In Focus: School Lock Security

Administrators and teachers alike have a renewed focus on the security at their schools. However, ensuring the security of students and staff means that whoever is making the security decisions at that location must be aware of the different benefits of each type of lock. By understanding their own security needs, and the options that are available, school administrators can find a solution that works for both their budget and security needs. Below Phila-Locksmith has compiled information on some of the most popular lock functions which are found in use at schools.

Classroom Function

Classroom function is one of the most commonly found lock functions in school settings. With this lock function the door can only be locked by turning a key in the lock set from the outside. Once the teacher has opened their classroom using the key at the beginning of the day, the lock is set to passage mode. In passage mode, students and other teachers are able to easily enter the door as it remains unlocked. Another benefit of this lock set is that it can only be locked using a key. This prevents students from accidentally, or purposely, locking someone out of the room. The big drawback to standard classroom function is that the lock must be operated from the hallway. This means that during a lock down scenario the teacher would have to open the door and expose themselves to harm when arming the lock.

Classroom Security Function

The second function which we will take a look at is the classroom security function. The classroom security function operates in much the same way that classroom function does. The big difference is that the classroom security function allows for the lock to be armed by a teacher who uses a key from the inside. This allows for teachers to easily, and securely, lock their classrooms during a lock down scenario. The drawback to the classroom security function is that if the door is locked while class is in session, the teacher would have to be interrupted to unlock the door from the inside. This function would also prevent any students from locking the door from the inside, because a key is required.

Storeroom Function

The storeroom function is the most restrictive of the lock functions which we will review in this blog post. With storeroom function, the lock always arms when the door is closed. This ensures that there is no confusion about the lock’s current setting. If the door is closed, the lock is armed. The obvious drawback to storeroom function is that a teacher would have to keep their key on person at all times. It would also mean that the teacher would have to manually unlock the door every time someone wanted to enter the room which can result in unwanted distractions. If storeroom function is something that you are considering for a classroom which would be in use throughout the day, it is recommended to check with your local fire codes to see if this function is permitted.

school security

School security starts with having appropriate lock functions for your school’s needs.

Phila-Locksmith’s School Lock Security Recommendation

In addition to the three lock functions which are mentioned above there are also a few others which have a more unique function. Those lock functions not mentioned above include office function, corridor function and classroom security intruder function. Of these types of lock functions, Phila-Locksmith recommends the use of classroom security function for an average primary school. The reason for this is the function’s balance of both security and ease of access. Once a teacher has unlocked the door in the morning, the door will remain unlocked until it is reengaged. This prevents interruptions to class time whenever a student, or other individual, wants to enter the class. Additionally, teachers have the ability to lock the door using their key from the inside. This helps to keep that teacher secure during any type of lock down scenario.

Depending on the class structure and modus operandi of the school, a different lock function may suit your needs best. It is recommended to speak directly with a professional locksmith. By speaking with a professional about your security needs, he can give you options which will meet those needs without having to break your budget.


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