51 Death Claims as GM Recall Deadline Passes

This past Saturday the deadline to file a claim with General Motors’ recall fund for any individual or family who sustained injuries caused by General Motors’ defective ignition switch. January 31st was the date that individuals had to file a claim as over 4,000 individuals had already done. So far General Motors has allocated $400 million dollars to pay customer claims which vary in the severity of injury which they have suffered. Over 300 of these claims involve the death of an individual involved in a car crash which included one of the recalled vehicles. Phila-Locksmith has been covering the General Motors recall to inform our customers of recalls that may effect their vehicle and to examine the impact that this large of a recall could have on the automotive manufacturing industry as a whole.

900,000 Effected General Motors Vehicles Still on Road

One of the most surprising bits of information which has come to light is that there are still 900,000 recalled vehicles still on the road which have not had the appropriate repairs. The initial recall stems from the ignition switch in many General Motors models. The ignition switch used in these vehicles is too small which can result in the key slipping from the ‘on’ position in the ignition. When this occurs all power steering, power breaking and airbags all will not function. This causes an obvious danger to drivers as well as others on the road, which makes it surprising that about 40% of the recalled vehicles have yet to receive the repairs that they need. General Motors attempted to entice customers to come to their repair shops by offering a $25 gift card if you had brought your recalled vehicle in for repair during the month of December.

general motors recall

900,000 recalled General Motors vehicles have yet to receive repairs.

General Motors received a total of 4,180 claims as a result of this massive recall. Of those 4,180 about 3,000 were dismissed because they lacked evidence or were submitted with no evidence at all. So far 121 claims have been deemed eligible including 13 incident which involved fatalities. The remaining claims which have not been deemed eligible, or dismissed, are still being reviewed by the third party group which General Motors has assigned to the task. Claims that are still being reviewed could take as long as months to hear whether or not they are eligible for the recall fund. During the countdown to the January 31st deadline multiple members of congress requested that General Motors extend their deadline for claims to be submitted. This request was rejected since General Motors had already delayed the deadline previously to arrive at the January 31st deadline.

While the deadline to file a claim with General Motors’ recall fund has passed, car owners need to have their effected vehicles repaired. With 900,000 vehicles still on the road without necessary repairs, car owners are not only putting themselves in danger, but also putting other motorists in danger as well. This recall has had an effect on the way that General Motors is looking to construct their ignition systems in newer model vehicles. Due to the issues that can arise from a traditional bladed key system, General Motors is looking to shift all of their newly manufactured vehicles to a keyless ignition system. The thought being, that this will eliminate the type of problem that caused this recall.

Update: GM Ignition Switch Recall

In June, General Motors made a rash of recall announcements for many of its most popular models. We covered how this could affect the amount of push to start systems that are seen in the future, but it seems that the current recall has not gone as smoothly as GM would have hoped. While General Motors has been able to get a sufficient amount of parts to repair the millions of vehicles that were effected under the recall, still 45% of those vehicle recalled remain on the road today.

General Motors Entices Owners

In hopes of enticing more owners to get their recalled cars repaired, General Motors is now offering a $25 dollar gift card to owners who take their vehicles to the dealership for the necessary repairs. With 13 deaths being linked to this defective ignition switch, with over 2.3 million vehicles getting recalled, General Motors does not consider the defect imminently dangerous to driver, but still hope to entice those owners to get their vehicles fixed.

Repair Deadline Pushed Back

Initially General Motors set a deadline of December 1st, 2014, to have all ignition switch repairs completed. As mentioned above, the car manufacturer was able to get a sufficient amount of replacement car parts, but dealerships were claiming that they were in need of additional time to complete repairs. With this information General Motors has given car owners until January 1st, 2015, to claim their $25 dollar gift card and receive repairs. Owners of recalled models should be receiving information and offer this week, either through e-mail or physical letters.

Interim Ignition Switch Solution

If you are driving one of the recalled General Motors car models, there are actions that you can take to increase your safety until repairs are completed. GM has recommended that you remove any additional keys or chains from your ignition key when it is placed in the ignition. The root of the recall is that the ignition could slip out of the run position while the vehicle is on the road. By having additional weight and stress placed on the ignition a driver is increasing their safety risk. With additional weight removed from the ignition key there is a decreased chance that the key will slip from the run position.

car keys

Having too much weight on your ignition key can have an effect on your ignition no matter what vehicle you drive.

There are several takeaways for both car owners affected by this recall and by those owners who do not own one of the recalled General Motors models. Across all make and model vehicles it is recommended to leave as little additional weight on your key while in the ignition. Due to the circular motion of turning the ignition, additional weight can cause wear and tear which could lead to needing repairs down the road. For vehicle owners who were affected by the General Motors recall, there are just under two months to get your vehicle to the dealership and cash in on their gift card offer. Contact your local General Motors dealership for more information on the recall. To check if your vehicle was one of the over two million vehicle recalled visit the government’s NHTSA consumer alert.

GM Recall Could Lead to More Push to Start

General Motors was forced to recall a large amount of vehicles from the early-2000s due to faulty ignition switches. While not putting drivers in any type of danger on the road, ignition switch problems can be a big headache and cost owners a pretty penny to have replaced. Since the key operates in a circular fashion there is an increased chance for wear which can cause the entire ignition system to become non-functioning. Whether it is from an external force which knocks the key out of place in the ignition or from being weighted down by a heavy key chain, it can be very common to have to deal with ignition switch problems.

general motors recall

General Motors large recall could force more push to start systems.

How could General Motors combat this problem? When testifying before congress about their current recall the chief executive of General Motors said the current situation could speed up the implementation of push to start systems in as many vehicles as possible. Since there is no mechanism that must rotate in order for the vehicle to start there is no wear that gets built up over time. Currently 72% of cars offer a push to start option, but much less currently have that type of system installed on their vehicle. Customers who do have the system installed on their vehicle have raved about the push to start’s convenience, which allows the user to start their vehicle with the simple push of a button.
Transponder car keys were a revolution in car security, whose implementation was sped up by an increase in vehicle thefts. Just like the transponder car key before it, push to start systems could find themselves on the fast track to being much more popular in vehicles being produced thanks to these ignition switch problems that are common across many major manufacturers of automobiles. Technological advancements in current automobiles is what allows for a complex system such as push to start to be implemented. Transponder keys used a computer chip in their key shell that communicated with the computer in order for the ignition switch to start the engine. Push to start systems operate in a similar fashion to transponder keys. A fob must be on the owner’s person when they touch the push to start button on their vehicle in order for that vehicle to start. Phila-Locksmith would still be able to assist in the replacement of these GM car keys for a push to start system. When transponder car keys were introduced it forced locksmiths to adapt and become part locksmith, part computer analyst since they now had to deal with programming rather than just cutting the key to the correct cuts. It seems that push to start systems will force a shift for automotive locksmiths to an even more computer and technology centered focus. Many push to start systems also offer emergency keys to grant access to the trunk and door in the case that their fob is not properly functioning. Any one of our locksmiths in New Jersey, Delaware or Pennsylvania would be happy to repair or replace your push to start fob or emergency key, call today to request service for your vehicle.