call a locksmith in the case that they have locked their keys in the car, it is necessary. Calling the police can not only end up costing you additional money down the line, but can also get you into legal trouble. Your best bet is to find a trusted locksmith who is located close to you and program their number into your mobile phone. It is better to pay the locksmith’s labor fee than to have to deal with larger court fines and fees down the line. Not only did this woman waste the time of firefighters and police officers who could have been assisting people who were dealing with real emergencies, but she will also have to waste her time all because she wanted to avoid a simple charge from the locksmith. After all of this, the story did have a very ironic ending.

according to KMGH-TV, firefighters were able to unlock the car. Shortly after doing so a child came out of the house with car keys in hand

Moral of the story, make sure to do a thorough search of your home before assuming that the keys are in the vehicle!

Get Inside of a Locksmith’s Truck

One of the biggest benefits to using a locksmith is that fact that many can operate mobile now. This means they come directly to you to complete their range of locksmith services rather than the customer having to take a trip to the shop. By cutting out this trip to the shop not only have services become more convenient, but the amount of services that a locksmith can offer have drastically increased. Before locksmiths were mobile car key replacements had to be completed by a dealership and their cost along with towing to the shop was very expensive. Other services like lock repair and re-keys are at the convenience of a home or business owner because they never have to leave their location. A store owner can continue his normal operations while the locksmith is on location making repair or re-keying locks. By providing our locksmith Philadelphia with all of the tools and parts he needs inside of one van, a myriad of services can be brought directly to your location.

locksmith truck keys

Inside of their trucks our locksmiths carry a number of key blanks.

When looking inside of one of our technician’s vehicles one of the first things you may notice is the back wall completely lined with keys. Our technician keeps an organized stash of a range of key blanks so that he can respond to nearly any call without having to stop and get supplies, expediting service to you. Whether our technician needs to make a transponder key for a Ford or a duplicate house key, they will have the proper supplies on had to deliver you quick and convenient service.
locksmith tools

Locksmiths have had to adapt to changing security technologies.

No longer can a locksmith get by simply with a set of lock pick tools or a couple of air bags. Our technicians now must be able to operate advanced tools that not only make their job easier, but also allow them to complete more services than ever. With machines for programming, cutting and depth measurement, our technicians certainly have a lot to handle. These machines allow for them to cut and program even the most cutting edge key systems; including, push-to-start systems, remote fobs and other high security keys.
Any type of locksmith service you may need is easily accessible thanks to the convenience of our mobile service unit. Without our mobile service unit, our Philadelphia locksmiths would not be able to carry the amount of supplies and tools they do. The vast range of services that we complete at such a quick pace would not be possible without carries all these supplies and tools in our service unit. Thankfully trips to a locksmith shop are no longer required for every service that you need completed, simply make one call and a professional can be on scene to help in a matter of moments. A convenience revolution such as this had not be scene since the advent of pizza delivery which brought delicious food to front step, only this time it will be a professional locksmith ringing your doorbell.

Tips for Protecting Your Home When On Vacation

March has not yet brought the complete thawing out that nearly everyone in the area is looking for, and this could lead some to pack their bags for a warm weather vacation. If you are one of those lucky few who is able to escape for warm weather, you want to make sure that all of the valuables that you leave behind are properly protected. Burglars look for homes where owners are on vacation, because they provide such easy targets. By following the tips below you can help to make your home one that burglars will pass over while on vacation.


Who would not mind trading the cold of Philadelphia for a beach like this right now?

1. Stay Quiet On Social Media
If you have a public profile on social media sites like Twitter or especially Facebook, it is very important to not post your vacation plans online. Burglars can use the times that you are away to easily plan the time that they will burglarize your home. The smart move would be to avoid posting about your plans in advance, then letting friends or family on social media catch up with your vacation activities once you have returned.

2. Talk to Your Neighbors
While you do not want to broadcast on the internet that you will be away on vacation, letting your neighbors know that you will be away is a great way to prevent burglaries from happening. Of course you want to make sure that the neighbor that you are informing of your plans is one that you truly trust. With the neighbors alerted they can call police if there is any suspicious activity at your home while you are gone.

3. Have a Family Member Stop By
If you do not trust your neighbors, or if you live in an area where that is not possible, having a family member stop by the house occasionally while you are away can provide the same effect. Not only should your family member stop by to give the appearance that someone is currently home, but they should attend to things like the mail and snow shoveling to keep up an appearance that the home is occupied.

4. Speaking of mail…
When a family member is unavailable to pick up the mail on a daily basis then make sure that you either go to your post office or visit the United States Postal Office website in order to get your mail held for the time period that you will be away. Mail and newspapers piling up outside of a home is a dead giveaway to burglars that the house is not occupied giving them an easy target.

5. Upgrade Your Home Security
Having stronger home security as a whole can make all of these vacation preparation less important by having your home constantly guarded against the threat of burglary. Having pick proof locks installed are a great way to make sure that no one enters your home unauthorized, but simply engaging all of your normal locks can also have a similar effect. Most burglars are not professional locksmiths, so having a deadbolt installed can be a great way to keep burglars out. To take your home security to the max, have an alarm system installed on your home. If you do not have the budget or drive to have an entire alarm system installed, place a placard from an alarm company on the front of your home to act as a deterrent.

