Holiday Home Security with Our Residential Locksmith Team

We all need a locksmith who understands the importance of holiday season safety. There’s no doubt that the holiday residential security philaseason is a time of festivity, togetherness and pure joy. There’s also no arguing that it’s a busy time that’s full of action. That can sometimes lead to increased crime. People frequently leave their homes for the holidays to visit friends and family members in other locations. Unoccupied homes can lead to spikes in crime. If you’re searching for a locksmith Philadelphia, Pennsylvania residents can trust to keep their homes safe and secure as the holiday season gets closer and closer, the answer is to contact Phila-Locksmith. We’re a full-service local company that offers the best and most detail-oriented residential locksmith services in the area. Our residential locksmith services keep customers safe at all points of the year. The holiday season is certainly no exception.

Rock-solid residential locksmith services are essential for keeping your home safe before and during the holidays. Our skilled locksmiths can provide you with all sorts of services that will give you confidence. They can provide you with high-security lock installation services. They can change and rekey your front door locks. They can install comprehensive security camera systems that can give you increased comfort. When you need a locksmith Philadelphia residents can turn to for the finest and most modern home security techniques out there, we’re your team.

Our technicians also have mobility on their sides. Phila-Locksmith specializes in mobile residential services that can ease your mind. Our mobile assistance is faster than fast. Our mobile locksmiths have all of the right tools that are necessary in order to accommodate your needs. They also head straight to our residential customers. If you’re looking for a locksmith company that will eliminate the need for time-consuming travel, our firm is available. Call our company as soon as possible to find out more about our work. Call us now to request an appointment.

Let Us Help You Keep Your Home Safe And Secure During Holidays!

Phila-Locksmith offers the convenience of 24/7 residential locksmith services. We help customers deal with all kinds of emergency locksmith needs. Lock and key emergencies aren’t too uncommon during the holiday season. Criminals like to take advantage of the fact that people are so busy. Since people are so busy during the holidays, suspicious activity can sometimes go unnoticed. If you ever need an emergency locksmith who can help you address a residential matter, our team is on call regardless of the late or early hour. When you’re searching for a locksmith Philadelphia residents can trust for the greatest and speediest round-the-clock assistance, Phila-Locksmith is the obvious winner.

Our company happily gives customers a broad range of choices in residential locksmith services. Offering the following;

  • Lock Rekeyingresidential security services phila
  • High-Security Lock Installation
  • Deadbolt Installation
  • Garage Door Lock Repair
  • Security System Installation
  • Lock Repair
  • Gate Lock Repair
  • Lockout Assistance
  • And Cabinet Lock Repair, just to mention a few.

If you need an appointment with a locksmith Philadelphia residents can rely on for assistance with access control systems, lock picking, closed-circuit television (CCTV) installation, intercom system repair and more, our company can be a great asset. Our home security technicians can help you with;

  • Padlocks
  • Swimming Pool Gates
  • Patio Locks
  • Sliding Door Locks

We can accommodate all of your high-security lock and master key system needs. If you want to update your residential security setup, we can impress you with our high-security lock expertise. If you want to upgrade your home security arrangement, on the other hand, we can dazzle you with our master key system savvy. High-security locks and master key systems both can be highly effective options for residents who want stronger peace of mind. Call us to make an appointment with an emergency locksmith who can help protect your home. Call us for an appointment with a home security expert who can keep you confident 12 months out of the year.

Looking For A Sincere and Honest Residential Locksmith?

If you need a locksmith who is honest and straightforward, working with that type of locksmith doesn’t have to be a mere pipe dream. It can also be your beautiful reality. When you need a professional locksmith Philadelphia can trust fully, there’s no doubt that our firm can deliver. Our insured, trained and high-security lockslicensed team members are exemplary communicators. They present our customers with clear residential security paths that are in no way, shape or form confusing. If you want to work with a home locksmith who makes things easy to understand for you, you can depend on our crew. Our technicians make a point to streamline home security for our customers. If you want assistance from a professional who can help you understand precisely how high-security locks work, we can aid you. If you want guidance from a professional who can talk to you about master key systems, we can aid you as well. Strong communication is important in the security world. The better you understand all of the choices that are accessible to you, the easier it will be for you to make a choice that gives you a true sense of comfort.

