Halloween in Philadelphia: A Gh’oul Time

halloween skyline

Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year for both the young and the old. There are a ton of events happening here in Philadelphia that will please audiences of all ages. From haunted attractions to festive pumpkin pickings, everyone is guaranteed to have a ghoul time. We here at Phila-Locksmith have gathered together a few events going on within the Philadelphia area that will help you to get your Halloween fix.  



For the thrill-seekers, we recommend visiting some of Philadelphia’s scariest haunted attractions. One of the most widely known attractions is the Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary. Once known as the most expensive prison in Philadelphia, visitors can tour through these haunted grounds and become completely immersed in their spooky world. Another attraction for the fearless is the Pennhurst Asylum, where you can tour through three terrifying activities: The Dungeon of Lost Souls, The Tunnel of Terror, and The Ghost hunt which is a self tour that leaves you equipped with only a flashlight as you meander through one of the most haunted parts of the asylum.


For those of you who are looking for some festive family fun, there are a multitude of family friendly activities taking place in the Philadelphia area. If you take a trip to Peddler’s Village, you and your family can experience the Scarecrow Competition & Display. It’s free parking, free admission, and free fun! Browse through all different shapes and sizes of scarecrows and enjoy fun activities as a family. In addition to that, families can hop on the train and head over to Franklin Square to enjoy spooky mini golf, pumpkin decorating, and free trick or treating for children under the age of 10. It’s a fun and cost efficient way to get the family together with tickets for the mini golf coming in at only $7 for children and $9 for adults.


On the more adult side of Halloween, party-goers and costume-wearers can trick-or-treat themselves to a fun time and some good spirits at many of the local bar festivitiesspooky city taking place this Halloween. One event happening in Philadelphia is the Night of the Crawling Dead Bar Crawl which offers free admission in up to 20 Philly bars that will be hosting tons of events and specials due to the Holiday. In addition to that, you can stop by Silk City for their Mighty Scary Halloween Costume Party where it’s only $5 to get in and there will be $2 drink specials all night. Not to mention they will also be staying open an hour later than usual to accommodate all the Halloween fun that will be taking place. 
No matter which event you decide to give a try, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a gore-ious time here in Philadelphia.  With affordable attractions for people of all ages and interests, you can rest in peace knowing that there is much to choose from this Halloween. And if you happen to be out and about and misplace your car keys or even forget them inside your vehicle, remember to give us a call at (215) 544-6109 for our emergency locksmith services. And it’s not too late to have a residential locksmith technician stop by to amp up the security on your home before Halloween and the Holidays hit. Happy Halloween!


Pharmacy Pillagers Making Headlines in Philadelphia

(Via 6abc.com)  recently reported a string of robberies occurring at pharmacies in the Fern Rock and Kensington areas of Philadelphia. The initial robbery, which took place at Amigo Pharmacy early morning on August 20th, showed signs of forced entry to get into the store, but it seems like the unknown men have evolved. Footage from the most recent robbery at Broad and Grange Pharmacy on Monday, September 14th, shows that the thieves used crowbars and power saws to gain entry into the business, as well as to cut and disarm the alarm systems.

Once inside the pharmacy, the thieves targeted specific medications and even attempted to break into the safe. Footage showed sparks flying in every direction as they unsuccessfully tried to use their hand saws to cut the lock off of the safe. It seemed like at some point their lookout alerted them and they hastily left the scene in a newer model Jeep Cherokee.  The suspects made off with thousands of dollars worth of prescription drugs and authorities are on the lookout for them.

Here at Phila-Locksmith, we find it extremely important to ensure the safety and security for both your home and your business.  We know that to many people, their business is their life and their only source of income, so to take a hit like that is not only detrimental to their business, but to their homes and families as well. It is unfortunate to live in a world where thieves are so prevalent, but we do have a way to help. Our locksmiths specialize in commercial and safe services and we have a plethora of high-security materials that can keep your business protected from those who wish to reap the benefits of your hard work.

Our commercial locksmiths are highly trained individuals who understand the importance of providing heavy-duty, high-security locks to ensure the safety and success of the businesses that we serve.  We offer a variety of keypad locks, push-bars, electric strike locks, and much more to suit the needs of your business. These are locks that are extremely difficult for people to break and manipulate and offer security features that thieves cannot get past. Phila-Locksmith even has technicians who are able to install alarm, security surveillance, and intercom systems that will not only enhance the security of your business, but will also create an image to potential thieves that your company is not a force to be reckoned with. In addition to that, our safe specialist offers safe lock changes and anchoring services to ensure that your safe is protected and secure inside of your business.  If you have any questions we are on call 24/7, please feel free to call us at (215) 554-6109.