Phila-Locksmith has professional Philadelphia locksmiths who can help upgrade the security of your home, but if you are just looking to provide extra protection for yourself while on vacation, use the free tips available above. After all, making sure that your locks are engaged is the best way to protect yourself from burglar. A lock that is not locked does a homeowner no good!

Dated Locks are a Philadelphia Plague

As any good Philadelphia locksmith will tell you, there is a plague in the city which effects the security of a majority of households. This plague is that of old dated locks which are not only prone to malfunction, but to completely breaking. You can find many dated and weak locks like this on Philadelphia’s many of Philadelphia’s older row homes. Due to the chance of breaking and malfunction, it is recommended that you have older locks completely replaced. The only issue with having locks like this replaced is that you must make sure that a locksmith company is going to be able to replace a mortise lock, like the one pictured below. This will allow you to keep your existing door which, in older homes where these locks tend to be located, is normally a very nice and solid wooden door.

philadelphia mortise lock

An old mortise lock like this is common to see on an older Philadelphia home.

Many of our customers simply want to have their existing mortise lock parts replaced rather than having the entire lock set changed. This is for one of two reasons, they are afraid they will have to change their entire door and the second is that they like the vintage look that an old mortise lock gives. The first reason is completely unjustified. Phila-Locksmith technicians can replace your existing mortise lock with a new one, without having to change your entire door. The second reason, waiting the vintage look, may be a justifiable reason, however repair old mortise locks like the one pictured to the left is not feasible. The reason that replacing locks like this, ones greater than 25 years old, is that many of these lock companies and their part suppliers have gone out of business. Even if the manufacturer is still in business, Phila-Locksmith will not provide repair for locks this old! The reason being that the small parts which cause the lock to break, when repaired, can easily break again. That is why Phila-Locksmith recommends, and will only complete the service of, replacing the entire aged mortise lock so that a new one can be installed. While we are unable to keep your old lock, our locksmith can install the lock on your existing door and even key the new lock to be operated by your old key. However way you may need your new lock mortise lock system to be installed, Phila-Locksmith can complete the customization for you.

Our highly trained locksmiths will can come to your location and provide one of numerous mortise lock set combinations that we stock for your home. Want a specialized lock model? Talk to customer service representative about your options!
replaced mortise lock

One of the mortise lock models that Phila-Locksmith has available for installation.

Pictured to the left is the completed installation of a mortise lock for one lucky Philadelphia resident. As you can see when compared with the photo above, the resident’s door was able to stay intact only with a brand new mortise lock set attached. Phila-Locksmith carries mortise locks from Marks, Maxtech, United Lock and many other providers, which are kept in stock so you have no wait for your locksmith service. By having a brand new mortise lock installed you are getting the latest in lock mechanism technology which can help to prevent simple breaks that occur from older model mortise locks. Repairing an old lock, rather than installing a new lock, would be like placing a bucket underneath of a leak rather than having the leak repaired. Yes, it may fix your issue for the time being, but you will end up needing additional service in the future which will run your total cost higher than originally having the lock replaced!

Smart Locks Projected to be 3.6 Billion Dollar Industry

Forbes recently released an article which details a phenomenon that we have all become accustom to, our smart phone becoming more and more versatile and replacing many old gadgets that we use to need. Our smart phones have quickly gone from just communication devices to a virtual wallet, remote or even DVD player. Now we are seeing yet another physical item that can be replaced using the technology that is already available in our smart phones. Digital keys, and smart locks in particular, are set to explode in popularity over the next five years.

Smart lock technology is still generally young which means as more manufacturers and lock makers develop their own smart lock technology and models, we should see prices fall to a level that is acceptable for everyday residential use. Lockitron as well as other Smart Lock manufacturers have been well ahead of the curve, offering residential smart locks for as little as $199. While companies like Lockitron and Kwikset are setting the stage with stand alone smart locks which can be controlled through Applications on your smart phone, major corporations like AT&T, Home Depot and Lowe’s are all pushing smart home systems, which not only offer you the convenience of  locking and unlocking your locks remotely, but home owners can control near every aspect of the home’s electronics from one easy portal.

There is no doubt that smart technology like this is changing the way that the modern household is set-up and how we interact with all of the gadgets in our homes. A study completed by NextMarket Insights estimated that nearly one million homes in North America are currently using some sort of smart lock, and that number is expected to grow largely in the coming years, as more models become available at lower prices. Having a smart lock installed on your home now can help get you ahead of the curve when it comes to digitized home security. One of the most common uses of smart locks, which owners love, is that they are able to remotely unlock and lock their home’s door so that packages can be safely placed inside by deliverymen. This cuts out the hassle of being home when a package comes, or taking a trip to the post office afterwards.
smart lock

Smart locks will change the way we interact with our homes.

Phila-Locksmith offers a few different models of smart locks which can be used for your own residential use. Not only does Phila-Locksmith install your new smart lock, but our trained technician will also help navigate you through the different features which are available on the model which you have selected. Some of the models which Phila-Locksmith carries include features such as remote activation, the ability to send digital keys by text, multiple key holders and models which can fit over your existing lock set.  As the technology that is available for smart locks continues to increase and expand it should be no surprise that this home security industry will continue to grow and customers can continue to rely on Phila-Locksmith to fulfill all of their Philadelphia smart security needs.