Phila-Locksmith is a company that has a wonderful track record. Customers adore our convenient emergency locksmith service. Our hassle-free emergency locksmith assistance isn’t the only thing that makes us shine, though. Our residential locksmith services in general are convenient, effective, thorough and meticulous. If you frequently say “I need a locksmith near me who is skilled and adept,” you’ll get the same exact response time and time again. Phila-Locksmith is always the lovely solution. When you need a locksmith Philadelphia residents can bank on for five-star holiday security, we’re ready to cater to you. We offer helpful residential and emergency locksmith services that are optimal for safety and ease.

Celebrating Back to the Future Day



Great Scott, it is almost here! Wednesday, October 21st 2015, the day that film fanatics have been waiting for since 1989: Back to the Future Day.  This coming Wednesday will mark the very day that Marty McFly traveled 30 years into the future to from his present time of October 26th, 1985 in order to stop his children from making some huge mistakes that were detrimental to his family. The Bryn Mawr Film Institute in Lower Merion will be hosting a fly event in which people can celebrate a day that they have been anxiously awaiting for over 20 years now.


According to 6 abc News, the Bryn Mawr Film Institute will be celebrating with a screening of the movie, costumes, trivia, and a real life DeLorean equipped with a flux-capacitor. It is expected to be a great turn out and filled with lots of fun. The DeLorean will be accessible to attendees to pose and take pictures with, and the trivia gives the opportunity to win some cool prizes. In addition to that commemoration of the popular film, on a wider scale,  Pepsi has announced that they will be releasing bottles of Pepsi Perfect and we’re sure you’ve seen the magnetic, liquid Nitrogen-powered hover boards by Lexus that are all the craze.


It’s amazing to see that some of what was predicted years ago in Back to the Future 2 is starting to actually come to reality right before our eyes. Granted we may not have self-lacing sneakers (yet) but advanced technology is all around us. For example, there are locks that you can control simply with the use of your smartphone, or a touch of your finger. In fact, August (an advanced and innovative creator of smart locks) has recently released new technology with which you can control the locks on your business or residence simply by using Siri on your iPhone. There are also bio-metric locks that you can control by effortlessly scanning your fingerprint directly on lock in order to open it.



These locks are a great way to enhance the security of your home or business, and we at Phila-Locksmith have technicians that precisely specialize in the installation and setup of smart locks as well as bio-metric locks.  Whether you’re trying to amp up security, or make life a little easier by living key-free, Phila-Locksmith has both residential and commercial technicians who can come out to you and provide you with an estimate as well as same day service. Imagine, never having to fumble around looking for a set of keys buried in the bottom of your bag, or worrying about losing a set of keys. The power is all within your beloved smartphone (that is nearly always in your hand), or, in your hand itself. Give us a call at 215-554-6109 today and arrange to have the locks of the future right at the tips of your fingers.

Types of Doors and How Each Effects Exit Devices

In many cases where locksmiths are called upon, they are forced to alter the security level of that given location. Especially when it comes to commercial locations, it is important to understand exactly how the level of security change will effect the code compliance of the building. For Phila-Locksmith’s professional technicians, this is all in a days work. Depending on the type of door which is having the exit device installed on it, there are different models and installation methods. It is important that you trust installations such as these to professionals, so that you are ensuring that your building is up to code.

Fire Door Assemblies

Fire doors are put in place to not only protect a fire from damaging other parts of the building before it can be contained, but also to ensure the occupants have enough time to safely exit the building. For this reason it is very important that changes being made to the hardware of fire doors are approved before being implemented. There are strict regulations on the size of holes, hardware and plates which can be used on a fire door. Any changes which exceed these specifications must be confirmed for safety in writing with the door manufacturer. If this is not done first, an inspector must be sent to the location to determine the safety of the alterations. Having an inspector come to the door’s location can be expensive, so it is wise to have any changes which exceed regulation checked with the manufacturer before their implementation.

fire rated doors

Fire doors close automatically during a fire to slow the spread of the fire to other sections of the building.

