Tricks to Beat this Tricky Weather

frozen lockFall, in my opinion, is one of the best seasons. It isn’t too cold, not too hot, you get a bunch of free candy, and then get to stuff your face with a Thanksgiving feast. What’s not to love? This fall has been a little bit different, though. As I am sure you’ve noticed, there have been a few days topping the charts at 80℉ and then the temperatures at night have been dipping down to around 35℉. While these drastic temperature changes pose a threat to your immune system, did you know that they can also affect the performance of your locks?

As your neighborhood Philadelphia locksmith, we here at Phila-Locksmith always strive to provide you with the most up to date information regarding your home, business, or automobile.  We have a little science lesson for you to further explain what is happening to your locks. Thermal expansion is the movement of the molecules within any given object due to temperature change. Therefore if a metal object is heated up it will expand because the molecules are in motion and moving apart from each other. Inversely, when an object is exposed to colder temperatures the molecules within move closer together and become stationary causing the object to contract or get smaller.

Due to the expansion and contraction of molecules, your locks have been going through a lot lately, so you may have noticed them sometimes sticking or having a little bit of trouble to turn. In weather like this, that is perfectly normal. You may have even experienced your locks freezing already. Your lock can freeze overnight (or throughout the day depending on the temperature) simply because of any water or condensation that may be within the lock. When this water in the lock freezes to the tumbler, it can make it nearly impossible to use a key within the lock. The last thing you want to do is try to force the lock open, because most likely you’ll just end up breaking the key within the lock. And while a trusted Philadelphia locksmith like us is always around the corner to assist with a broken key extraction or lock change, it is still best to save both time and money. Here are some home repair tips for a frozen lock that we have gathered for you:


  1. Keep deicer or WD-40 accessible in numerous locations. It’s no help to you to keep deicer in the back seat of your car, because if your find the lock to be frozen you won’t be able to get to the deicer to melt the ice around the lock. Be sure to keep some in your home and vehicle that way no matter the situation you will always have it handy.
  2. Use a lighter to heat up your key before sliding it into the lock. You may have to repeat the process a few times, but eventually it will melt the ice around the tumblers within the lock.
  3. Dip your key in Vaseline and turn it in the lock. This process usually takes some time and has to be repeated as well, but it does usually show positive results. You can also use this as a preventative method against the cold, and lubricate your locks once a week during the frigid, winter months.
  4. You can pre-treat your locks as well as the frame of your vehicle door to prevent the lock from freezing as well as the door being frozen shut.
  5. NEVER POUR HOT WATER OVER A LOCK, it will only add more water to the internal mechanisms of the lock and lead to more freezing problems in the future.

We hope that you find these tips useful and you don’t find yourself in a predicament locked out of your home or vehicle due to frozen locks. In the event that you do find yourself locked out of your home, business, or vehicle never hesitate to give us a call for our emergency locksmith services.  We have reliable Philadelphia locksmith technicians that are on call and ready to assist you. Even if you happen to break your home or vehicle key within a frozen lock our technicians here at Phila-Locksmith can extract your broken keys for you and even make you a new replacement car key or change your locks right there on the spot. Give us a call today at (215) 554-6109 to set up a service or even have a technician come out to inspect your locks and let you know what you can do to make sure you are winter ready.

Pharmacy Pillagers Making Headlines in Philadelphia

(Via  recently reported a string of robberies occurring at pharmacies in the Fern Rock and Kensington areas of Philadelphia. The initial robbery, which took place at Amigo Pharmacy early morning on August 20th, showed signs of forced entry to get into the store, but it seems like the unknown men have evolved. Footage from the most recent robbery at Broad and Grange Pharmacy on Monday, September 14th, shows that the thieves used crowbars and power saws to gain entry into the business, as well as to cut and disarm the alarm systems.

Once inside the pharmacy, the thieves targeted specific medications and even attempted to break into the safe. Footage showed sparks flying in every direction as they unsuccessfully tried to use their hand saws to cut the lock off of the safe. It seemed like at some point their lookout alerted them and they hastily left the scene in a newer model Jeep Cherokee.  The suspects made off with thousands of dollars worth of prescription drugs and authorities are on the lookout for them.

Here at Phila-Locksmith, we find it extremely important to ensure the safety and security for both your home and your business.  We know that to many people, their business is their life and their only source of income, so to take a hit like that is not only detrimental to their business, but to their homes and families as well. It is unfortunate to live in a world where thieves are so prevalent, but we do have a way to help. Our locksmiths specialize in commercial and safe services and we have a plethora of high-security materials that can keep your business protected from those who wish to reap the benefits of your hard work.

