South Philadelphia Burglary Streak Overnight

(VIA NBC 10 Philadelphia)  Overnight in the East Passyunk section of South Philly a brazen burglar broke into multiple businesses located along Passyunk Ave. and did so in a very straight forward and brutish way. Rather than a more noninvasive technique such as bumping the lock or picking it the burglar decided to simply smash the entire lock in. Knowledge like this lets us know that this heist was likely perpetrated by someone who is not a sophisticated criminal. After breaking the lock on the front door to the restaurant FUEL the burglar ran into the restaurant and stole the entire cash register before running out of the restaurant.

Once the owner arrived at his storefront today he could see the damage that was done. Not only was he able to see the locks which the burglar broke, but the burglar left the remnants of the cash register just around the corner. A total of $150 in cash was stolen from FUEL, but they were not the only restaurant which was hit on that stretch of Passyunk Avenue. Three additional businesses were broken into the same way, on the same strip of storefront last night. Each time the burglar used the same tactic to gain entry and then left with the register.

For these business owners this is a complete lapse in security. As operators they certainly want to secure their storefronts and took measures to do so by having locks installed and engaged, but as was detailed previously by Phila-Locksmith making sure that your entire security system will be able to take damage is very important. This why choosing a professional locksmith company like Phila-Locksmith can behoove business owners. Our technicians can identify whether a lock is the proper fit for a door and would recommend modifications that would prevent a simple break in like this from occurring again. After all, what is the point of having a lock if someone can easily knock it off?

“…Just go get a job,” said Cima. “Get a job and stop harassing the people that actually work hard.” – Rocco Cima, CEO FUEL

Luckily for the business owner the thief only was able to get away with $150 and no one was harmed during the break-ins. Security camera footage of the suspect was taken and police are currently looking for leads in the case. Burglaries like this always seem to happen at the worst time for business owners, so as always, Phila-Locksmith recommends increasing your security to an acceptable level before something like this is to occur.

More information on these burglaries can be found on NBC 10 Philadelphia’s website.


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