Mastercard Launching Contactless Fingerprint Sensing Card

In what is a huge step for providing security to all types of payment transactions, Mastercard has partnered with Zwipe to launch the first ever contact-less integrated fingerprint sensor on a payment card. After first completing a live pilot at Norway’s Sparebanken DIN, the card is no ready to go live throughout the world. By having bio-metric technology integrated directly onto a contact-less payment card, Mastercard is able to offer the convenience of contact-less payment combined with the security that bio-metric authentication can have.

Secure Payment Authentication

The biometric reader on Mastercard’s new payment card is similar to that you would find on a bio-metric lock. When the card is initially set-up a cardholder will scan their fingerprint into the bio-metric reader. Once the card has stored this information, the information is saved so that it can be used to authenticate the user of the payment card in the future. Not only does this allow for better authentication, but also allows for cardholders to avoid entering a pin or password, which is much easier for thieves to utilize once they get a hold of that information.

bio-metric card mastercard

Fingerprint the Authentication of the Future

Many security companies, and companies who have a keen interest in maintaining security, have been intrigued by the benefits that bio-metric authentication offers. Passwords and pins can easily be stolen or hacked by more experienced thieves, making bio-metric authentication necessary helps to ensure, as much as possible, that only an authorized user is able complete whatever function is being secured. For example, a traditional key can easily be duplicated at a hardware, making it easy for thieves to have authorized access to this lock. A bio-metric lock cuts out this threat by requiring unique fingerprint authentication which is much more difficult to fake than a traditional lock.

It is for this reason that Mastercard has introduced bio-metric authentication to its payment cards. Currently all a thief needs is your card and the pin associated with that card in order to make fraudulent purchases. With this new bio-metric technology installed directly inside of the payment card, if a thief steals your card it would be nearly impossible for them to be authenticated. This protects your funds from being used for fraudulent purchases or reasons.

As locksmiths we are happy to see Mastercard’s successful adaptation of bio-metric authentication for payment cards for two reasons. The first being that we complete mobile services and often times are left authenticating payment cards in a myriad of ways. If we are able to authenticate a customer through bio-metric implant on their payment card, it is easy to determine that the card does in fact belong to that individual. Secondly, a major company such as Mastercard investing in bio-metric authentication should help to drive innovation while also lowering bio-metric technology cost as competition to produce them increases. As always, continue to stay posted with all of the latest news and tips by continuing to visit the Phila-Locksmith blog.


One Response to Mastercard Launching Contactless Fingerprint Sensing Card

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for sharing this news story. This should give many companies and individuals some peace of mind regarding bankcard security. We need to protect people’s properties, and their ability to safely use debit cards across the world!

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