Holiday Home Security with Our Residential Locksmith Team

We all need a locksmith who understands the importance of holiday season safety. There’s no doubt that the holiday residential security philaseason is a time of festivity, togetherness and pure joy. There’s also no arguing that it’s a busy time that’s full of action. That can sometimes lead to increased crime. People frequently leave their homes for the holidays to visit friends and family members in other locations. Unoccupied homes can lead to spikes in crime. If you’re searching for a locksmith Philadelphia, Pennsylvania residents can trust to keep their homes safe and secure as the holiday season gets closer and closer, the answer is to contact Phila-Locksmith. We’re a full-service local company that offers the best and most detail-oriented residential locksmith services in the area. Our residential locksmith services keep customers safe at all points of the year. The holiday season is certainly no exception.

Rock-solid residential locksmith services are essential for keeping your home safe before and during the holidays. Our skilled locksmiths can provide you with all sorts of services that will give you confidence. They can provide you with high-security lock installation services. They can change and rekey your front door locks. They can install comprehensive security camera systems that can give you increased comfort. When you need a locksmith Philadelphia residents can turn to for the finest and most modern home security techniques out there, we’re your team.

Our technicians also have mobility on their sides. Phila-Locksmith specializes in mobile residential services that can ease your mind. Our mobile assistance is faster than fast. Our mobile locksmiths have all of the right tools that are necessary in order to accommodate your needs. They also head straight to our residential customers. If you’re looking for a locksmith company that will eliminate the need for time-consuming travel, our firm is available. Call our company as soon as possible to find out more about our work. Call us now to request an appointment.

Let Us Help You Keep Your Home Safe And Secure During Holidays!

Phila-Locksmith offers the convenience of 24/7 residential locksmith services. We help customers deal with all kinds of emergency locksmith needs. Lock and key emergencies aren’t too uncommon during the holiday season. Criminals like to take advantage of the fact that people are so busy. Since people are so busy during the holidays, suspicious activity can sometimes go unnoticed. If you ever need an emergency locksmith who can help you address a residential matter, our team is on call regardless of the late or early hour. When you’re searching for a locksmith Philadelphia residents can trust for the greatest and speediest round-the-clock assistance, Phila-Locksmith is the obvious winner.

Our company happily gives customers a broad range of choices in residential locksmith services. Offering the following;

  • Lock Rekeyingresidential security services phila
  • High-Security Lock Installation
  • Deadbolt Installation
  • Garage Door Lock Repair
  • Security System Installation
  • Lock Repair
  • Gate Lock Repair
  • Lockout Assistance
  • And Cabinet Lock Repair, just to mention a few.

If you need an appointment with a locksmith Philadelphia residents can rely on for assistance with access control systems, lock picking, closed-circuit television (CCTV) installation, intercom system repair and more, our company can be a great asset. Our home security technicians can help you with;

  • Padlocks
  • Swimming Pool Gates
  • Patio Locks
  • Sliding Door Locks

We can accommodate all of your high-security lock and master key system needs. If you want to update your residential security setup, we can impress you with our high-security lock expertise. If you want to upgrade your home security arrangement, on the other hand, we can dazzle you with our master key system savvy. High-security locks and master key systems both can be highly effective options for residents who want stronger peace of mind. Call us to make an appointment with an emergency locksmith who can help protect your home. Call us for an appointment with a home security expert who can keep you confident 12 months out of the year.

Looking For A Sincere and Honest Residential Locksmith?

If you need a locksmith who is honest and straightforward, working with that type of locksmith doesn’t have to be a mere pipe dream. It can also be your beautiful reality. When you need a professional locksmith Philadelphia can trust fully, there’s no doubt that our firm can deliver. Our insured, trained and high-security lockslicensed team members are exemplary communicators. They present our customers with clear residential security paths that are in no way, shape or form confusing. If you want to work with a home locksmith who makes things easy to understand for you, you can depend on our crew. Our technicians make a point to streamline home security for our customers. If you want assistance from a professional who can help you understand precisely how high-security locks work, we can aid you. If you want guidance from a professional who can talk to you about master key systems, we can aid you as well. Strong communication is important in the security world. The better you understand all of the choices that are accessible to you, the easier it will be for you to make a choice that gives you a true sense of comfort.

