SUV with Push-to-Start Car Key Stolen

(VIA Q13 Fox News) Push-to-start car key systems are suppose to increase the security of your vehicle, while also increasing the amount of convenience that you have when accessing your vehicle. For one car owner in Seattle this was not the case. The father stopped at a gas station to get a cigar with his 10-month-old in the back seat of the vehicle. When he left the vehicle to go into the store he left his 10-month-old in the vehicle, which Phila-Locksmith reminds you is highly dangerous.

The father was in line at the store when he noticed a man quickly open his car door and jump inside. The father then quickly ran outside pleading with the vehicle to thief to not take the vehicle with his child inside. Since the keyless fob was in the father’s pocket, when he exited the store he was back in range of the vehicle to read the fob and start the vehicle. At this point the thief started the car and took off with the 10-month-old baby in tow. Just a short while down the road, the thief ditched the vehicle and the child, both of which were recovered safely. Witnesses who saw the man jump out of the vehicle had to stop in from rolling down the street, since the man jumped out in such a rush that he had not even put the vehicle into park.

The question remains how the vehicle was able to start even though the key fob was not inside of the vehicle. Most keyless start vehicles claim that the engine will not start unless the fob is inside of the vehicle, but there have been multiple cases where a keyless fob has been able to start a vehicle from outside. Another concern with this story is another parent leaving their child alone in a vehicle. While a situation like this may be unlikely, why risk the safety of your child? The 10-month-old was completely alright when police recovered the vehicle. Police also took the thief into custody at a restaurant just blocks from where he had ditched the ride. Keep an eye to see if vehicle manufacturers will change the technology in their push-to-start systems in the near future as vehicle owners look for security that they can rely on. After all, what good is convenient access to your vehicle, if everyone has convenient access to the vehicle?


Remote Start Fobs Offer Convenience

As cars have gotten more sophisticated in their security, so have the car keys that are used on them. During the early 2000’s we saw a break through with transponder car keys becoming extremely popular because of the additional level of security that they offer. Luxury car makers have begun to push the envelop again, this time with remote fobs.

Cars such as the Cadillac STS have transitioned to push-to-start systems which caused Cadillac to come up with a new way to operate the security of the vehicle, rather than your standard car key. This is where the remote start fob has seen a huge upshot in popularity. One example of a remote start fobs by Cadillac is for the Cadillac STS for models 2004-2007. On this vehicle there is no key blade that can be used and no traditional ignition cylinder to place it into. Instead this key blade is replaced with a fob that can unlock and unlock the doors, start the vehicle, open the trunk or set of the alarm. Not only does this make it more difficult for thieves to steal your car key, but makes it impossible for them to create a replicate that could be used to steal the vehicle. Of course having a fob that can complete all of the functions above does offer a great deal of convenience. Rather than having to go outside on a frigid day like the area has been dealing with recently, owners warm up their vehicles from the comfort of their own living room!

cadillac sts key

Cadillac STS 04-07 Remote Start Fob

There is a little bit of a downside to having a sophisticated piece of equipment like this as your vehicle’s key. In the case that you have lost your remote start fob, it can be extremely difficult to find a mobile locksmith which can not only replace this fob, but has the key currently in stock. Phila-Locksmith does have the remote start fob for Cadillac STS models 2004-2007 and we also keep the widest range of car keys in stock so that we can easily provide a replacement in an emergency situation. Having a mobile locksmith complete your replacement remote start fob is not your only option, only your most efficient.¬†Going to a Cadillac dealer is a possibility, but you would have to have your vehicle towed to their location.Which would just be another charge that you would have to incur. In addition, many dealerships do not keep this key in stock, because of the few number of years it was produced, so you could be in for an additional few days wait. For many of our customers, waiting is simply not an option, and we are happy to provide replacements for our customers that allows them to get their Cadillac STS back on the road.

There is no doubt that a remote start fob not only increases the security that a vehicle has, but also makes it very convenient for owners to access the car. If you have lost your fob, make sure to call around to compare prices for both dealerships and mobile locksmiths. Phila-Locksmith is confident that our prices are not only lower than the competitions, but that most of our competition will not be able to provide you with a replacement fob for this vehicle. To prevent locking yourself out of your vehicle which has a remote start fob, ask your locksmith or dealership about an emergency key. An emergency key, when used inside of a push to start system, allows you to open the doors and trunk in the case that you have locked your fob inside. Emergency keys such as this can cost as little as $20 to have made and can help save you money and hassle down the road!