Game of Thrones Unable to Save Foster Child from Vehicle

(VIA CBSNEWS) A foster father and his partner could be facing murder charges following the death of a 10-month old child that was in their care. Reports have indicated so far that July 24th a foster father accidentally left his 10-month old locked in the car by herself for about 2 hours after forgetting to remove her from the vehicle. CBSNews is reporting that the father had went into the house where he and his partner were smoking marijuana together and watching episodes of the hit show “Game of Thrones”. Sometime into watching a second episode of the hour installment series, a crying child in the show jogged the memory of the Kansas foster father and he hurried to the vehicle to retrieve the child. After unlocking the door, the father’s partner pulled the 10-month old from the vehicle who was both overheated and stiff.

The couple called 911 immediately for assistance and attempted to perform CPR on the child themselves. When medics did arrive on the scene it was too late, they attempted to revive the child, but to no avail. In these circumstances the prosecuting attorney hopes to convict on a murder charge, since the death occurred during a dangerous felony (aggravated child endangerment). While this is much different than the recent story out of Georgia where a father is charged with murder after intentionally leaving his child in a locked car, there is no doubt that neglect played a part in this child’s death. With the rash of child deaths this summer due to hyperthermia, it is increasingly important to spread the message of education to help keep parents from having temporary lapses in judgement like this.

While in Game of Thrones there is a much more threatening feel to the words “Winter is Coming”, Phila-Locksmith is glad to hear them. With the hot temperatures of the summer months in effect, we have seen an epidemic of cases were parents have either intentionally or unintentionally left their children in hot cars. Phila-Locksmith wants to remind our readers that it is never acceptable to leave your child in a vehicle, even if just running into the store for a minute. The inside of a vehicle can reach dangerous temperatures in just a matter of minutes and younger children, as well as the elderly, are especially susceptible to their wrath. We have a helpful list of tips, which was included with our last story about a child being left in a hot car and we would like to present those tips again. It is always much better to be sure and safe than sorry, always double check that you have taken your child out of the car everytime you exit the vehicle.

Helpful Tips:

  • Leave your cellphone in the child’s car seat
  • Put an item in child’s seat when it is empty, but move it to the front when they are riding along
  • Educate your child on the dangers of being left in a car, so they can identify a dangerous situation no matter who they are with
  • Never leave your child in the vehicle!
vehicular heat stroke

Phila-Locksmith wants to bring attention to the serious issue of children being left in hot cars. Year after year there are countless deaths which are attributed to children and the elderly being left inside of a hot car.