GM Recall Could Lead to More Push to Start

General Motors was forced to recall a large amount of vehicles from the early-2000s due to faulty ignition switches. While not putting drivers in any type of danger on the road, ignition switch problems can be a big headache and cost owners a pretty penny to have replaced. Since the key operates in a circular fashion there is an increased chance for wear which can cause the entire ignition system to become non-functioning. Whether it is from an external force which knocks the key out of place in the ignition or from being weighted down by a heavy key chain, it can be very common to have to deal with ignition switch problems.

general motors recall

General Motors large recall could force more push to start systems.

How could General Motors combat this problem? When testifying before congress about their current recall the chief executive of General Motors said the current situation could speed up the implementation of push to start systems in as many vehicles as possible. Since there is no mechanism that must rotate in order for the vehicle to start there is no wear that gets built up over time. Currently 72% of cars offer a push to start option, but much less currently have that type of system installed on their vehicle. Customers who do have the system installed on their vehicle have raved about the push to start’s convenience, which allows the user to start their vehicle with the simple push of a button.
Transponder car keys were a revolution in car security, whose implementation was sped up by an increase in vehicle thefts. Just like the transponder car key before it, push to start systems could find themselves on the fast track to being much more popular in vehicles being produced thanks to these ignition switch problems that are common across many major manufacturers of automobiles. Technological advancements in current automobiles is what allows for a complex system such as push to start to be implemented. Transponder keys used a computer chip in their key shell that communicated with the computer in order for the ignition switch to start the engine. Push to start systems operate in a similar fashion to transponder keys. A fob must be on the owner’s person when they touch the push to start button on their vehicle in order for that vehicle to start. Phila-Locksmith would still be able to assist in the replacement of these GM car keys for a push to start system. When transponder car keys were introduced it forced locksmiths to adapt and become part locksmith, part computer analyst since they now had to deal with programming rather than just cutting the key to the correct cuts. It seems that push to start systems will force a shift for automotive locksmiths to an even more computer and technology centered focus. Many push to start systems also offer emergency keys to grant access to the trunk and door in the case that their fob is not properly functioning. Any one of our locksmiths in New Jersey, Delaware or Pennsylvania would be happy to repair or replace your push to start fob or emergency key, call today to request service for your vehicle.

South Philadelphia Burglary Streak Overnight

(VIA NBC 10 Philadelphia)  Overnight in the East Passyunk section of South Philly a brazen burglar broke into multiple businesses located along Passyunk Ave. and did so in a very straight forward and brutish way. Rather than a more noninvasive technique such as bumping the lock or picking it the burglar decided to simply smash the entire lock in. Knowledge like this lets us know that this heist was likely perpetrated by someone who is not a sophisticated criminal. After breaking the lock on the front door to the restaurant FUEL the burglar ran into the restaurant and stole the entire cash register before running out of the restaurant.

Once the owner arrived at his storefront today he could see the damage that was done. Not only was he able to see the locks which the burglar broke, but the burglar left the remnants of the cash register just around the corner. A total of $150 in cash was stolen from FUEL, but they were not the only restaurant which was hit on that stretch of Passyunk Avenue. Three additional businesses were broken into the same way, on the same strip of storefront last night. Each time the burglar used the same tactic to gain entry and then left with the register.

For these business owners this is a complete lapse in security. As operators they certainly want to secure their storefronts and took measures to do so by having locks installed and engaged, but as was detailed previously by Phila-Locksmith making sure that your entire security system will be able to take damage is very important. This why choosing a professional locksmith company like Phila-Locksmith can behoove business owners. Our technicians can identify whether a lock is the proper fit for a door and would recommend modifications that would prevent a simple break in like this from occurring again. After all, what is the point of having a lock if someone can easily knock it off?

“…Just go get a job,” said Cima. “Get a job and stop harassing the people that actually work hard.” – Rocco Cima, CEO FUEL

Luckily for the business owner the thief only was able to get away with $150 and no one was harmed during the break-ins. Security camera footage of the suspect was taken and police are currently looking for leads in the case. Burglaries like this always seem to happen at the worst time for business owners, so as always, Phila-Locksmith recommends increasing your security to an acceptable level before something like this is to occur.

