BMW Introduces the Car Key of the Future

BMW has devulged information about their brand new 2014 I8, which is rich in technology and fancy fesatures which have pushed it’s price tag well over $100,000. Specifically the car key for this new sports car is an outstanding technological achievement. When first looking at this new BMW car key you see that it does not actually look like much of a car key at all. With push to start capabilities there is no need for a traditional turning key, but that is just the beginning of what technology the BMW I8 has to offer. The car key will feature an LCD screen display right in the middle of the fob. This screen will display helpful information to the driver such as how far their car is able to go until their next charge or refill is needed.

BMW i8 car key

Is this the early stages of what all future car keys will look like?

As you can see in the picture above the fob fits right into a display in the center of the car’s console. The center console also charges the fob and uses bluetooth connectivity to communicate, which means that battery life of your car key should not be an issue. The BMW i8 is set to go on sale at some point this year, but to the tune of well over $100,000, this BMW is in the top tier of automobiles. It will be interesting to see how locksmiths attempt to catch up with technology like this once it becomes cheaper and catches on to the main stream. Many automotive locksmiths had difficultly adjusting to transponder car keys, which are now giving way to push to start systems. These push to start systems only seem as though they will leave less locksmiths able to complete replacement car keys, but Phila-Locksmith will continue to train and arm our technicians with everything possible to ensure they can offer a large range of replacement car keys; whether it is a transponder car keys, push to start or a traditional key.


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