Everything You Need to Know About Car Key Replacements

People often view car key replacement as a hassle. Most people don’t want to think about the possibility of losing or breaking their car keys, after all. The truth, however, is that occasional car key replacement service is critical for most people. Life happens. People often misplace their keys when they’re preoccupied and busy. People often accidentally break their car keys as well. It’s impossible to fully avoid these situations. That’s why the best thing you can do is invest in high-quality professional car key replacement service. If you’re ever in need of an auto locksmith Philadelphia PA vehicle owners can trust for expert car key replacement work, Phila-Locksmith is here to help you. We specialize in Philadelphia car key replacement service that’s detail-oriented, thorough and reliable to the max. When you’re searching for a locksmith Philadelphia residents can depend on for A+ automotive savvy, Phila-Locksmith is the obvious choice.

Our Auto Lock and Key Specialties

Our certified, licensed, trained and bonded specialists can accommodate all types of automotive service needs for you. Some notable examples of the auto lock and key services we offer are:

Car Key Replacement Philadelphia

Our experts are able to assist with car key replacements for a wide range of vehicles!

  • Emergency car lockout assistance.
  • Emergency trunk lockout assistance.
  • Transponder chip key programming.
  • Lock rekeying.
  • Lock repair.
  • Ignition switch replacement.
  • Ignition switch repair.
  • Broken car key extraction.

If you’re in need of a 24-hour emergency locksmith Philadelphia residents can depend on for in-depth automotive expertise, we’d love to hear from you at Phila-Locksmith. We proudly offer customers all kinds of auto lock and key services here.

Car Key Replacement Pricing

Car key replacement costs always differ. They’re often impossible to guess. One specific kind of auto key may cost more or less than another. It’s always based on the exact style of key you need. If you own a car that was made decades ago and that’s equipped with a standard key, replacement costs may be on the lower side. If you own a newer car and have a key that includes a transponder, however, replacement costs may be higher. Note, too, that you may be able to program a brand new keyless entry remote all by yourself. This is based on your specific vehicle. You may or may not be able to program your remote without outside assistance. Professional help is indeed vital in some cases, though.

Auto locksmith companies offer remote and key programming and cutting services. Car dealerships typically offer them as well. Dealership programming and cutting service rates, however, are usually rather expensive. There are also many auto repair shops that specialize in key fob programming work. If you need a professional key replacement locksmith Philadelphia auto owners can trust for in-depth programming expertise and beyond, you should reach out to Phila-Locksmith as soon as possible.

Vehicles and Transponder Chips

Transponder Car Key Replacement PhiladelphiaYou may have no clue whether or not your vehicle includes a transponder chip. If you can’t confidently answer that question, you don’t have to enter panic mode. Simply bring your key to the nearest reputable hardware store, auto locksmith firm or auto dealership. A staff member there should be able to clue you in. You can also choose to test things out with the assistance of an extra key. This only works if you own a spare that began as a key blank. Put the spare key inside of your vehicle’s ignition. It should be able to easily and quickly open the trunk and all the doors. If your auto requires a transponder chip, it won’t be able to start your vehicle.

Locating a Reliable and Capable Auto Locksmith

If you’re looking for an auto locksmith Philadelphia folks can trust for high-quality professional car key replacement service, you can locate one in numerous different ways. Internet search engines can be helpful. Prominent locksmith groups can also be helpful. One example of this type of organization is the Associated Locksmiths of America. You can request a detailed licensed locksmith list from this association. If you’re searching for a locksmith Philadelphia locals can rely on for first-rate car key replacement service, you can also request suggestions from family members, friends, neighbors and coworkers. When you need A+ Philadelphia car key replacement, you don’t have to look around for long. All you have to do is reach out to Phila-Locksmith. Our company can provide you with a skilled auto locksmith Philadelphia vehicle owners can wholeheartedly and cheerfully believe in. When you’re searching for an emergency locksmith Philadelphia can turn to for courteous and detail-oriented car key replacement work, we’re 100 percent ready to help you.