Egress Doors

Egress doors have a number of regulations, which vary depending on the building’s use and the occupancy of the building. Egress doors are doors which are required to be unlatched with just one operation, however there are some exclusions. Residential buildings (homes) are permitted to have a second lock function, such as a deadbolt or security chain, so long as the occupant load is less than 10. However, this security chain or deadbolt can not require a key to disengage the door from the inside. This means that double sided deadbolts would be against regulation in these instances. Other exceptions to the egress door regulation are prisons and doors with flush bolts. Double sided deadbolts can be used in some situations. The types of building which can use a double sided deadbolt exit device are commercial locations, houses of worship and assembly occupancies which are lower than 300 occupants. If a double cylinder deadbolt is being used in one of these locations there must also be a sign adjacent to the door which states that the door must remain unlocked when occupied. It is also required that the lock can easily be distinguished between the locked and unlocked states. There are a number of other specific regulations, and exceptions, to get answers about your commercial location, it is highly recommended to speak directly with a professional locksmith.

Accessible Route Door

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), not only allowed for disabled Americans to get an equal opportunity for employment in many businesses, but also changed the way that some locks were to operate. For example, under the most recent ADA specifications a lock on an accessible route door must be able to be operated by applying a maximum of five pounds of force when opening. These regulations also require that any lock hardware does not require tight grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrist to operate. Locks which are used for security purposed, and not on an accessible route door, are exempt from these regulations. Just like with egress door exit devices, there are a number of specifications, and exceptions, for accessible route doors. It is wise to speak with a professional to ensure that your locks are up to regulation, or you could face liability in the future.

One of the main reasons that it is important to use a professional locksmith for the modification of your security is the wide variety of regulations which must be met when the lock is installed. In proper installation can, not only, put you at risk for lawsuit, but also endangers the security of whomever is in your building. Turning to a commercial locksmith like the professionals at Phila-Locksmith is a good first step in deciding what alterations you want to make with your security. That technician will be able to go over your options with you, while also ensuring that your building will continue to be up to regulation.

Secure Your Home in the New Year

With two weeks of the New Year already behind us, many people are already beginning to wilt on their newly made New Year’s resolutions. One resolution, which is easily to make and keep, is to upgrade the existing security that your home has. Through just a small amount of investment, you can make your home much more secure than it had previously been. Our Philadelphia locksmiths have gathered a small list of recommendations which can help you to complete one resolution which pays dividends throughout the rest of the year. Even if you may not be able to complete your more difficult New Year’s resolution, increasing the security at your home is one easy resolution which Phila-Locksmith can assist you with entirely.

1. Have a Deadbolt Installed

It is highly recommended to have a deadbolt installed on, at least, all of your exterior door ways. A traditional knob lock is much more susceptible to break-in strategies than a deadbolt lock is. One common break-in technique which thieves use to disable a knob lock is show below. “Credit carding” is when a thief inserts a flat and rigid surface, sometimes a credit card, into the space between your door and door frame.

There are a number of deadbolt models which are available on the residential market today with varying features. Some are more traditional versions of a high security lock, while others employ smart technology in their function. It would behoove customers to speak with a professional or to complete research before choosing the deadbolt lock that they would like installed.

2. Re-key Your Existing Locks

Re-keying is a service that we already recommend whenever you move into a new home or apartment, but regularly re-keying your locks can also help to prevent your keys from falling into the wrong hands. Whether it is through lost or stolen keys, in addition to new technology which raises safety concerns, your keys can easily fall into the wrong hands. Having a re-key completed helps to make your home secure once again, but without the higher cost which would result from having an entirely new residential lock set installed. A locksmith can even key your locks alike so that you can conveniently open every lock with just one key.

3. Safe Installation

There are a number of reasons for a residential safe and the New Year is the perfect time to invest. A gun safe is highly recommended for any individual who owns a firearm. Not only does a gun safe help to keep your firearm secure from thieves, but also from young children. If you do not own a firearm, then investing in a residential safe can help you to keep even the smallest valuables in your home secure. Not only can a residential safe be used to protect valuables and jewelry during a break-in, but having a fire resistant safe can also help to keep your valuable documents and personal information safe from destruction. Based on the security needs of your home, there can be a number of safes that would best fit your needs. It is recommended to decide exactly which features are most important for your use before deciding to invest in a particular safe model.

