Lock and Key Industries Go Green

Since the turn of the century government regulations and private pressure has created an immense amount of interest in eliminating waste throughout manufacturing. Faced with changes to the world’s climate, as well as scarce resources, companies have moved to eliminate waste to protect the environment. In addition to the greater good which ‘going green’ can contribute to companies also see a monetary benefit in moving to greener work processes. The locksmith and key manufacturing industry is no different. Companies are looking to limit costs, while also limiting their impact on the earth.

Kaba Ilco Corporation

kaba ilcoKaba Ilco is a leading manufacturer in the security industry. Before instituting internal reforms about 60% of their stock material produces usable key blanks, the remaining 40% was disposed of as waste material. In 1985, Kaba Ilco constructed a brass foundry at their factory located in North Carolina. After the construction of the foundry, Kaba Ilco was able to turn the 40% waste material back into usable brass for key blanks. Not only did this save the company a great deal of money on their resources, but also had positive environmental effects. No longer was the wasted material being dumped back into the environment and overall energy consumption was reduced due to the lower need for new brass resources.

Select Products: Higher Quality, Lower Environmental Impact

‘Going green’ can mean much more than just recycling. Bob Crank from Select Products looks at conservation through a different lens. The number of opening and closing cycles in order for a lock to be considered grade 1, is ten years of high traffic usage. Select Products’ grade 1 lock has been tested to last through 50 years of high traffic usage. This is over five times the normal specification’s lifespan. By creating products which have a longer lifespan, Bob Cronk argues, that they are able to reduce energy and resources by reducing the overall need for lock replacement. In addition to extending the lifespan of their products, Select Products also uses 1005 recycled aluminum in their hinges offering one of the greenest options available on the market.

Identifying Green Programs and Products

It is easier than ever to identify programs and products which are making an active effort to become more ‘green’. The United States Green Building Council wants to help people identify these products and programs through the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program, or LEED. There are numerous ways that a building can be LEED certified. Some of the most common practice are using products made from recycled material, or products which reduce a building’s overall environmental impact. Reducing environmental impact can range from low air emissions to close proximity to public transportation.

As the world becomes more interconnected, it is important for companies, especially manufacturers, to ensure they are doing the utmost to converse resources and the environment. Many of the largest players in the security and locksmith industries have already taken large steps to ensure the sustainability of their green programs. It will be interesting to view the creative green initiatives which will come in the future to the locksmith and security industries. In the mean time, companies who do not have the capital to start their own green initiative can do their part by watching energy consumption levels and reducing waste in the simplest of ways.


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