Keeping Up With Locksmiths and Keys (12/3)

Since our last blog post, Phila-Locksmith has been keeping track of much of the news and happenings in locksmith related areas. Much of this news can be helpful to customers for increasing security while also saving themselves a few dollars. In the best interest of our customers, we have condensed some of the most important lock and key related news that has occurred since our last blog update. The topics that we will cover in this post are an update to the story of a Modesto locksmith who was gunned down during an eviction process, a burglary in Charlotte and KeyMe’s forray from only house keys  to attempting the duplication of car keys as well.

Stanislaus County Lawyers Probing Locksmith’s Personal Life

In July of 2013 a Modesto locksmith was killed during an eviction standoff along with a police officer. Following his death, the family of the locksmith wanted the county to take, at least partial, responsibility for the resulting death. Now that lawyers have begun to dissect the case, it seems that a large portion of the case will focus on the personal life of both the locksmith and his wife; after a judge granted county attorneys with three years of both marriage counseling and mental health history. The attorney for the locksmith’s family has said that this action represents a gross violation of the family’s privacy. It will be interesting to see, once this case goes to trial in August of next year, whether attorneys will be able to take such a detailed look at the family’s private life and whether it will have bearing on the outcome of the case. For a more detailed update on the information requested in this case, visit The Modesto Bee.

$45K in Damage to Charlotte Barbershop

Over the Thanksgiving weekend one landlord in Charlotte, North Carolina, received a surprise that he was likely not thankful for at all. After evicting a tenant who owed about a year’s worth of rent, on November 26, the landlord had his locks replaced by a locksmith to prevent the previous tenant from coming back. Clearly, there was a lapse in security, whether it be the lock, installation or simply blunt force, that allowed for vandals to get inside of the former barbershop. When the landlord arrived back at his storefront that very Saturday, he found that the locks were disabled and store vandalized. The burglars stole some items, such as the water meter, glass and sinks, while also leaving drywall and sheetrock destroyed. A contractor has provided this landlord with a repair estimate of $45,000. Which begs the question, could this have been avoided if a higher security lock had been installed? Many individuals are hesitant to spend the extra money for a more secure lock, but is that savings worth the loss that can occur if someone breaks in?

Is KeyMe Worth It For Car Keys?

We have covered the implementation of KeyMe kiosks previously, while their concept seems like a solid idea on paper, there are some logistical and security concerns. For those within walking distance of a kiosk in New York City, getting an apartment key at 7-11 seems like a much easier process than choosing a locksmith. Now KeyMe wants you to store a copy of your car key on their cloud system. KeyMe now offers duplicate car keys, but there is a catch. The car keys can not be made on the spot, and must be mailed to the receiver. Unless you have a second vehicle to drive around, then this can leave you without transportation for a week. Until KeyMe is able to offer immediate service, like a mobile locksmith, the provider of replacement car keys will likely remain locksmiths.

Continue to stay posted with us at Phila-Locksmith for the latest in locksmith related news, tips and information. For those in the Philadelphia tri-state area, feel free to call us at anytime to discuss your lock and key or security needs.

Last Week at Phila-Locksmith

News wise we had a very quite week here at Phila-Locksmith, however our locksmith were more than busy handling a range of customer requests throughout the week. We’ll take a look back at what locksmith news and notes we have from the past week and review some of the major points that occurred in each event.

July 30th – Man Formerly Accused of Drug Trafficking Sues Ford

The week started off with quite an interesting story that had broken the previous weekend. A man who was accused of drug trafficking is now suing Ford because he says that their car key codes are too easily accessible to criminals. What happened to the West Texas man was that someone cut extra keys to his vehicle and then placed drugs inside so that he would unknowingly take them across the Mexican border. We reviewed the procedures that Ford takes in releasing their car key codes and found there is not much more that can be done on their end to prevent criminals from accessing keys and that incidents like this are extremely rare and difficult for criminals to pull off.

August 1st – Why is key programming so important?

On Thursday we took a look at key programming and why this is such a crucial part of automotive security. In order for many new vehicles to properly operate with a new key, or even an existing one, it must be programmed to that specific vehicle in order for it to work. It increases the level of security for the owners vehicle since now it is much more difficult for criminals to make a replacement car key or to hot wire the vehicle.

August 4th – Our Locksmiths Make Us

On Sunday we payed tribute to our locksmith technicians who are the backbone of Phila-Locksmith. There is a whole team behind the Phila-Locksmith brand that works tirelessly to bring you professional locksmith service, however we recognize that no one is more important than our locksmiths. They are the face of Phila-Locksmith and are one of the many reasons that we are renowned for customer service. Covering a city such as Philadelphia, 24/7, can be extremely tiring but luckily Phila-Locksmith has the most committed locksmiths who are here to help customers 24/7, 365.