Phila-Locksmith is a company that has a wonderful track record. Customers adore our convenient emergency locksmith service. Our hassle-free emergency locksmith assistance isn’t the only thing that makes us shine, though. Our residential locksmith services in general are convenient, effective, thorough and meticulous. If you frequently say “I need a locksmith near me who is skilled and adept,” you’ll get the same exact response time and time again. Phila-Locksmith is always the lovely solution. When you need a locksmith Philadelphia residents can bank on for five-star holiday security, we’re ready to cater to you. We offer helpful residential and emergency locksmith services that are optimal for safety and ease.


Halloween in Philadelphia: A Gh’oul Time

halloween skyline

Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year for both the young and the old. There are a ton of events happening here in Philadelphia that will please audiences of all ages. From haunted attractions to festive pumpkin pickings, everyone is guaranteed to have a ghoul time. We here at Phila-Locksmith have gathered together a few events going on within the Philadelphia area that will help you to get your Halloween fix.  



For the thrill-seekers, we recommend visiting some of Philadelphia’s scariest haunted attractions. One of the most widely known attractions is the Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary. Once known as the most expensive prison in Philadelphia, visitors can tour through these haunted grounds and become completely immersed in their spooky world. Another attraction for the fearless is the Pennhurst Asylum, where you can tour through three terrifying activities: The Dungeon of Lost Souls, The Tunnel of Terror, and The Ghost hunt which is a self tour that leaves you equipped with only a flashlight as you meander through one of the most haunted parts of the asylum.


For those of you who are looking for some festive family fun, there are a multitude of family friendly activities taking place in the Philadelphia area. If you take a trip to Peddler’s Village, you and your family can experience the Scarecrow Competition & Display. It’s free parking, free admission, and free fun! Browse through all different shapes and sizes of scarecrows and enjoy fun activities as a family. In addition to that, families can hop on the train and head over to Franklin Square to enjoy spooky mini golf, pumpkin decorating, and free trick or treating for children under the age of 10. It’s a fun and cost efficient way to get the family together with tickets for the mini golf coming in at only $7 for children and $9 for adults.


On the more adult side of Halloween, party-goers and costume-wearers can trick-or-treat themselves to a fun time and some good spirits at many of the local bar festivitiesspooky city taking place this Halloween. One event happening in Philadelphia is the Night of the Crawling Dead Bar Crawl which offers free admission in up to 20 Philly bars that will be hosting tons of events and specials due to the Holiday. In addition to that, you can stop by Silk City for their Mighty Scary Halloween Costume Party where it’s only $5 to get in and there will be $2 drink specials all night. Not to mention they will also be staying open an hour later than usual to accommodate all the Halloween fun that will be taking place. 
No matter which event you decide to give a try, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a gore-ious time here in Philadelphia.  With affordable attractions for people of all ages and interests, you can rest in peace knowing that there is much to choose from this Halloween. And if you happen to be out and about and misplace your car keys or even forget them inside your vehicle, remember to give us a call at (215) 544-6109 for our emergency locksmith services. And it’s not too late to have a residential locksmith technician stop by to amp up the security on your home before Halloween and the Holidays hit. Happy Halloween!

Secure Your Home in the New Year

With two weeks of the New Year already behind us, many people are already beginning to wilt on their newly made New Year’s resolutions. One resolution, which is easily to make and keep, is to upgrade the existing security that your home has. Through just a small amount of investment, you can make your home much more secure than it had previously been. Our Philadelphia locksmiths have gathered a small list of recommendations which can help you to complete one resolution which pays dividends throughout the rest of the year. Even if you may not be able to complete your more difficult New Year’s resolution, increasing the security at your home is one easy resolution which Phila-Locksmith can assist you with entirely.