Our commercial locksmiths are highly trained individuals who understand the importance of providing heavy-duty, high-security locks to ensure the safety and success of the businesses that we serve.  We offer a variety of keypad locks, push-bars, electric strike locks, and much more to suit the needs of your business. These are locks that are extremely difficult for people to break and manipulate and offer security features that thieves cannot get past. Phila-Locksmith even has technicians who are able to install alarm, security surveillance, and intercom systems that will not only enhance the security of your business, but will also create an image to potential thieves that your company is not a force to be reckoned with. In addition to that, our safe specialist offers safe lock changes and anchoring services to ensure that your safe is protected and secure inside of your business.  If you have any questions we are on call 24/7, please feel free to call us at (215) 554-6109.

Keyboard Organization Helps Locksmiths Unlock Potential

When most people think of a keyboard, what comes to mind is the device which is used to type on your computer. The meaning of a ‘keyboard’ has a much different meaning if you ask a locksmith. Locksmiths will tell you that their keyboard is one of their life lines which not only allows them to help a wide variety of customers, but also do so in an extremely organized way. Depending on the locksmith, and the number of services he offers, you may find a variety of keyboard configurations which help them to meet their customer’s needs while making their job as easy as possible. We’ll examine some of the keyboard configurations which a locksmith may use as well as give our customers a look at the way we at Phila-Locksmith organize our own key blanks.

Locksmith Keyboard Configurations

swinging keyboardDepending on the type of work that a locksmith completes, and the space he has available, the configuration of keyboards can greatly vary. In many cases, locksmiths are working in restricted areas which forces them to conserve space in anyway possible. One way that a locksmith may try to do this is by using swinging keyboard panels. You can see this set-up displayed to the left. Much like you may find posters in a store, these swinging keyboards allow for the locksmith to maximize the surface area to hold keys while simultaneously minimizing the overall wall space that the keyboard would occupy. Swinging keyboards are an extremely efficient solution for locksmiths with shops that are small in area, or for mobile service units which have extra width in the vehicle. In many cases, a locksmith will take the most straight forward approach and that is a keyboard which simply rests on the face of the wall. Generally, a locksmith who has a board such as this will have the board start at about their waste level and go as high as five feet tall. This allows for the locksmith to maximize his space while also keeping all of his keys within reach. No matter the configuration that a locksmith decides to choose, organization is an important part of their keyboard. By organizing the keys in an easy to remember fashion a locksmith can quickly pull the correct blank for any customers whether they need a car key, residential key or high security key.

Phila-Locksmith’s Keys

At any moment, Phila-Locksmith keeps hundreds of key blanks in stock. These key blanks range from residential knobs to high security commercial keys and of course a wide variety of car keys. In addition to these keys, we work closely with suppliers which provides us access to thousands of different keys at a moment’s notice. With so many keys which our locksmiths must keep track of, organization is an extremely important aspect. Due to the limited room inside of our mobile services units, proper organization is even more important. In addition to a keyboard which holds many of our technician’s blanks, our locksmiths also uses a number of drawers and storage devices to easily organize their truck. It is our wide range of keys and services provided which allows us to be a top locksmith Philadelphia. The careful organization of keys by our locksmiths plays a large role in maintaining our comprehensive range of services to customers.

Reasons to Invest in a Safe

Safes help to offer security for even the smallest items which may be at your home and business. By having a safe installed you can rest easy knowing that your most valuable possessions will not be able to be stolen. Based on the needs of your home or business, as well as the valuables that you are trying to protect, there are a number of safe types that you are able to invest in. Not only can a safe help to keep your valuables secure, but can also help to avoid having those same valuables used against you in a break-in. Below we have listed some of the top reasons to have a safe installed at your home or business.

1. You Own a Firearm

If you are the owner of a gun, it is highly recommended to invest in some type of a gun safe. Gun safes can come in various sizes based on the weapon that they are storing and the intended use of the safe. By having your weapon securely tucked away, you can eliminate the possibility that someone is able to steal your weapon, or use it against you during a break-in. Equally as important, a gun safe allows for you to secure your firearm from any children that may be in your home and prevents any accidents from occurring.

2. Security and Accessibility

A safety deposit box at a bank is a secure way to protect your most valuable items, but it also limits the amount of accessibility that you have. By having a safe installed at your own home, you get a high amount of security while also being able to access your own personal items. With a safety deposit box you have to work with the bank’s own restricted hours, by purchasing your own personal safe you can avoid this type of restriction.

3. Document Preservation

Fire resistant safes are another wise investment for home and business owners. You never know when disaster can strike, but by choosing a fire resistant safe before anything occurs you can help to preserve your most important documents. This includes your birth certificate, social security card and other important commercial documents, which may be difficult to replace.


4. Large Amount of Cash Transactions

If you are a business owner who completes many transactions in cash, it is highly recommended to have a safe installed at your commercial location. Criminals are smart, and they may target your business specifically if they know that a large amount of cash transaction take place. By having a safe installed at your commercial location you can ensure that your money is safe even when you are not at the location.

