The bump proof NightWatch lock provides ultimate security

We have before delved into the security concern that is lock bumping and now we are currently going to look at one of the brands of locks that can help to alleviate this type of security concern. Master lock, a renowned producer of locks offers their Night Watch locks which can prevent someone with a bump key from accessing your residence or business. Not only will this line of locks be able to prevent someone with a bump key from entering your home but there is also a mechanism that allows you to lock the door and prevent even someone who has your own key. As we have said in previous posts, lock bumping is the act of using a shaved down key as well as an outside force of the key to bump up the pins inside of a lock cylinder allowing an individual to then open the lock. In all locks that include Master
Two variations of the bump proof Night Watch lock

Two variations of the bump proof Night Watch lock

Lock’s BumpStop technology, which includes the NightWatch lock, there is an extra pin which cannot be moved by bump key, making bump keys completely in effective on an door armed with this lock.
The lock in the picture that is located on the top of our display door is a standard NightWatch lock from Master Lock. Do not be fooled just because it is standard for NightWatch does not make it an ordinary lock by any stretch of the imagination. In addition to the BumpStop technology inside of the lock that prevents an intruder from gaining access with a bump key, there is an extra switch located on the bottom part on the interior side of the lock. This switch is what makes the NightWatch such an increase to standard security, by holding down the switch in addition to pulling the lock handle towards you, one is able to engage the NightWatch portion of the lock which prevents even someone who has a key from getting inside the home. What happens on the technical side is that the piece which turns the cylinder is being removed from its functioning position, meaning that the lock cannot be turned at all. When you are ready to unlock the door, disengaging the NightWatch feature is as easy as hitting the switch on the interior part of lock. This is great for preventing past roommates, former contractors and key thieves from gaining access to your home.
Close up view of our combination NightWatch lock.

Close up view of our combination NightWatch lock.

To the right you will see a version of the NightWatch which is even more secure than the type that we just talked about, this is the combination NightWatch deadbolt. In addition to having the upgraded security that comes with being both a NightWatch and BumpStop brand lock, there is also a combination can be put into the door and will open the lock. So with a combination NightWatch lock you can not only prevent key thieves from entering the house while you are inside asleep but the combination can allow you to get back into your home even if you do not have the keys with you. A feature like this can help you save plenty of money by avoiding the charge to open your door if you are locked out. Call Phila-Locksmith today to ask about your NightWatch security options.

4 Responses to The bump proof NightWatch lock provides ultimate security

  1. This design is similar to the UAP zero lift design where one pin in each lock is already in the set position, so on insertion of any bump key the pin is already too high in the chamber

  2. Rov Van says:

    In brief The bump proof Nightwatch lock is very secure, smart and unique in its quality.

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