1. Have a Deadbolt Installed

It is highly recommended to have a deadbolt installed on, at least, all of your exterior door ways. A traditional knob lock is much more susceptible to break-in strategies than a deadbolt lock is. One common break-in technique which thieves use to disable a knob lock is show below. “Credit carding” is when a thief inserts a flat and rigid surface, sometimes a credit card, into the space between your door and door frame.

There are a number of deadbolt models which are available on the residential market today with varying features. Some are more traditional versions of a high security lock, while others employ smart technology in their function. It would behoove customers to speak with a professional or to complete research before choosing the deadbolt lock that they would like installed.

2. Re-key Your Existing Locks

Re-keying is a service that we already recommend whenever you move into a new home or apartment, but regularly re-keying your locks can also help to prevent your keys from falling into the wrong hands. Whether it is through lost or stolen keys, in addition to new technology which raises safety concerns, your keys can easily fall into the wrong hands. Having a re-key completed helps to make your home secure once again, but without the higher cost which would result from having an entirely new residential lock set installed. A locksmith can even key your locks alike so that you can conveniently open every lock with just one key.

3. Safe Installation

There are a number of reasons for a residential safe and the New Year is the perfect time to invest. A gun safe is highly recommended for any individual who owns a firearm. Not only does a gun safe help to keep your firearm secure from thieves, but also from young children. If you do not own a firearm, then investing in a residential safe can help you to keep even the smallest valuables in your home secure. Not only can a residential safe be used to protect valuables and jewelry during a break-in, but having a fire resistant safe can also help to keep your valuable documents and personal information safe from destruction. Based on the security needs of your home, there can be a number of safes that would best fit your needs. It is recommended to decide exactly which features are most important for your use before deciding to invest in a particular safe model.

Above are three of the simplest things that you can do to have a successful security resolution. There are a number of other lock and key services which can help you to increase your home security, but choosing those services would be based on the specific needs of you or your home. By contacting your local locksmith you can successfully complete a New Year’s resolution without much hard-work on your end while still achieving a calming peace of mind throughout the rest of 2015.

Most Frequently Stolen Vehicles of 2013

The National Insurance Crime Bureau has released it findings for the most common vehicles which were stolen during the year 2013. This data is very useful to car owners and perspective car owners alike. A vehicle that is listed higher on this list for vehicle thefts may be more costly for you to insure. In addition, if your car is one being targeted highly by automotive thieves then you may want to take extra precautions which will help to prevent your vehicle from becoming just another statistic.

most stolen vehicle of 2013

Two Honda models topped the list of 2013’s most stolen car, but which one took top honors?

The Honda Accord was the most stolen vehicle last year and with over 53,900 total thefts last year, the Honda Accord had 8,000 more theft incidents than any other vehicle that is out on the road. Coming in a somewhat distant second was another Honda model, the Civic. There was a total of over 45,000 Honda Civic thefts in the country. It seems that Honda owners have reason to concern about the automotive security of their vehicles, the third most commonly stolen vehicle was the Chevrolet full-size pickup which had over 27,000 theft occurances, about half of the total thefts of Honda Accords. The reason that Hondas are being specifically targetted is the high value of their parts. These parts can be stripped from the stolen vehicle and then used in more recent model Hondas. This allows the criminals to sell parts below market value, but still cash in on the high value of replacement Honda parts.

Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles 2013

1. Honda Accord (53,995 Thefts)

2. Honda Civic (45,001 Thefts)

3. Chevrolet Pickup (27,809 Thefts)

4. Ford Pickup (26,494 Thefts)

5. Toyota Camry (14,420 Thefts)

6. Dodge Pickup (11,347 Thefts)

7. Dodge Caravan (10,911 Thefts)

8. Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee (9,272 Thefts)

9. Toyota Corolla (9,010 Thefts)

10. Nissan Altima (8,892 Thefts)

Whether or not your vehicle is on the list above, you may want to consider a few steps that you can take to make your vehicle a less desirable target for thieves. The first and most obvious step is to lock your vehicle whenever you leave it. Even if you are just leaving the car for a second, that is all it takes for a thief to be driving down the road with your vehicle. Removing all valuables from plain sight is also a recommended action, this makes it less likely for thieves to want to access your car. In the case that you do not have a transponder car key, you may want to consider using a steering wheel club so that even if a thief can start the car, they will not be able to operate it. Lastly, know the area where you are parking your car and, if possible, park in a well-lit area that can deter thieves. Whether your car is on the list for most stolen cars in 2013 or not, it is wise to take precautionary steps that prevent thieves from targeting your car.

