Canadian Police Ask for Public’s Help With Locksmith Scam

Police in Calgary are asking for the public’s help to find a man who is preying on the good will of strangers in attempted thefts. This is very similar to a story which we at Phila-Locksmith covered during May of last year. In Nevada, a man was posing as a neighbor and asking for cash to help to pay a locksmith in order to get back into his home. After deceiving a few local residents, the man was found to not be a neighbor. In Calgary, a very similar situations is unfolding.

calgary locksmith scamPictured is the suspect that Calgary police are looking for in connection to these thefts by deception. The man that police are looking for goes simply by ‘John’. The way that he attempts to steal from people is in an extremely deceitful manner, which preys on the kindness of strangers. John has been known to enter business, or public places, during peak busy hours. At this point he begins to talk to individuals claiming that he is locked out of car. He asks for a small amount of money. In situations where he has been refused the money, he has offered personal belongings as collateral. After he receives the money, he then did not return to retrieve the collateral. The man has been described as between 50 and 55 years old and roughly 6’2″ in height. Calgary police are hoping that increased public awareness will assist in his apprehension. This story should also serve as a warning to the residents of Calgary, be sure to employ a healthy dose of skepticism to avoid being taken advantage of. This is especially important for business owners who want to ensure their lower level employees are not taken advantage of. Instilling a diligent attitude can prevent this from happening.

Our customers may ask, how can news like this effect me? As mentioned earlier in the post, this is not a scheme which solely takes place in Canada. Residents in our service area should also ensure to use a bit of skepticism when confronted with someone asking for cash assistance. If that individual is asking for money to pay a locksmith, let that individual know that you will help them, but want to call the company directly. Most mobile locksmiths also accept credit, or debit, which allows for you to still lend helping hand to someone in need, but without the risk of being taken advantage of. Our communities should work together to help those of our neighbors who are in need, but in today’s world, it is still wise to exercise healthy skepticism to ensure that you are not taken advantage of. If you have any information about the identity of John, Calgary police ask that you contact them.

Allentown Police Save Unattended Child

(VIA The Morning Call) – A topic which we have covered on our blog numerous times is the danger of leaving a child unattended in a hot vehicle. However, leaving a child unattended in a vehicle at any point is an unwise decision which can have disastrous consequences. Yesterday, February 25th, in Allentown a woman left her one year old child unattended in her mini-van. At the time that the child was found temperatures outside were at about 20 degrees with a wind chill of less than 10 degrees. A passing parking officer was able to spot the child and called police.

Shortly after discovering the child, Allentown police were able to locate the child’s mother at a barbershop nearby. The 23 year-old mother had taken her 3 year old child to have his hair cut while the one year-old was left unattended in the mini van. Witnesses who spoke with police said that they had seen the mother checking on the vehicle around 1:50 PM. This was over a half hour before the police were able to get on scene and remove the child from the vehicle. When police did removed the child, they found that the child did not even have a blanket while seated in the car. The mother was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child before being released on $500 bail.

vehicular heat stroke

Vehicular heat stroke is much more common when children are locked in a vehicle, but the cold also presents a very dangerous situations.

Time and time again, we have warned parents about the dangers of leaving their children unattended in vehicles, especially during extreme weather. Not only could your child be in danger due to the weather, but automotive theft as well. If you, at any point, lock your child, or children, inside of the vehicle on accident call the police immediately. After ensuring the police are on the way, you can also make a call to our Allentown locksmith to see if he is in the area to provide you with assistance. No matter the time of year, day or the weather, it is never a wise idea to leave your child unattended in a vehicle. Even if it is only for a matter of minutes, the results can be catastrophic.

More Police Refusing to Provide Free Unlocks

In a move which is becoming more and more common among local police forces, a police department in Brandon, Mississippi, is warning residents that they will no longer be able to offer free unlocking service if you have locked your keys in the car. This move comes due to liability concerns that police departments have, now that automotive security has become more sophisticated in many model vehicles. Previously, many small police forces would offer these emergency unlocks as a service to the community, but this has become impossible for them to do with any regularity due to the new sophisticated systems in many new cars on the road.

