Could Uber Pave the Way for Locksmiths?

In case you have missed it, there is a new way to get around the city. Uber has been offering an alternative to using Taxis to get around cities. Their application is straight forward and offers customers a live view of where all of the closest cars are at. At Phila-Locksmith we think that this could also be the future of the locksmith industry. Rather than calling around to find which locksmith is the closest to you, a map would display the location of the closest locksmith.



Uber’s easy to use interface would add convenience for locksmith customers.

In additional to a helpful and easy interface, the Uber application allows you to get a price quote for your ride. This would be extremely convenient for customers, especially given that they may have to call multiple companies for pricing. Without having to call anyone a customer could easily get the service quote and see exactly where the technician is at. Anyone who has had to endure a long wait for a locksmith knows that being able to see his exact location would be a big help on your nerves. It will be interesting to see if Uber does decide to expand into additional services, but the general concept of their application is something that could greatly increase the amount of convenience that a locksmith company could offer.


4 Responses to Could Uber Pave the Way for Locksmiths?

  1. Joeseph says:

    This could become a very useful new service! Finding a decent locksmith will be easier than ever.

  2. Christy says:

    We have a similar program in my hometown of Nashville, TN. It’s a great service! And a great app. Very easy to navigate and lays out price comparison’s for locksmith’s nearby. We all know those charges can be outrageous. This is great tool to get quick, affordable locksmith service with little effort!

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