5 Ways to Save with a Locksmith

Phila-Locksmith is all about providing professional locksmith services to the Delaware Valley, but we also want to save our customers money at every turn that is possible. Below we have compiled a list of 5 simple tips that you can use to help save yourself money. Whether it is just being slightly more prepared, or just making a more informed decision, Phila-Locksmith wants you to be able to save money on your locksmith services when possible.

1. Have a Spare Key Made

Rather than waiting until your key is lost or stolen to have it replaced, have a copy of your key made and stored in a safe place for you to use. It is much cheaper to have a car key or house key copied before it is lost, rather than having them replaced after they have been lost. This is especially true when it comes to transponder car keys, which can cost you over $100 dollars more to have replaced than to have duplicated.

2. Leave a key with a trusted neighbor

Have a family member who lives on your block? Or maybe a life long friend? If you trust that individual it may be a wise choice to leave them a copy of your house key. This can help you to prevent being locked out of your home and having to incur a charge from an emergency locksmith services. Whenever you find yourself without your key, you can retrieve your spare from that neighbor’s house and quickly have yourself back inside without having to wait or pay. Of course, you must be sure that you trust the individual who has your keys, otherwise you could end up becoming a victim of theft.

3. Re-keying locks on a new home 

Purchasing a new home can be a very exciting time and it can be easy to overlook some of the most vital security measures. In order to make sure that no previous owner, or anyone they gave a key to can access your home it is recommended that you have the locks on the house re-keyed. By having your locks re-keyed rather than completely changed you can avoid having to purchase brand new lock set, while still ensuring your new home is secure.

4. Hang security camera signs

Do not have the budget for security cameras in your home security? Hanging warning signs which say there are cameras on premises can help to deter burglars from entering your property without having to spend the money on closed circuit television installation. This method is slightly more effective than the old, “Before of Dog” sign trick, since cameras can be hidden from burglars much easier than the sound of a dog barking.

5. Choose a locksmith over a car dealership

If possible, when you are looking to have car key or ignition service for your vehicle completed, choose to have a mobile locksmith come out to your location, rather than having your vehicle towed to the dealership. By having a mobile locksmith complete your service, you can cut out the unnecessary towing charge to the dealership’s location, while also avoiding their inflated parts and labor charges. Automotive locksmiths like Phila-Locksmith can complete most of the same services that a dealership can without having to get your vehicle towed.

Use these five tips to help you save money when it comes to your home, commercial and automotive security. They are inexpensive ways to help safe guard yourself from having to pay for more expensive locksmith services down the line.

Tips for Protecting Your Home When On Vacation

March has not yet brought the complete thawing out that nearly everyone in the area is looking for, and this could lead some to pack their bags for a warm weather vacation. If you are one of those lucky few who is able to escape for warm weather, you want to make sure that all of the valuables that you leave behind are properly protected. Burglars look for homes where owners are on vacation, because they provide such easy targets. By following the tips below you can help to make your home one that burglars will pass over while on vacation.


Who would not mind trading the cold of Philadelphia for a beach like this right now?

1. Stay Quiet On Social Media
If you have a public profile on social media sites like Twitter or especially Facebook, it is very important to not post your vacation plans online. Burglars can use the times that you are away to easily plan the time that they will burglarize your home. The smart move would be to avoid posting about your plans in advance, then letting friends or family on social media catch up with your vacation activities once you have returned.

