A Locksmith in England Gives Back How He Can

(VIA Plymouth Herald) One locksmith across the pond is giving back in one way that he knows how. Paul Bushell owner of Sir Fix-a-lot in Plymouth, England has found a way for him to give back as he works as a locksmith. Whenever Mr. Bushell completes a lock change or safe services that leaves him with surplus materials, he scraps the metal and donates any proceeds that he receives from scrapping. Having these materials trashed is an option, but Mr. Bushell is aware not only of the environmental impact it can have, but also how appreciative the charity is of the donation provided.

“‘I’ll get maybe £15 to £20 a safe, it’s better than binning them, which is not good for the environment, and there’s a charity that can benefit'” – Paul Bushell Owner Sir Fix-a-lot

After donating to a few charities Mr. Bushell has decided to consistently donate to the charity Jeremiah’s Journey which helps children with bereaved or terminally ill parents. One of the charity’s managers has confirmed Mr. Bushell’s involvement and is excited about having the prospect of further donations in the future.

“Mr Bushell last week donated £150 from scrapped metal, and added: ‘We are thrilled. We’re a self-funded charity and rely very much on the public; without donations we can’t keep going'” – Laura Goodchild, Jeremiah’s Journey

We are proud to hear of another locksmith during their part to give back to the same community that helps them thrive as a company. Mr. Bushell’s contributions certainly go to a great cause and we at Phila-Locksmith as well as all of our locksmith Philadelphia give him a round of applause for helping those less fortunate than he is, even if it is across the Atlantic Ocean.


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