Cars and Keyless Entry Systems

Not all vehicles have keyless entry systems. You don’t have to play guessing games about your car, however. If your auto includes a keyless entry system, you’ll have a remote for it. Your remote is the only clue you need. You can also head to an auto dealership for further confirmation. An employee at a dealership can confirm a vehicle’s keyless entry system simply by assessing its VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) number. You should always make sure to confirm that you have been given the appropriate remote for your car. Look behind your remote. If the displayed part number is the same on the front and the back, you’re in good shape and have the right remote.

Car Key Replacements and Warranties

If you need Philadelphia car key replacement service, you don’t have to worry about warranties. Phila-Locksmith, just like many other trusted lock and key businesses out there, offers customers warranties that are good for a total of 90 days. When you need a locksmith Philadelphia can trust for fine work and full peace of mind, our company is the best choice available to you. We can offer you an auto locksmith Philadelphia can depend on for great car key replacement rates, too. Our Philadelphia car key replacement work is truly reasonably priced. If you combine our low prices with our trusty warranties, you get a great deal in the end.

Trustworthy Emergency Car Key Replacement Service

Emergency Locksmith PhiladelphiaWhen you’re on the lookout for an emergency locksmith Philadelphia locals can count on for reliable round-the-clock work, call Philadelphia Locksmith today. When you’re on the lookout for an emergency locksmith Philadelphia auto owners can count on for fast and responsive car key replacement service, we’re available to assist you, too. Our technicians offer fast Philadelphia car key replacement service regardless of the time. We make hiring an emergency locksmith Philadelphia can support easy as pie. If you’re trying to land an appointment with a diligent locksmith Philadelphia can lean on, our firm is the perfect answer. Our on-call technicians are always accessible to help customers with emergency car key replacement needs. Lost car keys are definitely an emergency situation.

Call Phila-Locksmith Today

If you’re interested in an auto locksmith Philadelphia can admire, call our full-service business right now to set up an appointment. We specialize in car key replacement service that’s of exceptional quality. Our technicians are trained, licensed, bonded, insured and qualified auto key replacement wizards.


Celebrating Back to the Future Day

(Via 6abc.com)

(Via 6abc.com)

Great Scott, it is almost here! Wednesday, October 21st 2015, the day that film fanatics have been waiting for since 1989: Back to the Future Day.  This coming Wednesday will mark the very day that Marty McFly traveled 30 years into the future to from his present time of October 26th, 1985 in order to stop his children from making some huge mistakes that were detrimental to his family. The Bryn Mawr Film Institute in Lower Merion will be hosting a fly event in which people can celebrate a day that they have been anxiously awaiting for over 20 years now.


According to 6 abc News, the Bryn Mawr Film Institute will be celebrating with a screening of the movie, costumes, trivia, and a real life DeLorean equipped with a flux-capacitor. It is expected to be a great turn out and filled with lots of fun. The DeLorean will be accessible to attendees to pose and take pictures with, and the trivia gives the opportunity to win some cool prizes. In addition to that commemoration of the popular film, on a wider scale,  Pepsi has announced that they will be releasing bottles of Pepsi Perfect and we’re sure you’ve seen the magnetic, liquid Nitrogen-powered hover boards by Lexus that are all the craze.


It’s amazing to see that some of what was predicted years ago in Back to the Future 2 is starting to actually come to reality right before our eyes. Granted we may not have self-lacing sneakers (yet) but advanced technology is all around us. For example, there are locks that you can control simply with the use of your smartphone, or a touch of your finger. In fact, August (an advanced and innovative creator of smart locks) has recently released new technology with which you can control the locks on your business or residence simply by using Siri on your iPhone. There are also bio-metric locks that you can control by effortlessly scanning your fingerprint directly on lock in order to open it.

(Via amazon.com)

(Via amazon.com)

These locks are a great way to enhance the security of your home or business, and we at Phila-Locksmith have technicians that precisely specialize in the installation and setup of smart locks as well as bio-metric locks.  Whether you’re trying to amp up security, or make life a little easier by living key-free, Phila-Locksmith has both residential and commercial technicians who can come out to you and provide you with an estimate as well as same day service. Imagine, never having to fumble around looking for a set of keys buried in the bottom of your bag, or worrying about losing a set of keys. The power is all within your beloved smartphone (that is nearly always in your hand), or, in your hand itself. Give us a call at 215-554-6109 today and arrange to have the locks of the future right at the tips of your fingers.

