Child Rescued from Vehicle in North Philadelphia

VIA 6ABC – Yesterday afternoon their was a hectic scene in a North Philadelphia shopping center where a passerby noticed that a young child was locked inside of a vehicle and was sweating profusely. Immediately police were called to the scene to assist in getting the child out of the car. Just at this point the child’s mother came out from the store she was shopping in and that is where the story took an even more interesting turn. Once she arrived at the vehicle the mother proceed to lock herself inside of the car along with the young child. At this point the police decide that they wanted to make sure that the child ended up alright in the situation.

The father of the child then arrived on scene and was able to talk the child’s mother into allowing the child out of the car, but after this occurred the woman locked herself back inside of the vehicle! After a bit of a standoff the police were able to take the woman into custody and she is now being evaluated for psychiatric care. Leaving your child in a locked vehicle even just to “run in” to a store is very dangerous and should be avoid.

It was not particularly hot on Monday either, but the greenhouse effect that is caused by the windows can cause the car to turn into a convection oven in just a matter of minutes. Phila-Locksmith offers free unlocking when a child is stuck inside of the vehicle however it is extremely important to also alert the police as quickly as possible because it takes only a few minutes for an extremely young child to become overheated. All in all we are happy to hear that the child was able to be successfully pulled from the vehicle before anything more catastrophic could occur.


2 Responses to Child Rescued from Vehicle in North Philadelphia

  1. Poor kid! Most of us might have faced a locked out situation in cars where we either leave our keys inside car else we ourselves get locked inside the car due to our absent mindedness!!! Isn’t it? So we must always be in touch with a reliable locksmith service provider who will reach us within few minutes and save us!

  2. You have to feel sorry for the child in this situation it must have been very distressing for all concerned. Nice to hear that the problem was resolved in the end.

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