Remote Start Fobs Offer Convenience

As cars have gotten more sophisticated in their security, so have the car keys that are used on them. During the early 2000’s we saw a break through with transponder car keys becoming extremely popular because of the additional level of security that they offer. Luxury car makers have begun to push the envelop again, this time with remote fobs.

Cars such as the Cadillac STS have transitioned to push-to-start systems which caused Cadillac to come up with a new way to operate the security of the vehicle, rather than your standard car key. This is where the remote start fob has seen a huge upshot in popularity. One example of a remote start fobs by Cadillac is for the Cadillac STS for models 2004-2007. On this vehicle there is no key blade that can be used and no traditional ignition cylinder to place it into. Instead this key blade is replaced with a fob that can unlock and unlock the doors, start the vehicle, open the trunk or set of the alarm. Not only does this make it more difficult for thieves to steal your car key, but makes it impossible for them to create a replicate that could be used to steal the vehicle. Of course having a fob that can complete all of the functions above does offer a great deal of convenience. Rather than having to go outside on a frigid day like the area has been dealing with recently, owners warm up their vehicles from the comfort of their own living room!

cadillac sts key

Cadillac STS 04-07 Remote Start Fob

There is a little bit of a downside to having a sophisticated piece of equipment like this as your vehicle’s key. In the case that you have lost your remote start fob, it can be extremely difficult to find a mobile locksmith which can not only replace this fob, but has the key currently in stock. Phila-Locksmith does have the remote start fob for Cadillac STS models 2004-2007 and we also keep the widest range of car keys in stock so that we can easily provide a replacement in an emergency situation. Having a mobile locksmith complete your replacement remote start fob is not your only option, only your most efficient. Going to a Cadillac dealer is a possibility, but you would have to have your vehicle towed to their location.Which would just be another charge that you would have to incur. In addition, many dealerships do not keep this key in stock, because of the few number of years it was produced, so you could be in for an additional few days wait. For many of our customers, waiting is simply not an option, and we are happy to provide replacements for our customers that allows them to get their Cadillac STS back on the road.

There is no doubt that a remote start fob not only increases the security that a vehicle has, but also makes it very convenient for owners to access the car. If you have lost your fob, make sure to call around to compare prices for both dealerships and mobile locksmiths. Phila-Locksmith is confident that our prices are not only lower than the competitions, but that most of our competition will not be able to provide you with a replacement fob for this vehicle. To prevent locking yourself out of your vehicle which has a remote start fob, ask your locksmith or dealership about an emergency key. An emergency key, when used inside of a push to start system, allows you to open the doors and trunk in the case that you have locked your fob inside. Emergency keys such as this can cost as little as $20 to have made and can help save you money and hassle down the road!

Business Burglarized on Drexel’s Campus

(VIA WPVI-ABC) 6abc Philadelphia is reporting that Ross Commons, a restaurant located on Drexel’s campus at 34th and Powelton streets, was burglarized during the early morning hours Sunday. Burglars were able to enter the building by smashing through a window of the restaurant and made off with two cash registers which were inside of the business. For those who know the area, it may come as a surprise that the burglars were able to enter the establishment in such a way since the popular restaurant is located on the busy student living side of Drexel’s campus.

drexel burglary

Burglarized early Sunday, Ross Commons is located on Drexel’s main campus.

The locks to the entrance of the store were obviously not at fault for this break-in and it is likely that this robbery was more than just a crime of opportunity. Generally burglaries of commercial locations are done by employees, or former employees who have access to keys. In  those cases a simple re-key of the locks with which an employee has keys, will prevent them from having access to the business any longer, this obviously was not the case here. The time that the burglary was completed, as well as the fact that the business is in a busy location tells us that this was likely a crime which was planned out beforehand.

Having a burglar break through a window is one case that can be difficult to defend against, to have stronger glass installed is a huge project and  ultimately not worth the price for your risk. However, there still are ways that Ross Commons could have helped top prevent this from happening. This first may already be in effect, and that is to have closed circuit television installed. Closed circuit television can act as a preventative measure, by scaring off some thieves just at the site of the cameras, but they are also a big help in trying to recover stolen goods. By having closed circuit television installed business-owners give police a better chance at catching the burglars that strike by providing visuals of the perpetrators.  The second way is one that business or home owners may not normally think of when trying to prevent burglaries, but can be the most effective way to stop burglars from striking at your business. This is to take initiative in your area, ask trusted neighbors to keep an ear or eye out for your home or business when you are not there and have them report any suspicious activity to police.

By getting the entire neighborhood involved with the vigilance of each others property, you can help to foster an environment of safety and security on your block or neighborhood. While this burglary did take place at an odd time, 5 AM, there can still be helpful neighbors in the area to report sounds, such as the breaking of a window, or suspicious persons. With business and home owners working together in any neighborhood to consistently help each others security, any neighborhood can see a decrease in crime and an increase in a sense of security.

As for the burglary at Ross Commons, police did recover one of the cash registers near 32nd and Hamilton streets, but have yet to release any more information on the case and we will keep you posted on any interesting updates.

