Armed Burglary in Fox Chase

(VIA WPVI ABC) Last night, just after midnight, armed burglars stormed an occupied house in the Fox Chase section of Philadelphia. Currently police are investigating, but this should serve as a reminder to lock your doors and windows at night, no matter which neighborhood you may live in. While there are no official motives or leads from police yet, it likely would have helped to prevent the crime had there been an enabled deadbolt on the front door.

What occurred was that at 12:30 AM today, four armed people burst into an occupied house on Solly Ave. in Fox Chase. At the time of the robbery there were four individuals inside of the residence, two men and two women. Luckily for the victims, three of whom were duct tapped, the most serious injury was just a dislocated shoulder. Two of the victims were taken to Jeanes Hospital for their minor injuries. Following the burglary, the perpetrators were able to escape through the rear exit of the house.

We will wait to see if there will be anymore information released by police, whether it be additional details about the incident or potential leads. It will be interesting to see if the police announce if any type of lock or security system was engaged at the time, which at this point seems very unlikely. Simply by flipping the deadbolt to engaged when walking in your door can prevent you from becoming victim of a crime such as this. While not necessarily this case, many burglaries are crimes of opportunity, where the burglar had not initially intended to burglarize a residence, but could just not pass up the open opportunity. This can be easily avoided by locking your doors and windows for the night and when you go to leaving in the morning. An incident like this sure can remind us that no matter the neighborhood you live in, you should still protect yourself from the threat of burglary.


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