Cap Popper Adds Another Tool to a Locksmith’s Arsenal

In May’s issue of the Locksmith Ledger they feature a brand new unlocking tool which will allow locksmiths to easily unlock a locked door for some customers. The cap popper is a patent pending tool which locksmiths can utilize to pop the clip-on spring retainer from pin tumbler locks. This part of the process takes only 10 seconds to complete. Currently the cap popper will be available strictly for the Schlage F51 and F51A in addition to pin tumbler lock cylinder-equipped Kwikset deadbolt locks. With these locks being commonly used in many different applications, it is likely that a locksmith would find plenty of opportunity to use a time saving tool such as this.


cap popper

Pictured is the j hook which comes in the Cap Popper Kit. The j hook is used to rotate the plug after the tumbler springs and top pins have been disengaged.

cap popper tool

Pictured here are the pins and plugs which were disengaged in order to open the lock without the key. The lock can be reassembled without any permanent damage.

How Cap Popper Works

The cap popper kit comes with a handle, wire, guide key and j hook which can be used to open an engaged lock when an individual is locked out. The first step in disengaging a lock with the cap popper is inserting the guide key and wire into the key way. Once this has been done, the wire is tapped with a hammer, or other hard object, to disengage the clip-on spring retainer. One the spring retainer has been disengaged the j hook must be used to clear the pins and and springs from the lock tumbler. Once this is done the j hook can be used to rotate the lock plug which disarms the lock.

Not only is this a fast and easy way for a locksmith to gain entry to certain Schlage and Kwikset locks, but it also allows for the locksmith to use the same lock without permanent damage. After opening the door, the locksmith can reassemble the lock and tumbler with no long term effects. With just four small pieces to the cap popper, it may seem a small tool, but can be very useful when in a locksmith’s tool belt. Currently there are two types of cap popper kits available. The basic Schlage F series, which can be used on Schlage F51 and F51A series locks and the Kwikset deadbolt kit which can be used on, you guessed it, pin tumbler lock cylinder-equipped Kwikset deadbolts.


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