Armed Burglary in Fox Chase

(VIA WPVI ABC) Last night, just after midnight, armed burglars stormed an occupied house in the Fox Chase section of Philadelphia. Currently police are investigating, but this should serve as a reminder to lock your doors and windows at night, no matter which neighborhood you may live in. While there are no official motives or leads from police yet, it likely would have helped to prevent the crime had there been an enabled deadbolt on the front door.

What occurred was that at 12:30 AM today, four armed people burst into an occupied house on Solly Ave. in Fox Chase. At the time of the robbery there were four individuals inside of the residence, two men and two women. Luckily for the victims, three of whom were duct tapped, the most serious injury was just a dislocated shoulder. Two of the victims were taken to Jeanes Hospital for their minor injuries. Following the burglary, the perpetrators were able to escape through the rear exit of the house.

We will wait to see if there will be anymore information released by police, whether it be additional details about the incident or potential leads. It will be interesting to see if the police announce if any type of lock or security system was engaged at the time, which at this point seems very unlikely. Simply by flipping the deadbolt to engaged when walking in your door can prevent you from becoming victim of a crime such as this. While not necessarily this case, many burglaries are crimes of opportunity, where the burglar had not initially intended to burglarize a residence, but could just not pass up the open opportunity. This can be easily avoided by locking your doors and windows for the night and when you go to leaving in the morning. An incident like this sure can remind us that no matter the neighborhood you live in, you should still protect yourself from the threat of burglary.

Unpickable Locks

At Phila-Locksmith our locksmiths can pick most locks which they encounter during lock outs, however there are certain brands of locks that we are unable to pick and they must be drilled out. Most residential locks can be picked successfully however because of the mechanisms of the following brands our locksmiths must drill and replace them if you have locked yourself out.

Kwikset Smart Lock

Kwikset Smart Lock uses a specific type of wafer tumbler that our technicians are unable to pick. Of course, this feature also gives the Smart Lock its increased amount of security. Make sure if you have one of these locks at home to always remember the key, otherwise you could be facing a hefty service bill for drilling and replacement.

Schlage Primus

Schlage Primus is a high security lock that has been produced for both residential and commercial use. What makes this key so special is that the Primus key is not only thinner than a normal Schlage key, but also has a sidebar which raises secondary pins. This second set of pins in the lock cylinder is what gives the Primus its increased security, but also the reason that our locksmiths are unable to pick the lock and must drill into it.

Schlage Smart Key

The Schlage Smart Key has a wafer system similar to that of the Kwikset Smart Key, so similar in fact that Schlage is no longer allowed to manufacture this lock due to patent infringement with Kwikset. For those of you who had purchased the lock before manufacturing had ceased, you should try to always remember your key, because if the door this lock is installed on is the only one to get into your home, the lock will have to be drilled if you are locked out.

Medeco Mul-T-Lock

Similar top the Schlage Primus, Medeco’s Mul-T-Lock utilizes a sidebar with additional pins, with which, the key must fit properly in order to engage the lock. This model of lock is also not able to be picked by our locksmiths and would have to be drilled and replaced in case of any lock out.

These four types of locks are the most common types of locks that the technicians here at Phila-Locksmith are not able to pick and must have drilled in case of a lock out. While these are “common types” they are only common in high security situations, which means they are not present at most businesses or residences. Our locksmiths are able to pick a majority of the locks they encounter, however owners of these models should be aware that they must be drilled.

While these locks can become a headache for owners during a lockout they offer a great deal of security that can help keep your valuables safe. Not only that, but the Smart Locks also have additional features that will help you save money on locksmith services down the road. So if a high security lock was something you were interested in, do not let this warning be a deterrent from getting the locksmith services that can help increase your day-to-day security.

Deep Freeze in Philly, Could Mean Bad News for Your Locks

January has left Philadelphia in a deep freeze with snow amounts that have been some of the highest for this part of the winter in a long time. The cold can effect everything from your plumbing to electric to even the health of some of those who are most vulnerable, however have you ever considered how the deep cold could be effecting your locks? January is just the beginning of what looks to be a tough and frigid winter in the city of Philadelphia and it is important to be armed with the knowledge of how to protect your locks before you need it. With this Phila-Locksmith is brushing the snow off of our blog to offer you some helpful tips.

The first way that the weather will effect your locks is the expansion and contraction of your door and frame. In the case of these frigid temperatures it is contraction that will take place. Even just this slight movement can cause a misalignment which will make your locks not function. The best way to combat this problem is to make sure that your locks are properly fitting during spring and fall months, but with enough room to allow for slight movement based on weather conditions. Normally your locks on exterior doors will not experience too many issues, since the heat on the interior side of the door can keep the lock mechanism from freezing.

Another way that your locks are effected by the cold is that they can freeze entirely. Mostly this takes place on car door locks or doors which are completely outside, and is caused when the moisture inside of the lock freezes which prevents you from fully inserting your key to disable the lock. One popular home remedy is to heat the key with a lighter and then insert it into the lock. While this is effective you can end up severely damaging your key if you do not do it correctly. If they key becomes too hot and the lock is not fully deiced when you turn the key it will bend, which may result in need a completely new car key.

What we at Phila-Locksmith recommend is to purchase lock deicer from your local hardware store, before you need it. Keep it by your front door or at your office at work so that you will have it when needed. Deicer is relatively cheap, and works effectively to not only allow you to use the lock, but also get rid of any moisture which may remain.