Above are three of the simplest things that you can do to have a successful security resolution. There are a number of other lock and key services which can help you to increase your home security, but choosing those services would be based on the specific needs of you or your home. By contacting your local locksmith you can successfully complete a New Year’s resolution without much hard-work on your end while still achieving a calming peace of mind throughout the rest of 2015.

High Security Lock Options

When it comes to commercial or residential security you can never be too secure. Ensuring the continued function of your existing lock while also completing other smaller locksmith services can help to keep your home and business secure. However, in some cases, a higher level of security may be necessary. When this occurs, you want to look past the traditional deadbolt and knob locks that are generally offered. While these traditional locks are quite effective in keeping an average person out of your home or business, lock picks can disable these locks in just a matter of seconds. If your home or business has a high amount of valuables inside of it then turning to a higher level of security lock can be extremely beneficial. Phila-Locksmith’s technicians, from our Norristown locksmith to our technicians at the Jersey Shore, offer you a number of high security lock options that will all but guarantee that your home or business will not be targeted by burglars or thieves.

NightWatch by Master Lock

One high security option that you can select from our locksmiths is the NightWatch deadbolt. What the NightWatch deadbolt is able to offer you is the utmost in security. Due to the function of the deadbolt it is much more commonly installed a residential high security options. This master lock model fits where your existing deadbolt is installed. In addition to being able to arm the NightWatch model as if it is a traditional deadbolt, there is an extra function which allows for high security. While occupying the residence where the lock is installed you are able to activate the “NightWatch” function of the deadbolt. What this does is move the piece which turns the lock cylinder and removes it from its functioning position. When this occurs it is impossible to open the lock from the outside, even if you have a key that is perfectly cut for that lock. While this is a great increase in security, the one drawback is that the “NightWatch” function can only be activated from the inside, which makes it somewhat less desirable for commercial applications.


Mul-T-Lock is one of the leading manufacturers of high security locks and their models are extremely popular with business owners. One of these popular commercial lock mdoels is their MT-5 lock. This model lock has impressive pick, drill and bump resistant features, which make it a challenge for even experienced burglars to disable. In addition to these external security measures, Mul-T-Lock is also popular with businesses because of its restricted key way. Due to the restricted key way copies of a Mul-T-Lock key can only be duplicated at Mul-T-Lock an authorized dealer while also having a magnetic strip key that proves you are authorized to make a duplicate. This allows for business owners to keep a tight reign on their key control and ensure that no keys are falling into the wrong hands. Of course, this added security also comes with an increased price tag. Getting duplicates of a Mul-T-Lock key is quite costly costly when compared to the price of duplicating a standard key.

Medeco Options

Medeco is another manufacturer of high security deadbolts which can be effective in both residential and commercial applications. For example, their Maxum deadbolt model, has rotating pins inside of the cylinder which allow for drill and pick resistance features. In addition to the Maxum model, there are multiple other high security lock options that Medeco offers, each one offers a different price and security level to allowing you to get the best fit for your home or business. View the demonstration below of the type of security that a Maxum deadbolt from Medeco can offer you.

There are other aspects of security to take into effect in addition to the type of lock that you select. For example, if you have a hollow door, with a high security door installed on it, there is still an opportunity for a burglar to use forced entry. In order to get the most “bang for your buck“, your security approach should be a holistic approach. By choosing to improve your entire security apparatus and not just your lock type, you are able to enjoy much more effective commercial or residential security. Contact us today to have one of our locksmiths discuss your high security options with you directly, he will be able to provide you with pricing information as well as offer suggestions that will help you to achieve your security goals.

ICYMI: 5 Ways to Protect your Home

In the beginning of last year, Phila-Locksmith asked some of its professional locksmiths what some of the top tips that they had for homeowners would be. Many of these tips and actions that you can take may seem like common sense, but it takes just one moment of forgetfulness to give thieves and burglars access to your home. This is why we have brought back our five tips for protecting your home, in order to help residents who may not have taken heed of the tips previously.