2. Talk to Your Neighbors
While you do not want to broadcast on the internet that you will be away on vacation, letting your neighbors know that you will be away is a great way to prevent burglaries from happening. Of course you want to make sure that the neighbor that you are informing of your plans is one that you truly trust. With the neighbors alerted they can call police if there is any suspicious activity at your home while you are gone.

3. Have a Family Member Stop By
If you do not trust your neighbors, or if you live in an area where that is not possible, having a family member stop by the house occasionally while you are away can provide the same effect. Not only should your family member stop by to give the appearance that someone is currently home, but they should attend to things like the mail and snow shoveling to keep up an appearance that the home is occupied.

4. Speaking of mail…
When a family member is unavailable to pick up the mail on a daily basis then make sure that you either go to your post office or visit the United States Postal Office website in order to get your mail held for the time period that you will be away. Mail and newspapers piling up outside of a home is a dead giveaway to burglars that the house is not occupied giving them an easy target.

5. Upgrade Your Home Security
Having stronger home security as a whole can make all of these vacation preparation less important by having your home constantly guarded against the threat of burglary. Having pick proof locks installed are a great way to make sure that no one enters your home unauthorized, but simply engaging all of your normal locks can also have a similar effect. Most burglars are not professional locksmiths, so having a deadbolt installed can be a great way to keep burglars out. To take your home security to the max, have an alarm system installed on your home. If you do not have the budget or drive to have an entire alarm system installed, place a placard from an alarm company on the front of your home to act as a deterrent.

Phila-Locksmith has professional Philadelphia locksmiths who can help upgrade the security of your home, but if you are just looking to provide extra protection for yourself while on vacation, use the free tips available above. After all, making sure that your locks are engaged is the best way to protect yourself from burglar. A lock that is not locked does a homeowner no good!

Tips to Prevent Burglaries during the Holidays

Most people know that there is a spike in crime during the warm summer months as more people are out and about. This makes them more likely to leave entrances to their home unlocked, it can also be caused by the increase in vacations that are taken during the summer months. However, this does not mean that you can let your guard down during the holiday season. Burglaries also increase during the holiday season, as it is more likely for home owners to have high value items inside of their house, while burglars are looking to stock up on the latest gadgets, jewelry in addition to cash for their holiday season. That is why Phila-Locksmith wants to give you tips that can help you to keep your home from being burglarized and ruining your holiday.

1. Be Prepared While Travelling

If you are leaving your home for an extended period of time during this holiday season it is important to make sure that your house is prepared for your vacation. It is important to put in a hold on your home mail if you are not going to be there in person to pick it up. Piling up of mail and newspapers are a dead giveaway to burglars that no one is or has been home. The United States Postal Service allows you to schedule a hold on mail straight from their website and you can even set an option to have all of the mail delivered once you are home again. If you do not want to have this happen, another option is to have a trusted friend or family member pick up the mail from your home daily. Posting of your travel plans in advance on social media can also attract burglars who can use resources on the internet to find your home. Of course the simplest and easiest thing to do that is extremely crucial is to lock all entrances, especially deadbolt locks.

2. Keep Presents Hidden

This tip is especially important if you celebrate Christmas. Leaving your presents or tree in full display can be a way to easily attract burglars who are looking for high value items. It is recommended to keep Christmas trees as well as presents away from exterior windows, especially ones facing roads, in order to keep thieves from assuming that your home is a juicy target.

3. Hide Big Ticket Trash

It is important to keep the packaging of big ticket items such as gaming systems and televisions out of view before trash day. A TV box that has been siting out front of your home can be an invitation to some would be burglars. Keeping your trash in the house or hidden from view until trash day is highly advised.

4. Stay Vigilant

One of the consistencies that we see in areas that are low in burglaries is that neighbors are more willing to report suspicious behavior before it turns into a burglary at their neighbor’s house. During the holidays, it is normal to see more people coming and going in the neighborhood as people visit family and friends, but it is important still report suspicious behavior to help save neighbors from a ruined holiday.