Tips to Prevent Burglaries during the Holidays

Most people know that there is a spike in crime during the warm summer months as more people are out and about. This makes them more likely to leave entrances to their home unlocked, it can also be caused by the increase in vacations that are taken during the summer months. However, this does not mean that you can let your guard down during the holiday season. Burglaries also increase during the holiday season, as it is more likely for home owners to have high value items inside of their house, while burglars are looking to stock up on the latest gadgets, jewelry in addition to cash for their holiday season. That is why Phila-Locksmith wants to give you tips that can help you to keep your home from being burglarized and ruining your holiday.

1. Be Prepared While Travelling

If you are leaving your home for an extended period of time during this holiday season it is important to make sure that your house is prepared for your vacation. It is important to put in a hold on your home mail if you are not going to be there in person to pick it up. Piling up of mail and newspapers are a dead giveaway to burglars that no one is or has been home. The United States Postal Service allows you to schedule a hold on mail straight from their website and you can even set an option to have all of the mail delivered once you are home again. If you do not want to have this happen, another option is to have a trusted friend or family member pick up the mail from your home daily. Posting of your travel plans in advance on social media can also attract burglars who can use resources on the internet to find your home. Of course the simplest and easiest thing to do that is extremely crucial is to lock all entrances, especially deadbolt locks.

2. Keep Presents Hidden

This tip is especially important if you celebrate Christmas. Leaving your presents or tree in full display can be a way to easily attract burglars who are looking for high value items. It is recommended to keep Christmas trees as well as presents away from exterior windows, especially ones facing roads, in order to keep thieves from assuming that your home is a juicy target.

3. Hide Big Ticket Trash

It is important to keep the packaging of big ticket items such as gaming systems and televisions out of view before trash day. A TV box that has been siting out front of your home can be an invitation to some would be burglars. Keeping your trash in the house or hidden from view until trash day is highly advised.

4. Stay Vigilant

One of the consistencies that we see in areas that are low in burglaries is that neighbors are more willing to report suspicious behavior before it turns into a burglary at their neighbor’s house. During the holidays, it is normal to see more people coming and going in the neighborhood as people visit family and friends, but it is important still report suspicious behavior to help save neighbors from a ruined holiday.



One Response to Tips to Prevent Burglaries during the Holidays

  1. Generally in holidays we all love to go for family trips and visits and hence we need to leave our house vacant so to keep it safe from burglaries and thefts we need to install a good quality of locking system with the help of a good and expert locksmith.Thank you for sharing such a nice and informative post.

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