1. Using a deadbolt lock

By having a deadbolt installed on the entrance doors to your home, you can easily make your home much more secure. Standard knob locks can easily be susceptible to picking and even opened using something as simple as a credit card. While deadbolt may be susceptible to professional lock picks, a deadbolt can protect you from the untrained thief who uses a trick like a credit card to easily enter your home.

2. Don’t Leave Spares Outside

Leaving a spare key outside may be an easy way for you to get yourself back inside if you have lost or forgotten your key, but it is also an easy way for thieves to get into your home while you are not there. One of the first places that a burglar will check for a key is in many of the so called “hiding places” that a person would think about leaving a spare key. By skipping the spare left outside and simply remembering to bring your house keys with you, you can eliminate one easy access option that a thief would have.

3. Keep Gun Safes Locked

For many reasons you want to make sure that your firearms are securely locked inside of a gun safe should a break-in occur, especially if you are not in the home at the time. It is also recommended to keep the access, whether it is keys or a code, in a well hidden location so that your firearms can not be stolen by a burglar. Additionally a gun safe can help to provide security for homeowners who have children and want to limit any possible access that the child may have to a firearm.

4. Preventative Lock Maintenance

Locks can jam or malfunction for a majority of reasons. If there is a chronic issue with your locks function, even if it seems minor, it is highly recommended to have your lock inspected by a locksmith. A small issue can easily manifest itself into a lock problem that can compromise the security of your home. Head-off any possible security breaches by taking preventative maintenance action on your locks.

5. Lock the doors!

As mentioned in our previous article, one of the biggest reasons that our technicians see break-ins occur, is simply because the entrance door lock had not been armed. No matter how much energy and money you spend on residential security, if you forget to arm your lock it can all be for naught. Whether it is before you go to bed, or before you leave the home, always remember to arm your lock and bring the keys with you.

While these five tips are useful there are also a wide range of locksmith services and other preventative actions you can take to have your home become a less appealing target to potential thieves and burglars. Our technicians are always aiming to give customers the knowledge and hardware that they need in order to help to better protect their home and valuables.

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Armed Burglary in Fox Chase

(VIA WPVI ABC) Last night, just after midnight, armed burglars stormed an occupied house in the Fox Chase section of Philadelphia. Currently police are investigating, but this should serve as a reminder to lock your doors and windows at night, no matter which neighborhood you may live in. While there are no official motives or leads from police yet, it likely would have helped to prevent the crime had there been an enabled deadbolt on the front door.

What occurred was that at 12:30 AM today, four armed people burst into an occupied house on Solly Ave. in Fox Chase. At the time of the robbery there were four individuals inside of the residence, two men and two women. Luckily for the victims, three of whom were duct tapped, the most serious injury was just a dislocated shoulder. Two of the victims were taken to Jeanes Hospital for their minor injuries. Following the burglary, the perpetrators were able to escape through the rear exit of the house.

We will wait to see if there will be anymore information released by police, whether it be additional details about the incident or potential leads. It will be interesting to see if the police announce if any type of lock or security system was engaged at the time, which at this point seems very unlikely. Simply by flipping the deadbolt to engaged when walking in your door can prevent you from becoming victim of a crime such as this. While not necessarily this case, many burglaries are crimes of opportunity, where the burglar had not initially intended to burglarize a residence, but could just not pass up the open opportunity. This can be easily avoided by locking your doors and windows for the night and when you go to leaving in the morning. An incident like this sure can remind us that no matter the neighborhood you live in, you should still protect yourself from the threat of burglary.

Fast 5: Professional Locksmith Answers FAQs

The Phila-Locksmith team is here with answers to some of the most frequent questions that we receive from customers and today we have one of our Philadelphia Locksmiths providing the answers!

What makes deadbolts more secure than normal knob sets?

Deadbolts are more secure than normal knob sets because of the physically larger bolt that is being placed into the wall. Since the bolt inside of a deadbolt lock is larger and goes deeper into the wall’s recess there is less likely a chance that a thief or burglar is able wedge something in between the lock and wall to get it open.

What is the difference between re-keying and changing a lock?

