Business Burglarized on Drexel’s Campus

(VIA WPVI-ABC) 6abc Philadelphia is reporting that Ross Commons, a restaurant located on Drexel’s campus at 34th and Powelton streets, was burglarized during the early morning hours Sunday. Burglars were able to enter the building by smashing through a window of the restaurant and made off with two cash registers which were inside of the business. For those who know the area, it may come as a surprise that the burglars were able to enter the establishment in such a way since the popular restaurant is located on the busy student living side of Drexel’s campus.

drexel burglary

Burglarized early Sunday, Ross Commons is located on Drexel’s main campus.

The locks to the entrance of the store were obviously not at fault for this break-in and it is likely that this robbery was more than just a crime of opportunity. Generally burglaries of commercial locations are done by employees, or former employees who have access to keys. In  those cases a simple re-key of the locks with which an employee has keys, will prevent them from having access to the business any longer, this obviously was not the case here. The time that the burglary was completed, as well as the fact that the business is in a busy location tells us that this was likely a crime which was planned out beforehand.

Having a burglar break through a window is one case that can be difficult to defend against, to have stronger glass installed is a huge project and  ultimately not worth the price for your risk. However, there still are ways that Ross Commons could have helped top prevent this from happening. This first may already be in effect, and that is to have closed circuit television installed. Closed circuit television can act as a preventative measure, by scaring off some thieves just at the site of the cameras, but they are also a big help in trying to recover stolen goods. By having closed circuit television installed business-owners give police a better chance at catching the burglars that strike by providing visuals of the perpetrators.  The second way is one that business or home owners may not normally think of when trying to prevent burglaries, but can be the most effective way to stop burglars from striking at your business. This is to take initiative in your area, ask trusted neighbors to keep an ear or eye out for your home or business when you are not there and have them report any suspicious activity to police.

By getting the entire neighborhood involved with the vigilance of each others property, you can help to foster an environment of safety and security on your block or neighborhood. While this burglary did take place at an odd time, 5 AM, there can still be helpful neighbors in the area to report sounds, such as the breaking of a window, or suspicious persons. With business and home owners working together in any neighborhood to consistently help each others security, any neighborhood can see a decrease in crime and an increase in a sense of security.

As for the burglary at Ross Commons, police did recover one of the cash registers near 32nd and Hamilton streets, but have yet to release any more information on the case and we will keep you posted on any interesting updates.


One Response to Business Burglarized on Drexel’s Campus

  1. Nina says:

    Thanks for this post! You can never be too confident that you’re untouchable. Security should be updated at least yearly.

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