Locksmith Terms – Part 5

Phila-Locksmith is here with the fifth installment of our locksmith terms series. There is a lot of confusing terminology and lingo in the locksmith industry which you may not be familiar with if you are not a professional. We provide these posts as well as The Locksmith’s Glossary so our customers as well as other who are looking for information can completely understand the service and procedures that a locksmith uses.

Car key code – series of characters needed to properly determine the cuts that need to be made on a specific car key

Closed circuit television – security camera system which transmits recordings through an internal circuit, otherwise known as CCTV

Ignition switch – otherwise known as the ignition starter is a switch that actives the main electrical system of your vehicle

Immobiliser – security device installed inside of automobiles that eliminates the threat of hot wiring for that vehicle

Lock pick set – set of tools used to pick a standard lock includes a torsion wrench as well as the lock pick itself

Plug follower – tool used to replace the extract the pin house from the cylinder

Plug spinner – tools used to attempt to spin the cylinder in order to make the bolt retract

VIN – short for vehicle identification number, this information can be used by a locksmith to find the right code to cut a car key for that specific model

Continue to check back for more terms that are being added to our Locksmith Glossary.


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