Teens Trapped in Safe, Saved by Locksmith

Via Buffalo News – Police were called in Buffalo after it was found that four teenagers had trapped themselves inside of a walk-in safe when inside of a former law office. The Buffalo Police Commissioner reported that the teens did have consent to be in the building but they will still be facing charges after police found a large amount of alcohol and marijuana on the teens once they were freed from the safe. When the police first arrived on the scene they had to make a call out to a professional locksmith in order to attempt to save the teen inside who were slowly running out of oxygen. Luckily the locksmith was able to successfully access the vault and freed the teens after they were trapped inside for about four hours.

Walk-in safes such as the one that the teens locked themselves into are common place in banks and law offices. They are also a symbol of top flight security through their portrayal in television and movies. From a technical aspect the safes are actually the most well constructed pieces of security that are available for commercial or private use. Walk-in vaults certainly have the capabilities of keeping four unsuspecting teenagers at bay for hours but some specialized safes can be armed to protect from even the most advanced locksmith technology.

There is, of course, a reason that these safes are only common place in banks and that is they come with an extremely large price tag. There are conflicting reports as to whether the teens went into the vault not knowing that it was still operation, but it would be our guess that these teens will not mess with a walk-in safe again. Luckily for all involved the situation ended without anyone being injured.


3 Responses to Teens Trapped in Safe, Saved by Locksmith

  1. Those girls were very lucky.
    It could have ended very bad for them.
    Just to prove how a good and reliable locksmith is always important around…

  2. Very interesting post! Its amazing being a locksmith how many different situations you find yourself in, that’s definitely one I have not heard before. How do you get locked inside a vault in the first place?

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