With only one wacky locksmith news story occurring this past week we saw quite the slow week on our blog, however we are always happy to provide more educational information to our customers, as well as other individuals, no matter the subject content. It is rare that we at Phila-Locksmith have time to set aside to thank our technicians for all of the hard work they do, but it should be known that their efforts have not gone unnoticed by the rest of the Phila-Locksmith team and our customers.

Last Week at Phila-Locksmith

We’re day late but not a dollar short with our week in review. We’ll take a look at what we had going on at Phila-Locksmith this week and we will review some of the stories that we covered.

July 23rd – Don’t Make A Mountain Out of a Molehill

To start the week we looked at the benefits of completing a garage door repair before it becomes too serious an issue. In addition to this we also shared out tips for any weekend warrior who would wish to complete the garage door repair themselves. Preventative maintenance and smaller repairs are paramount in making sure that   Remember that garage door repairs can be difficult and it is wise to use a professional if you are not properly trained or experienced.

July 24th – Different Brands Offer Different Security

Midweek we took a look at some of the major brands that produce locks and what type of security they are generally used for. Each brand offers its own unique advantages and its own weaknesses, Phila-Locksmith can help you make the right decision on the type of lock you need to have installed. In this article we look specifically at Medeco locks, Master locks and Mul-T-Lock.

July 25th – Rogue Locksmith fined Large Sum in Atlanta

A rogue locksmith company which was quoting customers a price of $20 on the phone and then charging as much as $200 on the scene was fined over $100,000. The decision was handed down by the Georgia state office of Consumer Protection. Along with paying the fine, the company was also forced to pay restitution to a handful of customers. Locksmiths like these continue to give the industry a terrible name when it comes to customer service and treating people the right way.

July 26th – Common Locksmith Services at Phila-Locksmith

On Friday we offered a list of some of the most common lock problems that you may run into and what type of service is required to make the repair. In the article we cover Chrysler cars, garages and the possibility of damage when trying to unlock your own car door.

Continue to check back with us at Phila-Locksmith for the latest news and notes from our company and the locksmith industry. If there is any specific locksmith topic you would like written about you can send requests by e-mail or through the comment section. For the latest offers as well as money saving coupons and discounts follow us on twitter @Phila-Locksmith or like us on Facebook.

This Week at Phila-Locksmith

Phila-Locksmith takes a look back at what had our blog buzzing this week, with our week in review. We bring you the most up to date information regarding locksmith service, technology and our own Phila-Locksmith company. Follow our blog to receive blog posts by e-mail and get the information you need delivered straight to your inbox.

July 6th – Phila-Locksmith Offers Free Car Openings

A week ago Phila-Locksmith announced their policy that they will perform an emergency unlock for free whenever there is a child locked inside of the vehicle. The press release presented a range of reasons to offer this service, any time a child or pet is in the vehicle, especially in the summer weather, it is important to act quickly to avoid unintended tragedies.

July 8th – Fast 5: Professional Locksmith Answers FAQs

On Monday we had the answers to a few frequently asked questions that we get from customers. Covering a range of topics from re-keying, to pricing, to ignition problems you get the answers directly from a professional locksmith. This is a must read for anyone who is doing research into a locksmith service that they want completed.

July 10th – Is your car being targeted by thieves?

Mid-way through the week Phila-Locksmith brought you a break down of this years most commonly stolen vehicles as well as the least commonly sold vehicles. These statistics were released by the Highway Data Loss Institute and hold a large amount of influence on vehicle insurance rates, especially depending on the area in which live. Cadillac Escalade held the title of most commonly stolen vehicle but this year a new vehicle tops the list thanks to the new security systems that come with Cadillac’s.

July 11th – Kiosk to Compete with Locksmiths

A new kiosk is being tested in the New York area at multiple 7-11s that can make copies of some house keys when you are locked out. The service only costs $20 and easily beats the price of an emergency locksmith but Phila-Locksmith has the details on why professional mobile locksmiths would continue to thrive even if these kiosks became popular. Included are also a few reasons why this test sample of kiosks may be the only ones that make it to market.

Additional Notes

Phila-Locksmith brings its service to the Philadelphia area through local locksmith technicians who live in the city that they work in order to provide quick response. What many of our customers already know is that we service more than just the city of Philadelphia with local technicians but we also service northern Delaware, central and southern Jersey, parts of the Lehigh Valley as well as the Philadelphia suburbs. For more information on some of our local locksmiths check the links below.