Norristown Example of Common Car Theft Practice

Thanks to the advent of transponder car keys for most newer make and model vehicles, it is becoming more difficult for thieves to steal cars in the ways that they had in the past. Specifically hot wiring, and jiggler keys, are methods which are no longer effective to gain control over a vehicle and thieves have had to adjust. One way that many thieves are adjusting is waiting for you to have a moment of weakness before striking. Either by targeting an unattended vehicle, or by breaking into a home to steal the car keys, thieves are able to take your vehicle right when you least expect it.

Just last week, in East Norriton, two men were arrested for car theft while using some of the methods named above. Police were first called by a resident who had left their vehicle running in their driveway to melt away snow that had accumulated on their vehicle. When that individual returned to their driveway, they found that the vehicle was gone. One neighbor claimed to have seen a vehicle parked on the side of the road which may had been involved in the theft. Later that day, police found a vehicle matching that description and attempted to pull the vehicle over after a traffic violation. The vehicle did not stop and police were led on a chase. Fortunately, no one was harmed during the events that took place and both of the individuals inside of the suspected car were apprehended.

While transponder car keys have made it more difficult for thieves to steal your vehicle using specific methods, it has also made it more difficult for technicians, like our Norristown locksmith, to complete replacement car keys. The moral of the story in the case of these two car thieves above, is for car owners to be attentive about their vehicle. Do not leave your vehicle unattended with the keys inside, you are only putting yourself in danger of becoming a victim of automotive theft yourself.


2 Responses to Norristown Example of Common Car Theft Practice

  1. Good thing the thieves were apprehended. Its always a must to secure your cars.

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