While these are some of the most popular reasons to purchase a safe, there are many other reasons that one would want to take advantage of the security that a safe has to offer. For both business and home owners, a safe installation is a wise idea if you are serious about keeping the valuables at your business completely secure. With so many options available, it may be a good idea to seek professional help with the selection of your safe model. Phila-Locksmith’s safe specialist is happy to assist you with this information. Call us today and he will be happy to discuss the options that would work best for your needs and location.

How can a commercial locksmith assist you?

Having a professional commercial locksmith that you can rely on will help to keep the security of your business in functioning order at all times. There are a wide range of ways that a commercial locksmith can help to protect your business, outside of simply installing a few ne locks. By choosing a locksmith with professional experience and training business owners can get the most out of their security budgets and spend more money on the revenue producing parts of their business. One commercial locksmith that you can rely on is Phila-Locksmith. Below are some of the services that our professional can provide for you that can help to make your business more secure.

Master Key System

Master key systems are a great way to have convenient access to your business for every individual, without having to compromise the integrity of your security. When a master key system is installed, our commercial locksmith re-keys your existing locks so that they are able to be operated by a new key. Depending on how secure you want a specific lock, our technician can allow for a different key to operate said lock. This enables business owners to access every lock in the store with just one key, while being able to easy delegate access for one specific lock to an individual employee. Our professional can even complete a master key system across multiple locations, allowing you to access all of the locks, in each of your locations with just one convenient master key.

Closed Circuit Television

CCTV may not be the first service that you think of when a mobile locksmith comes to mind, but a professional commercial locksmith like the technicians at Phila-Locksmith can also provide the installation and maintenance of these security systems. Nothing is more reassuring to business owners than the idea that their location is constantly being recorded by security cameras. Not only do secure cameras allow business owners to easily identify thieves, but it also acts as a deterrent that prevents them from striking in the first place.

Lock Installation

Having your locks properly installed is a key to ensuring their continued and unit erupted functions. Misalignement by just fractions of an inch can cause your lock to malfunction and leave your security vulnerable to attack. By choosing a professional to complete your lock installation you can prevent the need for additional repair services and potential loss that can occur from a breach of security. Phila-Locksmith carries a wide range of commercial grade locks for you to choose from to find the perfect fit of security level and cost for your location.

In addition to the services mentioned above, Phila-Locksmith also offers many more commercial services which can be completed for your business. Call today to discuss your security options with one of our professional locksmiths. They are available 24/7 to assist you and can provide you with a no obligation price quote for your locksmith services. Why choose an unprofessional contractor to complete your locksmith services? Choose a professional like Phila-Locksmith and avoid the need for residual maintenance and repairs.

Improving Commercial Security Using a Master Key

Phila-Locksmith knows that security should be a main focus of business owners as they look to protect and prospering business from potential losses. Our professional locksmith technicians work with business owners to develop a plan of action that can fit your businesses needs and budget. A service that can help business owners not only protect their business but also make navigating your business less complicated is creating a master key system.

A master key system allows one key to operate multiple doors. This makes you job as the business owner a little more convenient because you would not longer be required to carry around a whole batch of keys and then deal with looking through them each time you wish to unlock a door. This convenience is only a minor benefit when compared to the security it provides from internal losses. By creating a master key system and recording which employee has access to each part of the business you are able to accountability for internal losses. This can also allow you to grant higher access to managers than other employees allowing them to access parts of your business which before may have been inaccessible.

Many business owners find that the convenience and accountability that a master key system brings them can be quiet beneficial. A master key system that is completed by a professional Phila-Locksmith provides you with peace of mind to know that your business is in the most secure position that it can be from intruders both internal and external.

Locksmiths from Phila-Locksmith are available 24/7, 365, to complete your commercial locksmith service. All of our technicians are licensed, bonded and insured. No one beats the quality of service or quick rate of response that Phila-Locksmith offers, so call today and our commercial expert will be happy to walk you through the many commercial security options that are available to you.

What can a commercial locksmith do for you?

Your business is something that you need to protect. In order to protect your business effectively you need to have a locksmith who cares as much as you about your commercial protection. Commercial Locksmiths from Philadelphia Locksmith strive to bring you the best locksmith service for your place of business. Our commercial locksmiths are not just lock outs and lock changes either. While this is an integral part of the service a commercial locksmith provides, there are also many more sophisticated security steps that you are able to take to protect your commercial investment.

One of hour highly skilled technicians can come to your place of business at anytime that works best for you. He can run a security diagnosis of the inside and out of your business and then provide you with multiple security options that will benefit you. Our commercial locksmith may recommend security measures such as master key systems, buzzer systems or high security locks. These are just a few of the services Philadelphia Locksmith’s commercial technician provides.

Just as with all of Philadelphia Locksmith’s service across all of its areas automotive, commercial and residential. All commercial services are available 24/7 to ensure the safety of your business. By choosing Phila-Locksmith you not only are able to receive the service 24/7 but any follow up security issues are also available 24/7 to keep your business safe.