Phila-Locksmith’s Ch-Ch-Changes Benefit Our Customers

David Bowie once famously sang that ‘time may change me’, and time certainly has changed Phila-Locksmith. At Phila-Locksmith we are always striving to offer our customers the top locksmith services in the Delaware Valley. This means that as we continue to grow, our services and the way we deliver them sometimes have to change. Through these changes we aim to bring our customers the most professional locksmith services in the most convenient manner. Recently, Phila-Locksmith has made changes which will help customers to more easily request service, receive a wider range of services than ever and decrease the amount of time that it takes our locksmiths to respond to a service request.

Phila-Locksmith’s Website Redesign

While Phila-Locksmith’s blog has remained unchanged, our Phila-Locksmith home has vastly changed. Our redesigned website reflects the professionalism that our technicians offer to our customers. The same depth of information which we have always offered from our website remains unchanged; you can still view the services offered by Phila-Locksmith, our price list, and the areas which we offer service. Customers can now even fill out a contact form directly from our home page! Additionally, Phila-Locksmith’s site is now easier than ever to navigate and access from your mobile phone. This means that you can access the information that you need from Phila-Locksmith even in emergency situations.

Expanded Service Fleet

mobile locksmith truck

Phila-Locksmith’s new trucks are bigger and better than ever before!

Phila-Locksmith has added two brand new Ford Transit vehicles to our service fleet. We have done this for two reasons. The first being that these new vehicles afford our locksmiths extra space to carry all of the tools that they need to complete work, while also increasing the work space that they have. A more comfortable work environment allows for our technicians to complete service as quickly as possible with much more breathing room. The second reason Phila-Locksmith has added these trucks to our fleet is that it allows for us to have two extra technicians on the road at any moment. These additional locksmiths allow for us to answer a larger number of service calls, while also responding to those service calls faster than ever.

Coming Soon: In-store Service

As mobile locksmiths, our technicians are able to offer a great deal of convenience to our customers who need emergency service or who are in need of replacement car keys. However, it has not been convenient, or cost effective, for our locksmiths to complete services like house key duplication. In the near future, this will no longer be the case. Phila-Locksmith is aiming to offer in-store service through our location in North Philadelphia. Stay tuned for the latest updates regarding our in-store services.

At Phila-Locksmith we are constantly striving to offer our services to more people in more location than ever before. The recent changes which we have made will certainly allow for us to do so. By adding two additional mobile service vehicles, Phila-Locksmith can have an additional two technicians offering service at any moment. The additional room which our trucks provide allow for our technicians to carry even more parts and machines than they have been able to previously. Stay tuned to Phila-Locksmith for updates on our in-store services! In the meantime turn to Phila-Locksmith as your Philadelphia locksmith for all of your commercial, residential and automotive locksmith needs!

How Mobile Locksmith Service Works

Most locksmiths operate in a mobile fashion now because of the increase in business as well as the increased customer service that it also offers. Before locksmith services were offered in a mobile fashion it was highly likely that people looking for replacement car keys would have to deal with an expensive towing charge as well as replacement key from the dealer itself. However, as key duplication became much easier and hardware stores began to offer basic locksmith services for very minimal costs, most local locksmith companies looked to expand. What this mainly meant was making more services, more easily available to more people than before. This is how the local mobile locksmith was born.

One of the biggest positives that comes with mobile locksmith service is the great amount of time and hassle that can be saved by having a locksmith come out to your location. Since these locksmiths are also local they are able to reach your location in as little as 15 minutes. This is in part thanks to our local dispatchers who help make sure that our technicians have all the information they need for leaving for a service call. Our locksmith technicians are servicing customers at their location so there is no time for our technicians to answer incoming service requests if he wishes to efficiently complete the services he has already started. This is where customer service needs to be very important local locksmith firms.

Dispatchers are the voice of the company and are the first thing customers here when requesting locksmith services. The job of the dispatcher is to record all of the information that would be useful for the technician to know in order to be prepared for the service. Of course many of our customers are extremely frustrated when calling because they are locked out and it is a part of our commitment to customer service that we make our customers feel as comfortable as possible.

Some Information To Have Available Before Calling

  • Name
  • Zip code
  • Address
  • Call back number
  • Service or issue
  • Type of lock or automobile service is needed for

Based on this information a dispatcher will be able to provide you with a ballpark estimate of what the service will cost to you. Only in rare situations are our dispatchers able to give specific pricing because they do not have the experience or training required that our locksmith technicians have. Once the dispatcher has collected they necessary information they are able to have the technician on his way in a matter of moments.

Each person that is involved in Phila-Locksmith is important in bringing you reliable service and extraordinary customer service. Our technicians and dispatchers work diligently to see that you receive the high quality locksmith service you require.