Assa Abloy Joining Smart Technology Fray

The largest producer o0f locks in the world, Assa Abloy, is turning its focus to the largest emerging market for locksmiths and lock makers. This emerging market is the production of smart technology enabled phones. The Sweden based company has already been beaten to the punch by numerous smaller American companies, but is still looking to use it clout as the largest lock maker in the world, to force their way into the smart lock market. Smart locks look to give home and business owners the utmost in convenience. Not only can customers easily access their locks directly from their phones, but sending time specific access to other individuals who have smartphones is as easy as pushing a button.

Why look to smart locks now?

There are many reasons that getting into the smart lock industry is a wise move for all established lock companies, however those companies which have selected to just begin development now are already behind schedule. The August Smart Lock has already begun to be shipped to those customers which pre-ordered the product and Lockitron is looking to do so in the near future. Specifically August will be available to the residential market by October of this year, making it one of the first mass produced smart locks to hit the market. This release should be buoyed by the fact that August now has a deal with Apple that will allow for the most easy access possible from iPhones.

This quick action by smaller start-up companies should not scare a lock manufacturing behemoth like Assa Abloy. Due to their large scale distribution and development capabilities it would not be a shock that Assa Abloy were able to quickly develop and send to market a smart lock which rivals the functions of August and Lockitron. Assa Abloy would be smart to capitalize on this as soon as possible now that smart locks are projected to be a 3.6 billion dollar industry within the next five years this would be a sharp increase of the current number of 261 million dollars. Assa Abloy have gone on the record to say that they know this is likely a technology that customers will desire and they want to be at the forefront of production once smart locks become common enough for mass production.

In Assa Abloy’s case, they must hope that they have not already missed the boat in regard to smart locks. With smaller companies like August and Lockitron already hitting the market, it would behoove Assa Abloy to develop a plan for expansion into smart technology as soon as possible. With technological prices decreasing, as smart phone use increases, these smart locks are poised to make a huge boom in use. It remains to be seen if it will be easy for Assa Abloy to enter the fray, when they do decide to, but the partnership that August has with Apple puts August in the best position to be successful going forward. It will be interesting to see what Assa Abloy is able to produce or if their share of the market will be much smaller due to delayed response to customer desires.

First August Smart Locks Begin Shipping

Coincidentally, last August Phila-Locksmith profiled the August Smart Lock which was getting ready to hit the residential security market. The first pre-orders for these locks began to ship last week and customers must be ecstatic about finally receiving their smart locks. August Smart Locks offer homeowners convenient access to their home’s lock anywhere in the world. This allows for owners to allow access to their friends and family, even if they are running late. Since you can arm and disarm your from anywhere in the world, you never have to worry about forgetting to lock your door again, you can simply double check from the app on your smart phone.

The shipping date for August smart lock pre-orders had been delayed, however, this may be a welcomed delay for customers. The delay is believed to have been caused by August’s integration with the Apple HomeKit on the iOS 8 system. Apple’s HomeKit allows for  iOS 8 user to be able to access multiple home security apps from one convenient universal home security app. This also includes Siri integration, for even easier access through voice command.

august smart lock

The August Smart Lock puts the security of your home right in the palm of your hand.

Pre-orders were available for the discounted price of $199.99, but once the August Smart Locks hits markets in October, the price will be $249.99. The August Smart Lock is one of a few smart technology enabled locks which Phila-Locksmith has profiled, however; it is the first of these residential smart locks to hit the market.

Customer reviews after these pre-orders ship should be very telling about the reliability and usefulness of the smart lock itself. At first glance, it seems that the August Smart Lock would be a smart and sensible purchase for anyone who is looking to improve the amount of convenience that they have in their residential access. Integration with the iOS 8 operating system should give the popularity of August a big boost, as they look at trying to capitalize on the popularity of Apple’s iPhone.

Smart Locks Projected to be 3.6 Billion Dollar Industry

Forbes recently released an article which details a phenomenon that we have all become accustom to, our smart phone becoming more and more versatile and replacing many old gadgets that we use to need. Our smart phones have quickly gone from just communication devices to a virtual wallet, remote or even DVD player. Now we are seeing yet another physical item that can be replaced using the technology that is already available in our smart phones. Digital keys, and smart locks in particular, are set to explode in popularity over the next five years.

Smart lock technology is still generally young which means as more manufacturers and lock makers develop their own smart lock technology and models, we should see prices fall to a level that is acceptable for everyday residential use. Lockitron as well as other Smart Lock manufacturers have been well ahead of the curve, offering residential smart locks for as little as $199. While companies like Lockitron and Kwikset are setting the stage with stand alone smart locks which can be controlled through Applications on your smart phone, major corporations like AT&T, Home Depot and Lowe’s are all pushing smart home systems, which not only offer you the convenience of  locking and unlocking your locks remotely, but home owners can control near every aspect of the home’s electronics from one easy portal.