Closed Circuit Television Growing in Residential Popularity

Throughout the years, there is a common trend in newly released technologies. Generally, this technology begins at astronomical costs which are only worth it to a very niche group of individuals. As more people begin to get their hand on the new technology, innovations and advancements follow. Without fail, this leads to a decrease in cost of the technology, allowing for more individuals to offer it as ever. This has been true for cars, television and even smart phones. This same type of advancement and reduction of cost is currently happening with regards to closed circuit television. No longer do you have to be a large commercial location to enjoy the security benefits of a CCTV security system. As more manufacturers have entered the market, prices for closed circuit television systems have taken a nosedive. We’ll examine some of the reasons for this reduction in cost as well as some of the practical applications of closed circuit television with regards to residential security.

Benefits of Home Security Cameras

residential security cameraWhen it comes to home security, many of us do exactly the same thing. We ensure that our locks are armed when we leave the house, prevent our house keys from being duplicated and ensure that professional installation of all locks takes place. However, these are only the slightest precautions which can be taken to protect your home. Closed circuit television offers a unique advantage because it works to not only prevent crime, but to help you determine exactly what happened once a crime occurs. This can be useful for break-ins because it can not only deter a criminal from striking in the first place, but also give you further insight into the security weaknesses of your home. Break-ins are not the only type of crime which can be prevented, closed circuit television cameras can protect packages and mail which are left out in the open. Especially during holiday seasons, thieves target large packages which are left outside of homes during the day. Neighborhood kids vandalizing your lawn and home? A CCTV system can allow you to identify the perpetrators and bring the vandalism to an end. The biggest benefit that security cameras offer your home security is that they remove any doubt about what actually happened at your home. Rather than wondering how something was broken, or stolen, the homeowner has video evidence of exactly what occurred.

Increase of Residential Security Camera Usage

There are distinct reasons that residential security cameras have become much more popular. In the past, some homeowners may have tried to post signs saying “Warning: Security Cameras” simply to scare thieves away. However, this defense could easily backfire. The reason that many homeowners opted for this type of scare tactic was because of the egregious cost of a home security camera system at the time. This cost has decreased significantly making it an affordable option for homeowners who want the utmost out of their home security. Not only do residential security cameras allow for you to prevent theft and other crimes, but it also allows for you to monitor your property for one convenient location. This is especially convenient for homeowners with areas which would be dangerous for children such as pools and workshops. Each individual homeowner may have different reasons for having security cameras installed, but one thing is certain; they are enjoying a much higher level of home security than those who do not have cameras installed.

High Security Lock Options

When it comes to commercial or residential security you can never be too secure. Ensuring the continued function of your existing lock while also completing other smaller locksmith services can help to keep your home and business secure. However, in some cases, a higher level of security may be necessary. When this occurs, you want to look past the traditional deadbolt and knob locks that are generally offered. While these traditional locks are quite effective in keeping an average person out of your home or business, lock picks can disable these locks in just a matter of seconds. If your home or business has a high amount of valuables inside of it then turning to a higher level of security lock can be extremely beneficial. Phila-Locksmith’s technicians, from our Norristown locksmith to our technicians at the Jersey Shore, offer you a number of high security lock options that will all but guarantee that your home or business will not be targeted by burglars or thieves.

NightWatch by Master Lock

One high security option that you can select from our locksmiths is the NightWatch deadbolt. What the NightWatch deadbolt is able to offer you is the utmost in security. Due to the function of the deadbolt it is much more commonly installed a residential high security options. This master lock model fits where your existing deadbolt is installed. In addition to being able to arm the NightWatch model as if it is a traditional deadbolt, there is an extra function which allows for high security. While occupying the residence where the lock is installed you are able to activate the “NightWatch” function of the deadbolt. What this does is move the piece which turns the lock cylinder and removes it from its functioning position. When this occurs it is impossible to open the lock from the outside, even if you have a key that is perfectly cut for that lock. While this is a great increase in security, the one drawback is that the “NightWatch” function can only be activated from the inside, which makes it somewhat less desirable for commercial applications.


