Stolen Locksmith Tools Recovered

One locksmith in Fresno has to be breathing a deep sigh of relief after police recovered about $60,000 worth of his stolen locksmith equipment at a Fresno home last Friday. Like many locksmiths now-a-days the one from Fresno was a mobile locksmith who completed service right at his customer’s location. Since he was doing this, his parts and tools are always constantly inside of the van. Unfortunately for that locksmith, someone stole his entire van earlier in the week. While police were able to recover the van itself, they found that the thieves had already cleaned the entire thing out. That was until last Friday when police discovered all of the stolen materials when searching the home of a parolee in Central Fresno.

The reason that the locksmith had such a wealth of tools and parts inside of his van is that as a mobile locksmith he wants to be ready at all times to complete any type of service. This means that the locksmith not only has all of his expensive tools, but a collection of varying locks and keys for whichever service a customer may need. Luckily for car owners, the criminals were not able to use any of the stolen goods before the police discovered their location. Computer chip car keys have increased automotive security, but with the programming and cutting tools that a locksmith would normally have can give a criminal an easier avenue to steal your vehicle.

It is good for all that this can be chalked up to a learning lesson, especially since this locksmith stated he lost a large portion of his supplies in a warehouse fire not long ago. Police recovered 150 car keys, 50 locks and a laser key cutting machine among other supplies, which the Fresno locksmith must be happy to have back.