More information on these burglaries can be found on NBC 10 Philadelphia’s website.

A Professional Thief By Accident

Professional thieves can steal a car in minutes, even without having the owner’s original key. One New York City woman thought that she had her vehicle stole by a professional thief when she was out to brunch in Brooklyn. In less than ten minutes, while she was eating, her green Honda Accord was stolen from right out from of the restaurant. Surely this must have been the work of a highly skilled thief the New York woman thought.

“We all thought she must have been a professional! How do you steal a car in less than a minute?”

At the same time, another Brooklyn woman was on vacation with friends in Miami. Her friend, also the owner of a green Honda Civic, and her, Nekishia Davis, asked Davis’s mother to move their cars while they were away in order to comply with city parking rules. Nekisia’s mother moved the vehicles and thought that it had been done so completely successfully. However, once the women returned from Miami and Nekisia’s friend went to retrieve her car from the spot her mother parked in, she found that the car in that spot was not hers. It was also a green Honda Accord, but not the one that she owned.

“Deanna said,‘I can’t find my car.’ And my mom said, ‘It’s right there.’ And Deanna said, ‘That’s not my car.’ And my mom said ‘well that’s the car I moved with your keys,’”

It turns out that Nekishia’s mother had used the keys that for the friend’s Honda Accord to not only open a completely different car’s door, but start the engine as well. When reached out to for comment Honda said that it was highly unlikely that a key would work for two separate vehicles. While highly unlikely, it is possible in Honda models that were manufactured prior to the year 1998. Following 1998, Honda implemented transponders to their car keys which prevent situations like this from happening. Since the key must be properly programmed to the car’s on-board computer, the key will not start the vehicle. This is true even if the key fits into both the ignition and the door. The Honda Accords in this story were older model vehicles so there was no additional security that a transponder key offers. In this case all it took was the off chance that both keys were made to the same exact cut.

In order to protect your vehicle from having something liek this happen, you may want to consider bringing back the classic steering wheel lock like The Club. This is especially true if you have a car key that does not have a transponder chip in it. These vehicle tend to be older model vehicles, with a majority of major automakers switching from non-transponder keys to transponder car keys in the late 1990’s. This is definitely one of those stories where you just have to ask, what are the odds? Thankfully everyone got their vehicles back and the whole ordeal can be marked up to a freak occurrence.

Lexus Car Keys Serviced by Phila-Locksmith

The technicians at Phila-Locksmith pride themselves on offering car key replacement services for more vehicles than any other locksmiths in Philadelphia. One of the name brand car models that we serve is Lexus. Through the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys Phila-Locksmith can replace or duplicate nearly every Lexus car key there is. With local locksmiths in New Jersey, Delware and Pennsylvania, Phila-Locksmith’s technicians are here to cover your every need whether at the office, work or anywhere in between. Whether you have lost your car key after a night out in Center City or want to have you key duplicated while on lunch, Phila-Locksmith has the parts and skill to complete the necessary service for your Lexus. Below you will find a description of three different types of Lexus car keys that we offer, they are not the only keys that our locksmith can replace for a Lexus, but they are out most popular.

Non-Transponder Lexus Car Key

Standard Lexus Key

The non-transponder Lexus car key was extremely common prior to transponders.

Before the advent of fancy computers and transponder chips inside of car keys, this key was the standard for Lexus car keys. Relying just on a unique cut to offer the car owner security this type of car key is the most inexpensive to have replaced and is commonly found in vehicles like the Lexus LS 350 1996 among other popular models. Vehicle owners may desire the increased security that a transponder key can bring to their vehicle, but unfortunately vehicles using this key do not have the technological capabilities to do so. When a locksmith is making this type of Lexus car key there are two options that he has to proceed, he may either cut the key manually or by using the vehicle’s VIN in order to get the corresponding cuts for that specific vehicle. If he is able to use the vehicle’s VIN to make the key then, the entire process can be
quicker and less labor intensive. There are two main reasons that our locksmith may not be able to use the vehicle’s VIN to get a key code. The first is that the car is not properly registered in the car manufacturer’s database. This can occur for a myriad of reasons including input error and database errors. The second case is that the vehicle had it’s ignition replaced. In either of these cases our technician has to either pull the ignition or car lock in order to measure the appropriate cuts for that specific vehicle. To avoid unnecessary labor make sure to mention to your technician that the ignition was replaced so he can take appropriate action.

