Smart Locks Projected to be 3.6 Billion Dollar Industry

Forbes recently released an article which details a phenomenon that we have all become accustom to, our smart phone becoming more and more versatile and replacing many old gadgets that we use to need. Our smart phones have quickly gone from just communication devices to a virtual wallet, remote or even DVD player. Now we are seeing yet another physical item that can be replaced using the technology that is already available in our smart phones. Digital keys, and smart locks in particular, are set to explode in popularity over the next five years.

Smart lock technology is still generally young which means as more manufacturers and lock makers develop their own smart lock technology and models, we should see prices fall to a level that is acceptable for everyday residential use. Lockitron as well as other Smart Lock manufacturers have been well ahead of the curve, offering residential smart locks for as little as $199. While companies like Lockitron and Kwikset are setting the stage with stand alone smart locks which can be controlled through Applications on your smart phone, major corporations like AT&T, Home Depot and Lowe’s are all pushing smart home systems, which not only offer you the convenience of  locking and unlocking your locks remotely, but home owners can control near every aspect of the home’s electronics from one easy portal.

There is no doubt that smart technology like this is changing the way that the modern household is set-up and how we interact with all of the gadgets in our homes. A study completed by NextMarket Insights estimated that nearly one million homes in North America are currently using some sort of smart lock, and that number is expected to grow largely in the coming years, as more models become available at lower prices. Having a smart lock installed on your home now can help get you ahead of the curve when it comes to digitized home security. One of the most common uses of smart locks, which owners love, is that they are able to remotely unlock and lock their home’s door so that packages can be safely placed inside by deliverymen. This cuts out the hassle of being home when a package comes, or taking a trip to the post office afterwards.
smart lock

Smart locks will change the way we interact with our homes.

Phila-Locksmith offers a few different models of smart locks which can be used for your own residential use. Not only does Phila-Locksmith install your new smart lock, but our trained technician will also help navigate you through the different features which are available on the model which you have selected. Some of the models which Phila-Locksmith carries include features such as remote activation, the ability to send digital keys by text, multiple key holders and models which can fit over your existing lock set.  As the technology that is available for smart locks continues to increase and expand it should be no surprise that this home security industry will continue to grow and customers can continue to rely on Phila-Locksmith to fulfill all of their Philadelphia smart security needs.

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