5 Ways to Save with a Locksmith

Phila-Locksmith is all about providing professional locksmith services to the Delaware Valley, but we also want to save our customers money at every turn that is possible. Below we have compiled a list of 5 simple tips that you can use to help save yourself money. Whether it is just being slightly more prepared, or just making a more informed decision, Phila-Locksmith wants you to be able to save money on your locksmith services when possible.

1. Have a Spare Key Made

Rather than waiting until your key is lost or stolen to have it replaced, have a copy of your key made and stored in a safe place for you to use. It is much cheaper to have a car key or house key copied before it is lost, rather than having them replaced after they have been lost. This is especially true when it comes to transponder car keys, which can cost you over $100 dollars more to have replaced than to have duplicated.

2. Leave a key with a trusted neighbor

Have a family member who lives on your block? Or maybe a life long friend? If you trust that individual it may be a wise choice to leave them a copy of your house key. This can help you to prevent being locked out of your home and having to incur a charge from an emergency locksmith services. Whenever you find yourself without your key, you can retrieve your spare from that neighbor’s house and quickly have yourself back inside without having to wait or pay. Of course, you must be sure that you trust the individual who has your keys, otherwise you could end up becoming a victim of theft.

3. Re-keying locks on a new home 

Purchasing a new home can be a very exciting time and it can be easy to overlook some of the most vital security measures. In order to make sure that no previous owner, or anyone they gave a key to can access your home it is recommended that you have the locks on the house re-keyed. By having your locks re-keyed rather than completely changed you can avoid having to purchase brand new lock set, while still ensuring your new home is secure.

4. Hang security camera signs

Do not have the budget for security cameras in your home security? Hanging warning signs which say there are cameras on premises can help to deter burglars from entering your property without having to spend the money on closed circuit television installation. This method is slightly more effective than the old, “Before of Dog” sign trick, since cameras can be hidden from burglars much easier than the sound of a dog barking.

5. Choose a locksmith over a car dealership

If possible, when you are looking to have car key or ignition service for your vehicle completed, choose to have a mobile locksmith come out to your location, rather than having your vehicle towed to the dealership. By having a mobile locksmith complete your service, you can cut out the unnecessary towing charge to the dealership’s location, while also avoiding their inflated parts and labor charges. Automotive locksmiths like Phila-Locksmith can complete most of the same services that a dealership can without having to get your vehicle towed.

Use these five tips to help you save money when it comes to your home, commercial and automotive security. They are inexpensive ways to help safe guard yourself from having to pay for more expensive locksmith services down the line.

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