Lexus Proximity Keys

lexus proximity key

Used from 2008-2013 the Lexus proximity key offers security and convenience.

high security lexus key

One of the newest keys offered by Lexus is this early 2010’s proximity model.

Proximity and transponder keys Lexus introduced as the newest phase for their car keys offer a new level of security which was not initially seen in most vehicle systems. Car manufacturers saw the need for increased protection with the rise of car thefts and technology was finally able to catch up. Each of these keys has a chip which communicates directly with car’s computer to enable remote functions. Many of these remote functions people are familiar with today; they include remote unlock, lock and panic functions. The key pictured directly to the right features a proximity key which was used for some Lexus models between 2008-2013 and also has a truck open button for easy and convenient access to the storage area of your vehicle. Without the computer system present in the car, none of this would be possible. The push-to-star function of Lexus models would not be possible if car manufacturers were not able to have the transponder chip and vehicle properly communicate with each other.  Security is increased, because a thief no longer just needs the cut measurements of your key in order to start the vehicle. This means, if by any chance, someone gets access to your car key and tries to copy that key in order to steal your vehicle, that duplicate key will not work the ignition.

Car manufacturers saw the need for increased protection with the rise of car thefts and technology was finally able to catch up.

Of course a security upgrade like this which makes it more difficult to copy the vehicle key is also going to make it more difficult for someone to replace. Before programming tools were widely available to professional locksmiths at an affordable level, a tow trip to your local Lexus dealer was nearly guaranteed. This costs customers a good deal of money since they then had to pay for both replacement car keys and a towing fee. That is why Phila-Locksmith trains its technicians on all of the latest programming and cutting techniques to ensure that our customers in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are able to receive replacement Lexus car keys, 24/7. Due to the chip inside of the key, special programming is required in order for the key to properly start the Lexus. This process adds additional time to the service making the replacement of a model like the Lexus GS 450 Hybrid 2013 more labor intensive and costly than a model such as the Lexus LS 350 1996.

Our technicians can assist you with more than just replacement car key services for your Lexus! Our professional locksmiths can assist you any time of day when you are locked out of the vehicle and can even complete services such as ignition change, in order to help customers avoid a costly trip to the dealership. Call today to recieve a price quote for the service of your specific Lexus year and model.

Locksmith Robbed on House Call

(VIA KRMG) Late last night a locksmith in Tulsa was called out in a case where he thought that a man was locked out of his home. Once he arrived on scene the locksmith found out that this was not the case. The locksmith was confronted by three hooded men, at least one of whom was armed with a handgun. Fortunately there were no injuries to the locksmith, but the robbers were able to get away with his cell phone as well as some cash.

locksmith philadelphia

A Tulsa locksmith was robbed during the late night April 8th.

While a robbery like this is not common, our locksmiths constantly stay on guard when they are responding to phone calls. Not only must they watch for their own safety, like in this case or the eviction shooting in California, but they must also watch out for the property owner’s safety. When our technicians go on scene they must not only verify that the individual needs the service completed, but that they are also permitted to have the alteration completed. Whether it is the registration of a vehicle for car keys, or identification in the case of a house lock outs our technicians want to be sure.

What is truly sad about this is that the locksmith who was robbed was only there to assist the person that was locked out. The robbery occurred around midnight so this means that the locksmith could have been comfortably at home with his family, before being called out to help someone, only to find out that it was someone’s idea to pull a quick robbery.

Our locksmiths were put on notice to watch out for any type of shifty behavior and to safeguard themselves against this happening. Our dispatchers were also put on notice to look out for any type of suspicious behavior on the phone to attempt to stomp out any kind of crime before it happens. Between ensuring that the person who wants a new car key or needs to get back into their home are authorized to do so, and now having to be on the look out for robbers trying to make a quick dollar, locksmiths around Philadelphia and the nation need to stand constantly vigilant.