Locksmith Involved in Eviction Shooting

(VIA KLKNTV) A dangerous situation arose late last week when one Nebraska locksmith went out on an eviction call with a few of the local sheriffs. It is common place during an eviction for the Sheriff’s office to have a locksmith on hand to assist with the eviction. The reason for this is that in some cases the individual being evicted has changed the locks and the locksmith is needed in order to get into the building, and once the eviction has been completed the locksmith is there to re-key the locks to ensure the individual being evicted can no longer go into the home.

Locksmiths across the nation do this daily without incident, occasionally we do hear stories of locksmiths who have been in danger or even killed during these eviction processes. In the cases of eviction we always remind our technicians to exercise extreme caution in order to keep themselves safe. Just like our Philadelphia locksmiths, this locksmith in Nebraska had completed multiple evictions before without having any type of issue.

Locksmith John Firestine says he’s served a number of eviction notices before. Usually, no one is home. But that wasn’t the case Friday

When Mr. Firestine arrived on scene he completed his unlocking service as he normally would, but after officers forced open the door they were faced with a fearful sight. A man holding a gun was directly behind the door. The man was the individual being evicted and had moved back into the home without permission. Officers quickly drew their weapons and shots were fired in both directions. Fortunately for the locksmith and the officers, only the man behind the door was injured. After being struck by the police officer’s bullets the man was taken to the local hospital where he later died from his injuries.There is no doubt that eviction can be an extremely tense situation and it is always best for locksmiths to exercise caution when helping out on evictions.

2 Responses to Locksmith Involved in Eviction Shooting

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  2. Alan Lutz says:

    He got evicted all right… from the planet.

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