Dated Locks are a Philadelphia Plague

As any good Philadelphia locksmith will tell you, there is a plague in the city which effects the security of a majority of households. This plague is that of old dated locks which are not only prone to malfunction, but to completely breaking. You can find many dated and weak locks like this on Philadelphia’s many of Philadelphia’s older row homes. Due to the chance of breaking and malfunction, it is recommended that you have older locks completely replaced. The only issue with having locks like this replaced is that you must make sure that a locksmith company is going to be able to replace a mortise lock, like the one pictured below. This will allow you to keep your existing door which, in older homes where these locks tend to be located, is normally a very nice and solid wooden door.

philadelphia mortise lock

An old mortise lock like this is common to see on an older Philadelphia home.

Many of our customers simply want to have their existing mortise lock parts replaced rather than having the entire lock set changed. This is for one of two reasons, they are afraid they will have to change their entire door and the second is that they like the vintage look that an old mortise lock gives. The first reason is completely unjustified. Phila-Locksmith technicians can replace your existing mortise lock with a new one, without having to change your entire door. The second reason, waiting the vintage look, may be a justifiable reason, however repair old mortise locks like the one pictured to the left is not feasible. The reason that replacing locks like this, ones greater than 25 years old, is that many of these lock companies and their part suppliers have gone out of business. Even if the manufacturer is still in business, Phila-Locksmith will not provide repair for locks this old! The reason being that the small parts which cause the lock to break, when repaired, can easily break again. That is why Phila-Locksmith recommends, and will only complete the service of, replacing the entire aged mortise lock so that a new one can be installed. While we are unable to keep your old lock, our locksmith can install the lock on your existing door and even key the new lock to be operated by your old key. However way you may need your new lock mortise lock system to be installed, Phila-Locksmith can complete the customization for you.

Our highly trained locksmiths will can come to your location and provide one of numerous mortise lock set combinations that we stock for your home. Want a specialized lock model? Talk to customer service representative about your options!
replaced mortise lock

One of the mortise lock models that Phila-Locksmith has available for installation.

Pictured to the left is the completed installation of a mortise lock for one lucky Philadelphia resident. As you can see when compared with the photo above, the resident’s door was able to stay intact only with a brand new mortise lock set attached. Phila-Locksmith carries mortise locks from Marks, Maxtech, United Lock and many other providers, which are kept in stock so you have no wait for your locksmith service. By having a brand new mortise lock installed you are getting the latest in lock mechanism technology which can help to prevent simple breaks that occur from older model mortise locks. Repairing an old lock, rather than installing a new lock, would be like placing a bucket underneath of a leak rather than having the leak repaired. Yes, it may fix your issue for the time being, but you will end up needing additional service in the future which will run your total cost higher than originally having the lock replaced!


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