Mul-T-Lock is one of the leading manufacturers of high security locks and their models are extremely popular with business owners. One of these popular commercial lock mdoels is their MT-5 lock. This model lock has impressive pick, drill and bump resistant features, which make it a challenge for even experienced burglars to disable. In addition to these external security measures, Mul-T-Lock is also popular with businesses because of its restricted key way. Due to the restricted key way copies of a Mul-T-Lock key can only be duplicated at Mul-T-Lock an authorized dealer while also having a magnetic strip key that proves you are authorized to make a duplicate. This allows for business owners to keep a tight reign on their key control and ensure that no keys are falling into the wrong hands. Of course, this added security also comes with an increased price tag. Getting duplicates of a Mul-T-Lock key is quite costly costly when compared to the price of duplicating a standard key.

Medeco Options

Medeco is another manufacturer of high security deadbolts which can be effective in both residential and commercial applications. For example, their Maxum deadbolt model, has rotating pins inside of the cylinder which allow for drill and pick resistance features. In addition to the Maxum model, there are multiple other high security lock options that Medeco offers, each one offers a different price and security level to allowing you to get the best fit for your home or business. View the demonstration below of the type of security that a Maxum deadbolt from Medeco can offer you.

There are other aspects of security to take into effect in addition to the type of lock that you select. For example, if you have a hollow door, with a high security door installed on it, there is still an opportunity for a burglar to use forced entry. In order to get the most “bang for your buck“, your security approach should be a holistic approach. By choosing to improve your entire security apparatus and not just your lock type, you are able to enjoy much more effective commercial or residential security. Contact us today to have one of our locksmiths discuss your high security options with you directly, he will be able to provide you with pricing information as well as offer suggestions that will help you to achieve your security goals.

Unpickable Locks

At Phila-Locksmith our locksmiths can pick most locks which they encounter during lock outs, however there are certain brands of locks that we are unable to pick and they must be drilled out. Most residential locks can be picked successfully however because of the mechanisms of the following brands our locksmiths must drill and replace them if you have locked yourself out.

Kwikset Smart Lock

Kwikset Smart Lock uses a specific type of wafer tumbler that our technicians are unable to pick. Of course, this feature also gives the Smart Lock its increased amount of security. Make sure if you have one of these locks at home to always remember the key, otherwise you could be facing a hefty service bill for drilling and replacement.

Schlage Primus

Schlage Primus is a high security lock that has been produced for both residential and commercial use. What makes this key so special is that the Primus key is not only thinner than a normal Schlage key, but also has a sidebar which raises secondary pins. This second set of pins in the lock cylinder is what gives the Primus its increased security, but also the reason that our locksmiths are unable to pick the lock and must drill into it.

Schlage Smart Key

The Schlage Smart Key has a wafer system similar to that of the Kwikset Smart Key, so similar in fact that Schlage is no longer allowed to manufacture this lock due to patent infringement with Kwikset. For those of you who had purchased the lock before manufacturing had ceased, you should try to always remember your key, because if the door this lock is installed on is the only one to get into your home, the lock will have to be drilled if you are locked out.

Medeco Mul-T-Lock

Similar top the Schlage Primus, Medeco’s Mul-T-Lock utilizes a sidebar with additional pins, with which, the key must fit properly in order to engage the lock. This model of lock is also not able to be picked by our locksmiths and would have to be drilled and replaced in case of any lock out.

These four types of locks are the most common types of locks that the technicians here at Phila-Locksmith are not able to pick and must have drilled in case of a lock out. While these are “common types” they are only common in high security situations, which means they are not present at most businesses or residences. Our locksmiths are able to pick a majority of the locks they encounter, however owners of these models should be aware that they must be drilled.

While these locks can become a headache for owners during a lockout they offer a great deal of security that can help keep your valuables safe. Not only that, but the Smart Locks also have additional features that will help you save money on locksmith services down the road. So if a high security lock was something you were interested in, do not let this warning be a deterrent from getting the locksmith services that can help increase your day-to-day security.

