What is a Transponder Key?

Lock security has gotten more and more sophisticated as technology advances, especially in vehicles. Now with the amount of technology that is in a car’s computer auto makers are able to tie keys into the hardware as well. This is done through a transponder key. Within every transponder key there is a computer chip that is programmed to work specifically on one automobile. Without this computer chip programmed to the car’s computer it would be impossible to start your car.

The reason auto makers do this now is for the vehicle owners security. Transponder keys are extremely difficult to cut and program when compared with car keys that are created without the programmed computer chip. This discourages car thieves from attempting to make car keys in an attempt to steal the vehicle. However, this also makes it difficult for when the owner of the vehicle needs a new car key made because many locksmiths in Philadelphia are not able to handle the intricate work that comes with making transponder keys.

Luckily for our customers Philadelphia locksmith has automotive locksmiths who work 24/7 that are also able to cut and program transponder keys. Dealerships are popular for many owners to try to get new transponder keys at however this can include a costly towing fee to the dealer’s shop. Skip that hassle and have an expert Philadelphia locksmith save you time and money on your transponder keys.