Changing a lock and re-keying can both have the same result however re-keying is a service that is actually an alternative to changing a lock. Re-keying is when the cylinder of the lock is the only thing being replaced, and allows for a different key to operate the lock. Re-keying is useful in a situation where you have completely lost a key and do not want an outsider having access to your house. You may need or want to have your entire lock changed if any part of the lock is damaged or if you are looking to increase the security level of the lock.

My key turns in the ignition but will not start the car, what could be the issue?

The common problem that this represents, especially in post 2002 vehicles, is that there may be a fault with the communication between the key and car computer. Most people may confuse this with an ignition problem but normally there is just an issue with the transponder key. Since the transponder key needs to wirelessly connect with a chip inside of the vehicle for it to start the vehicle will be disabled when the connection can not be established even if the car has been used with the key before. In order to get the key function again you will either have to have the key replaced or have it reprogrammed to the computer, reprogramming is an option that is not very expensive however replacing a transponder key is more expensive than replacing a traditional car key.

Why do prices for similar services vary?

If you have viewed the price list on our commercial home page then you will see that each service has a range of prices next to it rather than an exact price. The reason for this is that depending on the type of lock as well as the type of key there can be a drastic difference in the amount of work the technician needs to complete. For example if one of our locksmiths needed to open a mid-90’s sedan than that would run much cheaper than opening a 2013 Cadillac this is due to two main factors. The first is that newer cars have a higher level of security within the car so the doors are much more difficult to open and technician who can do so successfully are harder to find. The second main reason for the price difference is that our locksmith is responsible for what he does to your vehicle during service so there would be a greater risk of scratch damage to a brand new car than one that is already worn.

What does the service fee entail?

The service fee that is charged by Phila-Locksmith is a flat fee that is applied to every service that we perform and is quite standard in the mobile locksmith industry. The $35 service charge is used to cover the technicians time for traveling out, gas costs as well as estimate. The reason that we, and most other mobile service, charge a service fee is to prevent customers who are not necessarily willing to pay from making our technician make an unneeded trip.

What is a Mortise Lock?

There are two main types of locks that are used on residential locations. These types are a tubular lock set and a mortise lock set. To those outside of the locksmith industry it could be hard to differentiate which lock should be used in which situation. Fortunately we at Phila-Locksmith are here to break down exactly what a mortise lock is and what advantages it has. Mortise lock sets are commonly seen in both a commercial and residential setting and can be a healthy addition to the security of your home or business. Mortise locks can be operated with both a cylinder or a lever. Typically on a home in the United States a door cylinder is used to give it a more traditional look.

How does it work?

Mortise lock sets are difficult for the average homeowner to install by themselves without professional help. Rather than drilled like a normal tubular lock with a single hole through the door. A pocket or “mortise” needs to be drilled into the side of the door frame using specialized equipment. The reason a mortise lock needs to be installed like this is that the lock is a combination of both a deadbolt and traditional lever or knob. A mortise pocket also allows for the lock to hold a heavier return spring which is what gives a mortise lock added security benefits over traditional tubular locks.

What are the benefits of a Mortise lock?

The main benefit to installing a mortise lock is the increase level of security that it offers. By putting both the deadbolt and knob locks into the same lock set higher security is easily achieved. This is because of the heavier return spring that we mentioned above which makes the lock much more difficult to pick or break into. Any residential or commercial location that is looking to upgrade its exterior security without spending a large sum of cash then the mortise lock may be a great choice for you.

Mortise locks will likely increase in popularity as time goes on, simply because of their added security benefit and the amount of durability it offers. There are also a wide range of types of mortise locks which you would be able to select from for your home or business.

New Year, New Locks

This year make a New Year’s resolution that is not only achievable but also helps to keep your valuables and your loved ones safe. Make your New Year’s resolution to improve the security of your home or business. Philadelphia Locksmith will be happy to assist you in crafting a home security system that fits your needs and budget. Our highly trained locksmiths can show you some of the options that you have available from old mainstays such as deadbolts or cutting edge bio-metric locks.

Even if you are unsure what type of service you may need or maybe you just want to get an idea of what exactly our professionals can do for you call Philadelphia Locksmith and we will be more than happy to simply go over the options available. Don’t leave your own security up to chance. This year choose Philadelphia Locksmith to upgrade your home security to keep you, your valuables and your loved ones safe.