Automotive Security Improvements

Here on our blog, Phila-Locksmith has detailed the automotive security changes which many major car manufacturers are undergoing. Initially the transponder car key systems did not cause a problem for police officers looking to help a citizen out. Early transponder chip car keys only effected the ignition’s function. Since the transponder car key still functioned the same way that a traditional car key would have with respect to the door lock. This allowed for police forces to continue offering free unlocking, if they had the available resources. Now there are even more changes in automotive security and safety which has made it impossible to offer unlocking service on a regular basis without having professional experience.

police unlock

No More Free Police Unlocks

Some of the advancements which have left these police forces unable to provide emergency unlocking include side airbags, thinner windows and enhanced door construction. Police offers are not professionally trained locksmiths so they simply do not know how to open more advanced car doors without causing damage to the vehicle. Since police officers have much more pressing issues to get to, it would be a waste of time for a department to dispatch an officer to assist especially give that they may not even be able to get the vehicle open. The recommended step to take to ensure that you are never left locked out of your vehicle is to find a 24 hour locksmith who you can trust and save their information to your phone. Phila-Locksmith has detailed some easy tips that will help you to find a locksmith who you can trust and will be able to turn to whenever you are in need of assistance.

The only time that one should call the police when they are locked out of their vehicle is if there is a child or animal locked in the vehicle. Many police departments will only even dispatch a police officer to unlock the door for an animal if the pet is in imminent danger. For now, you will have to make the call to your local locksmith if you find yourself locked out of your vehicle. Phila-Locksmith recommends calling multiple locksmiths before you find yourself in need of their services. This allows you to ask applicable questions and get comfortable with the company that you will be using. In the Philadelphia tri-state area, give Phila-Locksmith a call and trust your emergency unlock service to our professional technician.

Locksmith Involved in Eviction Shooting

(VIA KLKNTV) A dangerous situation arose late last week when one Nebraska locksmith went out on an eviction call with a few of the local sheriffs. It is common place during an eviction for the Sheriff’s office to have a locksmith on hand to assist with the eviction. The reason for this is that in some cases the individual being evicted has changed the locks and the locksmith is needed in order to get into the building, and once the eviction has been completed the locksmith is there to re-key the locks to ensure the individual being evicted can no longer go into the home.

Locksmiths across the nation do this daily without incident, occasionally we do hear stories of locksmiths who have been in danger or even killed during these eviction processes. In the cases of eviction we always remind our technicians to exercise extreme caution in order to keep themselves safe. Just like our Philadelphia locksmiths, this locksmith in Nebraska had completed multiple evictions before without having any type of issue.

Locksmith John Firestine says he’s served a number of eviction notices before. Usually, no one is home. But that wasn’t the case Friday

When Mr. Firestine arrived on scene he completed his unlocking service as he normally would, but after officers forced open the door they were faced with a fearful sight. A man holding a gun was directly behind the door. The man was the individual being evicted and had moved back into the home without permission. Officers quickly drew their weapons and shots were fired in both directions. Fortunately for the locksmith and the officers, only the man behind the door was injured. After being struck by the police officer’s bullets the man was taken to the local hospital where he later died from his injuries.There is no doubt that eviction can be an extremely tense situation and it is always best for locksmiths to exercise caution when helping out on evictions.

Woman Lies About Children Locked in Car

(VIA KMGH-TV) An interesting story came out of Denver, Colorado this weekend. On Saturday, March 29th, a 26 year old Denver women called 911 to report that she had locked her keys in car, but in addition to this she claimed that she had also locked her children in the car as well. Thinking this was the case firefighters were quickly dispatched to the scene to open the door and get the children back to their mother. However, once the firefighters and police arrived on scene they found that there were actually no children in the vehicle at all.

locked out of car

Unfortunately 911 cannot act as your emergency unlock.

What firefighters who were first to respond found was that this woman was in such a panic that she could not find her car keys that she lied to the operator in order to get emergency personnel to come and open her door. Who knows what her plan was for once the police and firefighters arrived, but it certainly could not have been what ended up occurring. In the end the 26 year old woman was ordered to appear in court for misuse of emergency services. A spokeswoman for the Denver police had this to say following the incident.

Never call for that. If you lock your keys in your car, you have to call a locksmith. We are not there to unlock your vehicle – Raquel Lopez Denver Police Spokeswoman

While no one wants to have to call a locksmith in the case that they have locked their keys in the car, it is necessary. Calling the police can not only end up costing you additional money down the line, but can also get you into legal trouble. Your best bet is to find a trusted locksmith who is located close to you and program their number into your mobile phone. It is better to pay the locksmith’s labor fee than to have to deal with larger court fines and fees down the line. Not only did this woman waste the time of firefighters and police officers who could have been assisting people who were dealing with real emergencies, but she will also have to waste her time all because she wanted to avoid a simple charge from the locksmith. After all of this, the story did have a very ironic ending.

according to KMGH-TV, firefighters were able to unlock the car. Shortly after doing so a child came out of the house with car keys in hand

Moral of the story, make sure to do a thorough search of your home before assuming that the keys are in the vehicle!