August Smart Lock looks to provide ease and safety

We have covered a wide range of advanced lock and key technologies which are now becoming more and more available. Smart technology is bubbling over into parts of our world which have long since seen technical innovation on a scale such as this. Locks have not been spared the innovation and the August Smart lock looks to push the envelop with its great amount of ease and accessibility. Ever wish your lock knew it was you opening the door? That would be pretty futuristic, or so you would think, but August Smart Locks are employing this type of technology right now. The August smart lock allows for you to unlock your door without even having to put your key into the door, all thanks to the power of your smart phone. Not only does the application for your phone allow you to get access to your home at any point but you can also send key credentials to someone else’s smart phone so that they can get in for what ever reason it may be. Have the cable guy coming but can not take off work? This is one of the problems the August lock can eliminate. Users can send their digital “key” to other phones and allow that phone to access the door only at a certain day and time.

There are a few questions that can arise about the feasibility of an August smart lock but the manufacturer has worked worked to eliminate any potential problems before they arise. For example at any time you can use your standard key to open the locked door since the August smart lock is installed on top of an existing lock. Having this option can be useful if, for example, if your smart phone runs out of battery while you are on the go. In addition to using the standard key for your door, the application can also be easily downloaded onto a friends phone in order to unlock the door. Even when the power goes out, the August smart lock is still operation and works with built in receivers so that you do not have to worry about outside issues effecting the usability of your locked door.

The August smart lock also includes a few other handy features that help to make the life of a person in the 21st century just a little more convenient. The lock can be programmed to automatically unlock when it senses your smart phone in the vicinity, You can even choose the distance from the door that the phone would have to be to automatically unlock. At $200 the August smart lock can be a great investment by saving on future lock out services from a locksmith or from having to get extra keys duplicated. That savings alone can make the August smart lock worth the money but add in the additional ease and accessibility and the August smart lock is a reasonably priced buy for those looking for just a little more ease in their lives.

Talk to a Phila-Locksmith professional about how an August smart lock could help you access and grant access to your home in one of the easiest ways yet.

MIT Students Produce 3D High Security Key

This weekend Def Con held its annual hackers conference where some of the most interesting, and borderline illegal processes are on showcase from some of the brightest minds in the world. Two MIT students David Lawrence and Eric Van Albert, displayed their ability to make high security keys through 3D printouts. This is obviously huge news, that someone is able to duplicate high security keys from the ease of their home. It is not much different than the 3D printed gun which had made news headlines in the United States recently. This type of technology is very hard to prevent and can easily be accessed by a lot of people.

The two MIT students actually released the code that individuals can use to cut the high security keys themselves. The specific high security keys that they were able to construct a code for is the Schlage Primus key, Primus key have two toothed edges as oppose to a standard one toothed edge key. Schlage Primus keys a are very popular for high security situations and are used in corrections facilities, government building as well as hospitals. Obviously when any individual has the freedom to enter these area unrestricted there can be a grave threat to security.

There is one aspect of 3D printing which can deter criminals is that printing a high security key through a 3D printer is very expensive. While on a key-per-key basis the cost is not that great to the individual trying to create a key, the 3D printer itself as well as additional equipment needed can cost thousands of dollars. This will certainly deter many lower level criminals who do not have the financial means to acquire all of the proper equipment. The two MIT students did not go this route in printing their keys. Eric and David instead scanned the key into the computer using a specific sequence in order to get the proper dimensions of the key and then set for a 3rd party printing source to duplicate the key.

This method of illegal duplicating a high security key should actually be more difficult than purchasing a 3D printer itself. Most of these high security locks have a “Do Not Duplicate” marking on the key. This will prevent most professionals from completing the replacement or duplication of that key. It seems that there would need to be great pressure placed on 3rd party 3D printing services which would allow for the duplication of such a key.

For now, this security breach should not be an immense concern for owners of the Schlage Primus keys, but it would be very wise to monitor the situation further to see if criminals begin to use printing 3D high security keys as a trend.