Unpickable Locks

At Phila-Locksmith our locksmiths can pick most locks which they encounter during lock outs, however there are certain brands of locks that we are unable to pick and they must be drilled out. Most residential locks can be picked successfully however because of the mechanisms of the following brands our locksmiths must drill and replace them if you have locked yourself out.

Kwikset Smart Lock

Kwikset Smart Lock uses a specific type of wafer tumbler that our technicians are unable to pick. Of course, this feature also gives the Smart Lock its increased amount of security. Make sure if you have one of these locks at home to always remember the key, otherwise you could be facing a hefty service bill for drilling and replacement.

Schlage Primus

Schlage Primus is a high security lock that has been produced for both residential and commercial use. What makes this key so special is that the Primus key is not only thinner than a normal Schlage key, but also has a sidebar which raises secondary pins. This second set of pins in the lock cylinder is what gives the Primus its increased security, but also the reason that our locksmiths are unable to pick the lock and must drill into it.

Schlage Smart Key

The Schlage Smart Key has a wafer system similar to that of the Kwikset Smart Key, so similar in fact that Schlage is no longer allowed to manufacture this lock due to patent infringement with Kwikset. For those of you who had purchased the lock before manufacturing had ceased, you should try to always remember your key, because if the door this lock is installed on is the only one to get into your home, the lock will have to be drilled if you are locked out.

Medeco Mul-T-Lock

Similar top the Schlage Primus, Medeco’s Mul-T-Lock utilizes a sidebar with additional pins, with which, the key must fit properly in order to engage the lock. This model of lock is also not able to be picked by our locksmiths and would have to be drilled and replaced in case of any lock out.

These four types of locks are the most common types of locks that the technicians here at Phila-Locksmith are not able to pick and must have drilled in case of a lock out. While these are “common types” they are only common in high security situations, which means they are not present at most businesses or residences. Our locksmiths are able to pick a majority of the locks they encounter, however owners of these models should be aware that they must be drilled.

While these locks can become a headache for owners during a lockout they offer a great deal of security that can help keep your valuables safe. Not only that, but the Smart Locks also have additional features that will help you save money on locksmith services down the road. So if a high security lock was something you were interested in, do not let this warning be a deterrent from getting the locksmith services that can help increase your day-to-day security.


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