August Smart Lock looks to provide ease and safety

We have covered a wide range of advanced lock and key technologies which are now becoming more and more available. Smart technology is bubbling over into parts of our world which have long since seen technical innovation on a scale such as this. Locks have not been spared the innovation and the August Smart lock looks to push the envelop with its great amount of ease and accessibility. Ever wish your lock knew it was you opening the door? That would be pretty futuristic, or so you would think, but August Smart Locks are employing this type of technology right now. The August smart lock allows for you to unlock your door without even having to put your key into the door, all thanks to the power of your smart phone. Not only does the application for your phone allow you to get access to your home at any point but you can also send key credentials to someone else’s smart phone so that they can get in for what ever reason it may be. Have the cable guy coming but can not take off work? This is one of the problems the August lock can eliminate. Users can send their digital “key” to other phones and allow that phone to access the door only at a certain day and time.

There are a few questions that can arise about the feasibility of an August smart lock but the manufacturer has worked worked to eliminate any potential problems before they arise. For example at any time you can use your standard key to open the locked door since the August smart lock is installed on top of an existing lock. Having this option can be useful if, for example, if your smart phone runs out of battery while you are on the go. In addition to using the standard key for your door, the application can also be easily downloaded onto a friends phone in order to unlock the door. Even when the power goes out, the August smart lock is still operation and works with built in receivers so that you do not have to worry about outside issues effecting the usability of your locked door.

The August smart lock also includes a few other handy features that help to make the life of a person in the 21st century just a little more convenient. The lock can be programmed to automatically unlock when it senses your smart phone in the vicinity, You can even choose the distance from the door that the phone would have to be to automatically unlock. At $200 the August smart lock can be a great investment by saving on future lock out services from a locksmith or from having to get extra keys duplicated. That savings alone can make the August smart lock worth the money but add in the additional ease and accessibility and the August smart lock is a reasonably priced buy for those looking for just a little more ease in their lives.

Talk to a Phila-Locksmith professional about how an August smart lock could help you access and grant access to your home in one of the easiest ways yet.


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