St. Petersburg Police Giving Away Steering Wheel Clubs

(VIA myFOXTampaBay) In St. Petersburg there has been an increase in a specific type of crime. That is where thieves break into a home and then not only steal valuables immediately, but also take the spare copy of the homeowners key. While your car may not be home when the theft occurs, St. Petersburg police are saying that many times these thieves are coming back later to steal the vehicle when they think that it will be home. In some cases the owner may realize that the spare key is missing, while in others, they do not realize the key is gone until it is already too late.

There are two ways that you can protect your own vehicle after the spare key has been stolen. The first is to get the classic steering wheel club. We recommended the steering wheel club as a great way to prevent thieves with jiggler keys from being able to steal your car, and they also provide outstanding results in this scenario as well. If you lock the club onto your steering wheel, there is no way for the thief to drive the vehicle while the club is in tact. This is why the St. Petersburg police force is offering a free steering wheel club to any car owner who comes in to fill out a theft report.

The second way that you can protect your car from theft is to have the stolen key removed from the car’s computer system. In newer model vehicles which have a transponder car key in their system, the key must be able to properly communicate with the computer for the vehicle to start. By going to a locksmith or the dealership you can have this key removed from the car’s computer system. While the thief may still be able to open your car door lock, the key will not be able to start the car and can prevent you from being the victim of another car theft.

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