Oklahoma Jury Deliberating in Locksmith Murder

(VIA FOX23) A jury in Oklahoma will soon determine the fate of a man accused of shooting a locksmith to death over a dispute of the price. The defendant, Dewayne Fulsom, is accused of shooting locksmith Sebastian Geiger after a violent confrontation. A jury of five women and seven men will have to decide if Dewayne Fulsom was the man who pulled the trigger of the gun used to fatally shoot Geiger.

In 2013 a man, Deonte Miller, called a locksmith because he had locked his keys inside of the vehicle. After about an hour the locksmith, Sebastian Geiger, arrived on scene to complete the service. In order to complete the unlock service, the locksmith requested payment of $90. What ensued was a confrontation over the price of the service. Witnesses claim at this point that the locksmith retrieved a gun from his vehicle. Following this, there are varying accounts of what has occurred. According to the prosecutor, the locksmith was inside of his vehicle with his weapon and at one point fired a single bullet, however; he was struck multiple times which resulted in his death. One witness, a close friend of Sebastian Geiger, identified Dewayne Fulsom as the shooter. Mr. Fulsom claims that he was not the individual who pulled the trigger. The defense will rely on the fact that despite there being multiple witnesses on the scene, only one identified Dewayne Fulsom as the shooter. Deliberation on this case began on Wednesday August 26th.

Locksmith Hazards

Locksmiths can be tasked with going to dangerous neighborhoods, sometimes in the middle of the night. Due to the nature of their business, potential thieves believe that locksmiths carry a large amount of cash on their person. This poses a threat which locksmiths must be aware of. However, it is not always true that locksmiths carry a large amount of cash on their person. With the cost of payment processing on the decline, it has become easier for locksmiths to accept debit and credit cards as a form of payment. In addition to this, Phila-Locksmith makes it a policy that our technicians only hold a small amount of physical cash on their person throughout the day. The reason for this is the safety of our technicians. For obvious reasons, having a firearm on the locksmith’s person while performing services is extremely undesirable. Since they are tasked with meeting someone who simply placed a call and provided very few details to our office, we prioritize the safety of our technicians so that they are comfortable enough to offer unmatched locksmith services.