There is no doubt that smart technology like this is changing the way that the modern household is set-up and how we interact with all of the gadgets in our homes. A study completed by NextMarket Insights estimated that nearly one million homes in North America are currently using some sort of smart lock, and that number is expected to grow largely in the coming years, as more models become available at lower prices. Having a smart lock installed on your home now can help get you ahead of the curve when it comes to digitized home security. One of the most common uses of smart locks, which owners love, is that they are able to remotely unlock and lock their home’s door so that packages can be safely placed inside by deliverymen. This cuts out the hassle of being home when a package comes, or taking a trip to the post office afterwards.
smart lock

Smart locks will change the way we interact with our homes.

Phila-Locksmith offers a few different models of smart locks which can be used for your own residential use. Not only does Phila-Locksmith install your new smart lock, but our trained technician will also help navigate you through the different features which are available on the model which you have selected. Some of the models which Phila-Locksmith carries include features such as remote activation, the ability to send digital keys by text, multiple key holders and models which can fit over your existing lock set.  As the technology that is available for smart locks continues to increase and expand it should be no surprise that this home security industry will continue to grow and customers can continue to rely on Phila-Locksmith to fulfill all of their Philadelphia smart security needs.

Fierce Smart Lock Competition

Back in August, we profiled the August Smart Lock which is due to be available this spring. The August smart lock’s aim is to provide ease of access to whoever it is that you may need to let into your home. The August lock is installed on your existing deadbolt and uses built in Wi-fi to communicate with an app on your mobile device. However, there is a competitor offering an extremely similar product to that which is offered by August.

Lockitron works in just the same way that an August smart lock would work. The Lockitron fits to your existing deadbolt allowing you to control the lock on your deadbolt from a remote location. Since the smart lock fits over your existing deadbolt, adding smart functionality, you are still able to use your existing key to manually open the door at any time.

So which one of these lock products should you choose? We will take a side by side look at both the Lockitron and August Smart Lock to see which may be best for your home.


This first comparison is very straight forward. The August Smart Lock is available at a pre-order price of $199 while the Lockitron is available for the price of $179. So there is an obvious savings of $20 between the factory prices of both smart locks making the Lockitron slightly cheaper. Both prices include the shipping of the lock.


Both of these locks are highly sought after and are still in the production and testing stage. Right now the Lockitron has begun to ship to some of those customers who have pre-ordered the lock, however due to mechanical bugs as well as back orders, a Lockitron ordered today may ship between February and March. The August Smart Lock’s current availability is not much better than the Lockitron. August has not yet begun to ship any pre-orders for the lock, with the first pre-orders scheduled to be shipped in the spring of 2014. At the moment, it seems that if you are in a hurry to get a smart lock, that you will have to wait, and that Lockitron would likely arrive before the August Smart Lock is available.


Both locks have mobile apps available for iPhone and Android so that you can easily access your remote key at anytime. Lockitron also has a mobile website which you can also use to log-in and access your home remotely. August and Lockitron both can be opened using your physical key and both can be used even during a power outage. As far as functional capabilities August and Lockitron are just about neck and neck.

With both of these locks offering very similar features, it will be interesting to see how these locks will differentiate from each other. Once both locks are readily available in spring it will be easier to make a determination on which lock is the better value, since we will be able to see exactly what flaws and bugs each of the locks has.

August Smart Lock looks to provide ease and safety

We have covered a wide range of advanced lock and key technologies which are now becoming more and more available. Smart technology is bubbling over into parts of our world which have long since seen technical innovation on a scale such as this. Locks have not been spared the innovation and the August Smart lock looks to push the envelop with its great amount of ease and accessibility. Ever wish your lock knew it was you opening the door? That would be pretty futuristic, or so you would think, but August Smart Locks are employing this type of technology right now. The August smart lock allows for you to unlock your door without even having to put your key into the door, all thanks to the power of your smart phone. Not only does the application for your phone allow you to get access to your home at any point but you can also send key credentials to someone else’s smart phone so that they can get in for what ever reason it may be. Have the cable guy coming but can not take off work? This is one of the problems the August lock can eliminate. Users can send their digital “key” to other phones and allow that phone to access the door only at a certain day and time.

There are a few questions that can arise about the feasibility of an August smart lock but the manufacturer has worked worked to eliminate any potential problems before they arise. For example at any time you can use your standard key to open the locked door since the August smart lock is installed on top of an existing lock. Having this option can be useful if, for example, if your smart phone runs out of battery while you are on the go. In addition to using the standard key for your door, the application can also be easily downloaded onto a friends phone in order to unlock the door. Even when the power goes out, the August smart lock is still operation and works with built in receivers so that you do not have to worry about outside issues effecting the usability of your locked door.

The August smart lock also includes a few other handy features that help to make the life of a person in the 21st century just a little more convenient. The lock can be programmed to automatically unlock when it senses your smart phone in the vicinity, You can even choose the distance from the door that the phone would have to be to automatically unlock. At $200 the August smart lock can be a great investment by saving on future lock out services from a locksmith or from having to get extra keys duplicated. That savings alone can make the August smart lock worth the money but add in the additional ease and accessibility and the August smart lock is a reasonably priced buy for those looking for just a little more ease in their lives.

Talk to a Phila-Locksmith professional about how an August smart lock could help you access and grant access to your home in one of the easiest ways yet.